Lord of Flames - C.435: Two goddesses working together! He smelled the scent of a love rival!

Lord of Flames

C.435: Two goddesses working together! He smelled the scent of a love rival!

: Two goddesses working together! He smelled the scent of a love rival!

Mavis covered her little mouth with her hand. If she moved her hand away, Vera would realize that her mouth was wide open and could fit an egg.

No matter what Mavis expression was, it was very good.

However, even if she was extremely shocked, she would not let herself do that.

The Elves were elegant and noble. They had trained many of the ladies in the human kingdoms since they were young, but many of the rituals were actually binding.

Therefore, the Elves rarely acted rudely.

The Elven Goddess could not do it but this time, Mavis was still rude.

That was because her basket, which contained Eight-Colored Divine Earth, fell to the ground.

To a goddess, such a reaction was already rude.

It was easy to imagine how shocked Mavis was.

Vera picked up the basket that Mavis dropped on the ground. The basket was filled with Eight-Colored Divine Earth.

There were quite a few of them.

Gods things were naturally not as simple as they looked.

The space in the basket was huge.

Vera had prepared less than a lot of Seven-Colored Divine Earth.

Mavis had another color that Vera did not have.

So she helped Vera rearrange it and made it Eight-Colored Divine Soil.

The energy in the Eight-Colored Divine Soil was even denser, and there were more nutrients inside.

The same plants were planted with the Eight-Colored Divine Soil, which was better than the Seven-Colored Divine Earth.

This was also the ultimate skill of the Goddesses of the Elves.

They could find the materials they needed in the Heavenly Realm and could create all kinds of soil.

In the Divine Kingdom of the human goddesses, it was not bad to have Tri-Colored Divine Soil.

The reason why there were so many precious plants in the Elven Kingdom was related to the Divine Earth.

After all, the soil was the root of plant growth.

After Vera picked up the basket, Mavis was still in a daze.

Vera did not say anything. She placed the basket on a white stone and sat down to stabilize her Divine body.

This time, more than an hour later, Mavis came back to her senses. She came to Veras side and said:

Vera, this is unbelievable. How did you do it?

Without waiting for Vera to answer, Mavis had already guessed the answer. I know. It must be the help of the Lord of Flame, right Vera?

Thats true, Mavis. It was with the help of my master that I broke through to the third level so quickly. Vera nodded.

Vera, the Lord of Flame is too powerful. Even the Goddess of Light cant do it. Vera, Ive been wondering if the Lord of Flame was powerful.

Vera looked at Mavis and asked, Mavis, why are you asking?

Mavis came over and said in a low voice, Its very simple. The Lord of Flame is such a powerful God. Why didnt he have any reputation in the Heavenly Realm before? And according to those gods, the kingdom of the Lord of Flame only appeared on the Continent of God two years ago. This means that the Lord of Flame was probably heavily injured and lost his kingdom, but the Lord of Flame is so powerful

At this point, she paused for a moment and then said her speculation.

So I think the Lord of Flame is probably a powerful God who was heavily injured a long time ago.

Ah! Thats what you think too, Mavis?

Vera was surprised to hear what Mavis said.

Mavis said, According to the Lord of Flames growth trajectory, it seems that this is the only way to make sense, but it doesnt rule out other possibilities. For example, the Lord of Flame is truly a peerless genius, and in such a short period, he has grown to this extent.

But Vera, there hasnt been such a genius in all the years of the Heavenly Realm.

She added another sentence.


It was not Mavis fault that she thought so.

Vera could not be blamed for thinking that way.

Ever since the birth of the Heavenly Realm, there had been several gods in the Heavenly Realm, among these gods, some were extremely talented.

For example, the Human Goddess Ellen had become a Sanctuary in only a hundred years.

This was quite terrifying.

It was just that Ellens luck was not good. Without the guidance of a famous teacher, she became a Goddess too quickly.

If Ellen had been lucky enough to meet a famous teacher, she would have chosen to accumulate some experience and become a Goddess at the second or fourth level of the Sanctuary. With her talent, she would have broken through to the third level within a thousand years.

This was the genius of the gods.

However, if the Lord of Flame was not an Ancient God, but a new God, then the growth rate of the Lord of Flame might not be too shocking.

That was twice as fast as Ellen.

It was N times faster.

N were at least double digits!

In the Heavenly Realm, such a genius had never appeared before!

Many gods needed to accumulate Divine energy slowly, comprehend the rules, study high-level Divine energy, and obtain the resources needed by the Divine body.

After becoming a God, the best plan was to follow the order but if the Lord of Flame was a new God, then the Lord of Flame would break the record of the entire Heavenly Realm!

Even a descendant of a Divine Master would not have such speed.

Mavis, I think so too. The Lord must have a very powerful enemy

Vera began to speculate.

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