Lord of Flames - C.437: Mavis joined! Steady development time!

Lord of Flames

C.437: Mavis joined! Steady development time!

Mavis joined! Steady development time!

Of course, Vera did not intend to monopolize Lin Yan.

She and Lin Yan had yet to establish a formal relationship.

However, in Veras eyes, she was satisfied as long as she could stay by Lin Yans side.

If she would have been a step closer to Lin Yan, Vera blushed at the thought, but she did not dare to continue thinking.

However, occasionally when she slept, she would dream of scenes that made her blush for several days.

In those images, Lin Yans face was unusually clear.


She was a goddess who had not even held a mans hand and had never even been within 100 meters of another man.

As a goddess, she could stop herself from watching dreams but Vera did not stop.

Although that kind of dream would make her blush.

However, that was her subconscious expectation!

Vera, youre in a daze again.

Mavis voice sounded.

Mavis, let me talk to the Lord first. If the Lord agrees, we cannot sign the contract until the Lord returns. You can play in my kingdom for a while longer, Vera said.

Mavis said: Of course, Vera, I have nothing to do recently.

Vera then prayed to Lin Yan and told him about Mavis.

In the sun of the Heavenly Realm, Lin Yans huge net of Flame swept over the sun.

He quickly collected the Divine substance.

The Divine substance in the Sun of the Heavenly Realm was not fixed in one place, but constantly flowing.

The principle of the Sun of the Heavenly Realm was very different from the sun before Lin Yan transmigrated.

It was filled with terrifying energy, much scarier than the sun before Lin Yan transmigrated.

Lin Yan discovered that some of the areas that he had swept past would soon be filled with Divine substances.

However, the density would be greatly reduced.

Therefore, Lin Yan did not turn back.

There was no need to go back.

The sun in the Heavenly Realm was too big. Lin Yan didnt even reach a hundred millionth of the Sun in the Heavenly Realm.

Therefore, Lin Yan only needed to go to the area where the Divine substance was concentrated.

His accumulation rapidly increased.

At that moment, Lin Yan heard Veras voice.

Among the gods of the Divine system, the mechanism of the Godhead was even higher than the Holy Maiden.

The reason was simple: Every Holy Maiden of Lin Yan would pray to Lin Yan every day and report the work of the day.

There might be important content, but there might not be important content.

However, the gods in the pantheon would not just pray to God. If they prayed, something big would happen.

Therefore, all the gods in the pantheon were naturally ranked first.

Of course, it also depended on the sequence.

Now, there was only one goddess in Lin Yans pantheon, and that was Vera. Vera was also the first among Lin Yans pantheon!

Goddess Mavis.

After listening to Veras prayer, Lin Yan pondered for a moment and then responded.

In Veras kingdom, Mavis looked at Vera nervously.

However, she did not say anything but waited patiently.

Vera was also patient.

About three minutes later, Vera turned to look at Mavis.

Mavis felt a little nervous when she saw Veras appearance. The next second Vera said happily: Great, Mavis, the Lord agreed.


Mavis was also extremely happy.

Vera said, The Lord will not come back for a while, and the contract can be signed after returning.

Mavis nodded.

A Divine contract had to be signed in person because God was more powerful. It would be difficult to succeed if they did not sign it in person.

Thus, Mavis stayed in Veras Divine Kingdom.

Vera continued to stabilize her eleventh-ranked Divine body.

Time slowly passed.

In the sun of the Heavenly Realm, Lin Yan was still collecting Divine substances.

Everything was as calm as ever in Veras Divine Kingdom.

In the Divine Domain of the Elves, the burning Divine Kingdom of Star God Holton was still burning.

Every day, some Holy Spirits came to watch.

This battle has spread to the nearby Divine Realm.

Many of the gods in the Divine Realm knew that a fierce man, the Lord of Flame, had come to the Heavenly Realm who killed four gods in one day!

He even killed a third-ranked God!

These four gods were all gods that had not joined the Divine system, so there was no such thing as fighting the younger ones and getting older.

There were no gods of the Heavenly Realm who wanted to avenge them.

In the Heavenly Realm, Lin Yan could develop steadily for a period.

On the Continent of God, the Flame Empire was also developing rapidly.

Not to mention the four provinces in the west, which was the starting point of the Flame Empire, the core region, and also the most prosperous region.

Under the encouragement of the population policy of the Flame Empire, a large number of newborns were born in the Western Four Provinces.

Including these newborns, the population of the four western provinces had already exceeded 90 million, and they were firmly moving towards 100 million.

The Flame Empire had too much food, so there was no need to worry about living.

In the Endless Desert, after the Demon Gods Heart was taken care of, there was no hidden danger in the entire desert.

The Fox Lady Qing Ling gathered a large number of people and went to the Endless Desert to plant a large amount of cotton in some places where the altitude was high and the light was strong.

In the Endless Desert, large areas of cotton appeared.

The cotton used to make cotton clothes and quilts was a good choice.

The other cash crops in the Endless Desert had also matured. They were welcomed by the four provinces in the west of the Flame Empire.

West Province in the western part of the Flame Empire was now quite rich. Even the commoners had quite a bit of savings.

They could also eat some special products from other regions of the Flame Empire from time to time.

In comparison, although the thirteen provinces in the northeast had a larger population and a larger area, they were far less wealthy than the four provinces in the west.

But as time passed, the thirteen provinces in the northeast became more prosperous than before.

There was no need to mention the commoners there. After living a good life that they had never dreamed of, their faith in the Lord of Flames had become unwavering.

The nobles had long forgotten all about the Royal Family and the gods.

These thirteen provinces were developing rapidly.

The land was being reclaimed in an orderly manner, and roads were being built everywhere.

The production line of the flying ship was also expanding.

Next to the City of Miracles, the forest where the Fox Clan lived had been razed.

A large number of new factories were built there.

There was even a magic vehicle track that led directly to that area.

Every day, there were a few magic carts carrying ores from far away.

Every day, a large number of cargo flying ships flew down from the sky, carrying all kinds of ores.

In the current Flame Empire, there were still a lot of minerals

Especially in the territory of the Purple Gold Empire, there was a large amount of iron ore, rare metal ore, and even large oil and natural gas fields.

However, in the world of magic, there were some oil changes.

The Fox Lady Qing Ling did not use the oil to develop the technology trees before Lin Yan transmigrated.

Oil was not only used for burning. There were many useful substances inside that could be extracted.

In the world of magic, oil was far less useful and using oil as an energy source was too polluting. Qing Ling would not choose.

In terms of energy, the Fox Lady Qing Ling had too many choices.

Therefore, the oil fields were not mined on a large scale, but only a small amount. Then Lottie from the Cat Clan studied a set of methods to extract some useful ingredients from the oil fields, creating some new items.

On a flying ship, based on the current production capacity of the City of Miracle, a full hundred flying ships could be produced in a month!

The Flame Empire had already opened up the purchase of domestic noble airships.

Of course, they could only buy small airships.

Medium and large-scale flying ships, as well as cargo flying ships, could be rented.

The maintenance of the flying ship was much more convenient than the plane before Lin Yan transmigrated and it was safer.

The current Flame Empire was looking like some big empire. Flying ships could be seen everywhere in the kingdom.

It was believed that it would not be long before it would surpass all the empires and become a kingdom on a flying ship .

Lin Yans Holy Maidens were also focused on improving their strength.

In the north, the Holy Flame Empire was also very calm.

Chen Xi and Lomina often gathered to discuss the secrets of Sanctuary.

More and more Elves joined them.

Such a discussion would allow them to deepen their understanding of this world.

Their strength was growing rapidly, and they were getting closer and closer to Sanctuary!

In the Rocky Elven Empire, Angst was still healing Olivia.

It was not difficult to dispel the dark rules.

What was difficult was to get rid of any hidden dangers.

It would have been better if Olivia had reached the Sanctuary herself but when Olivia was injured, it was only a legend.

Therefore, it would take some time to remove the hidden dangers.

The Queen has sent us a message. The Queen has returned to the Continent of God, and she will be reunited with us soon.

In the Dark Forest, beside the huge crack, Lin Yans Holy Maiden, Fallen Elf Angel said.

Really? Thats great. I havent seen the Queen for a long time.

Angels words made the surrounding Fallen Elves happy.

Sisters, practice hard. When the Queen returns, we will give her a surprise.

Angst continued.


The Fallen Elves nodded.

After they obtained the Heart Flame, their strength increased by leaps and bounds. During this period, the strength of each Fallen Elf had increased by a lot.

There were already three legendary Fallen Elves.

Angst was only one step away from Sanctuary.

At this step, Angst felt that she could break through at any time.

The reason she did not break through was that she wanted to be more stable.

She had been here for hundreds of years, so she was not in a hurry.

When the Queen returns, I will break through to Sanctuary.

Angst thought.

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