Lord of Flames - C.440: You are a good person! An angry Dark Elf!

Lord of Flames

C.440: You are a good person! An angry Dark Elf!

: You are a good person! An angry Dark Elf!

We have more than 500 Fallen Elves here. Can you increase our power?

Angie asked.

Hehe, youve done what you said. Be prepared to welcome the arrival of darkness!

The Dark Elfs hands swayed in the air.

It looked like she was dancing a strange and beautiful hand dance.

It was a rather mysterious ritual.

As her hands moved, a passage was opened above her head.

Following that, a large amount of dark energy surged out, and more than 500 Fallen Elves rushed out.

Absorb as much as you can.

Angie said.

The Fallen Elves had already received Angies orders. All of a sudden, they began to absorb the dark energy.

Under their full absorption, the dark energy quickly increased their strength.

In the Abyss, Abyssal Creatures could directly increase their strength.

In the darkness, there were even more taboo methods that could quickly increase ones strength.

Of course, these forbidden methods could not compare to Lin Yans blessing of mixing the two Divine energies.

The side effects of these forbidden methods were also quite obvious, which was that one had to fall into the darkness to achieve it.

And after you truly fell into the darkness, even your soul was corroded by the darkness, you were no longer you.

The shortcut was not that easy.

However, the blessing that Lin Yan activated with the combination of the two Divine energies would not have the side effects of these aspects while directly improving his realm.

Although the duration of this method was a little longer and the consumption was a little higher, it was best if there were no side effects!

The Fallen Elves all used their full strength to absorb the dark energy.

Their strength rapidly increased.

Very soon, a Fallen Elf had risen by the first rank and reached the sixth rank.

Then, the second Fallen Elf reached the sixth rank.

Then came the third and fourth.

Seeing this, the hidden Dark Elf smiled.

Raise it; raise it, the faster your strength improves, the faster your mind will fall.

The Dark Elf smiled happily.

She wanted to laugh three times.

In her opinion, even though Angies reaction today was a little abnormal, it could still be explained by Angies strange behavior after being corrupted by the darkness.

A Fallen Elf, when she was about to turn into a Dark Elf, her actions did seem strange.

Because at this time the bright side in their hearts has not completely disappeared, and they are still resisting.

This resistance was carried out within the heart.

Containing a lot of their energy will make them extraordinarily weird in their external behavior.

Once the Light Face completely perished, these Fallen Elves would change their minds.

It was completely separated from their past.

Evil, crazy, and hysterical.

Although it looked normal now, it was because it was not stimulated.

Every Dark Elf was good at disguising themselves. If they knew how to hide their dark aura, they could even disguise themselves as normal Elves.

More than 500 Fallen Elves absorbed it with all their might. Soon, the dark energy produced by the Dark Elf was not enough.

The five hundred Fallen Elves had all reached the sixth rank, but only a few had reached the seventh rank.

Its just an upgrade. Is this considered a surge in strength?

Angies mocking voice sounded.

Hehe, dont worry, theres more.

The Dark Elf was eager for these Fallen Elves to raise a few levels.

Then, under her evil ritual, another dark energy descended.

More than five hundred Fallen Elves began to absorb it.

Their strength kept rising.

Soon, a large number of Dark Elves broke through to the seventh rank.

This scene made the Dark Elf happy.

Ill give you another flame.

The Dark Elf once again performed an evil ritual with both hands.

After three consecutive waves of dark energy, more than 80% of the 500 Fallen Elves had reached the seventh rank.

Angie was watching from the side. She did not absorb it.

As long as she absorbed some dark energy, she would be able to break through to Sanctuary!

Hey, little sister, why dont you absorb it?

The Dark Elf said.

Angie shrugged. No, how can I absorb it?

The Dark Elf was at a loss for words. Of course, she did not have any left now.

Dont worry, theres still a lot left. Ill take care of it.

After the Dark Elf finished speaking, she performed another mysterious ceremony.

But this time, the dark energy did not descend.

In the Dark Elfs senses, an extremely cold will descended.

The Dark Elf quickly sealed her surroundings and lowered her head. God, trust me, this times harvest is definitely greater than the price.

The cold will retreat.

Then, an even larger dark energy descended. This dark energy was much larger than the previous ones.

Absorb as much as you like!

The Dark Elf activated the dark energy, and her voice was filled with strong temptation.

Angie finally moved.

She quickly absorbed the dark energy and her aura began to change.

Then, another two Fallen Elves flew down.

Huh, two more here?

The Dark Elf was delighted because those two Fallen Elves were legendary Fallen Elves!

As soon as the two legendary Fallen Elves arrived, the whale swallowed the sea and absorbed the dark energy.

Above the crack, the Fallen Elves continued to arrive.

I knew it. After suppressing them for hundreds of years, these Fallen Elves are finally unable to suppress them. HaHaHa, my chance has come. Enjoy this carnival!

The Dark Elf let out a hysterical sound.

Her state was a little crazy.

For this reason, she kept performing evil rituals. Immediately, two waves of dark energy descended.

Up until now, a total of six waves of dark energy had descended!

When the last wave of dark energy arrived, Angies aura finally changed.

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