Lord of Flames - C.439: Dark Elf came! Angie’s confrontation!

Lord of Flames

C.439: Dark Elf came! Angie’s confrontation!

Dark Elf came! Angies confrontation!

When this Dark Elf thought of that number, he couldnt help but feel a little excited.

She began to search for her target.

These Fallen Elves seem to be much stronger.

The Dark Elves made a new discovery.

However, she could not discover the flames in the Fallen Elfs heart. She could not discover the things that Lin Yan had bestowed upon her.

It looks like Angst has been trapped for the past few months. They cant suppress the energy of darkness in their bodies anymore.

This Dark Elfs energy towards the Fallen Elves had skyrocketed, and it automatically made up for it.

Therefore, the ability to replenish ones brain was strong. Sometimes, it was not a good thing.

Soon, this Dark Elf found a target!

That target was the legendary Angie!

Shes actually in the legends, and her strength isnt weak. The dark energy must be about to corrode my soul. Mmm, lets start with her first. If we can successfully seduce her, maybe she can become my assistant.

The Dark Elf made up her mind.

Obviously, she knew Angie.

Her entire body was hidden in the deep darkness, quietly sneaking towards Angie.

Her stealth ability was indeed not weak.

When she hid, even Angstrom needed some time to find her. In this crack, Angies chances of finding her were extremely low.

In the crack, Angie stood on a protruding rock, looking at the bottom of the crack while feeling the dark power.

The deeper this crack went, the clearer it was to sense the dark rules.

However, Angie had not yet reached Sanctuary, so she would not dive too deep.

The lower they went, the weaker the suppression of the Laws of the Continent of God would be. The Dark Creatures on the continent would be weaker. Once they met a dark creature at the Sanctuary level, Angie would become extremely dangerous.

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

Its you!

Angie also knew about this Dark Elf.

This Dark Elf wanted to seduce her more than once, but she never succeeded.

Thats right, its me. Hehe, Im here again.

The Dark Elf laughed.

Angstrom wasnt around, so she was much more courageous.

Are you going to repeat your old line that youve said hundreds of times without even changing your words?

Angie said calmly.

Hehe, little sister, whats so good about the Continent of God? You cant go back now. Instead of suffering here, why dont you sink into the darkness with me? Youll find that theres actually a lot of fun in the darkness. I can also let your strength increase, and you can obtain eternal life. Becoming a God is also an easy task. The Dark Elf said.

Angies eyes were searching in the darkness, trying to find the Dark Elf.

It was still very difficult for her to achieve this.

However, Angie was still trying. She continued to lure the Dark Elf to speak and said, Youre just a Sanctuary. How can you make me stronger? Why should I be with you?

Hehe, wouldnt you know if you tried?

The Dark Elf smiled.

Alright, lets try, Angie said.

Her frankness made the Dark Elves find it hard to believe.

So quick? Could there be fraud?

The Dark Elf could not help but think.

However, this Dark Elf never expected the existence of such a magical thing as the Heart of Flame.

So what if shes deceitful? As long as she dares to accept the dark energy, dark energy will only corrupt her soul sooner or later. My plan will succeed.

The Dark Elf thought.

Hehe, welcome the baptism of strength, little sister.

The Dark Elf let out an evil laugh. In the darkness, she raised her hands and performed a mysterious ritual.

Then, huge dark energy surged towards Angie.

This energy of darkness was very similar to the two balls of energy of darkness that the unlucky God named Simba gave out in the dark sun in order to seduce Angstrom.

However, the number was not that large.

There was nothing wrong with the energy of darkness, but Angie still checked it carefully.

Be careful, little sister. Dont worry. Youll be able to reach Sanctuary soon, hehe.

The voice of the Dark Elf came.

Angie was no longer polite and absorbed all the energy of darkness.

Her aura was increasing, and she was about to break through to Saint Realm.

Breakthrough, breakthrough. As long as you break through, your soul will definitely fall.

The Dark Elf whispered in a voice that only she could hear.

Angie stopped when she was only one piece of paper away from Sanctuary.

Whats wrong, sister?

The Dark Elf thought something was wrong and could not help but feel anxious.

Angie said, Such a good thing, its fine if I call more people, right?

Call more people?

The Dark Elf thought she heard wrong.

Angies reaction this time made the Dark Elf confused.

No matter what is strange, as long as you come into contact with more energy of darkness, you will definitely fall. Lets gamble.

The Dark Elf was also quite decisive and quickly made her decision.

Its mostly because they cant suppress their power. Their hearts have already been infected by the darkness and are beginning to distort.

The Dark Elf thought so again.

Hehe, of course, you can little sister, good things should be shared together, you shout more people to come does not matter

The Dark Elf giggled.

If a man had heard her voice, he would have lost his soul. However, when Angie heard her voice, it was extremely evil. Every word of this Dark Elf used the energy of darkness. If anyone believed her, it would be over.

Angie quickly flew out of the crack.

How many people would she call?

The Dark Elf could not help but think.

Soon, she knew how many people there were.

Angie called five to six hundred people.

These five to six hundred people were all relatively weak Fallen Elves.

Of course, they were just weak.

However, they were all fifth-ranked.

So many people?

The Dark Elf was startled by Angies shout.

With so many Fallen Elves, she had to pay a lot of dark energy.

They are all fifth-ranked Fallen Elves. Whats her plan? However, the rank 5 Fallen Elves, once they let you absorb a wave of dark energy and increase your strength, even Angstrom would not be able to save them! Regardless of whether you have a plot or not, these hundreds of Fallen Elves, Im determined!

The Dark Elf made a decision.

She never thought that there would be such a magical thing in this world!

Otherwise, she would never have thought of this.

That was true. Even the third-ranked Goddess of Light could not bring the Fallen Elves back to light.

Aside from the Fallen Elves, who would have known that Lin Yan had created a Heart Flame that could burn in heart and fight back against the magical flames of the light in his heart?

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