Lord of Flames - C.432: Divine Body Dual Upgrade! Vera’s bold idea!

Lord of Flames

C.432: Divine Body Dual Upgrade! Vera’s bold idea!

Divine Body Dual Upgrade! Veras bold idea!

Greetings, Lord of Flames.

Mavis reaction was faster when she saw Lin Yans gaze shift to her, Mavis revealed a charming smile.

This was not because she was trying to seduce Lin Yan. Her smile was like a blooming flower, and it was naturally charming.

In fact, Vera was also equally charming when she laughed.

Lin Yan nodded in response.

Ill go check on your Seven-Colored Earth. Mavis continued. She was not stupid. Apparently, she realized that Lin Yan and Vera had something to say, so she left and gave them space.

Alright, Vera said.

If you have a color that I dont have, Ill exchange some with you to see if you can make some earth. Mavis said.

Ill see. If there is, Ill give you some. Vera said.


Mavis left and went to the lower rank of the Divine kingdom.

They planted many rare plants on the lower floors of the Divine Kingdom, and the Elves usually managed them. The Elves were very careful.

They were all loyal believers of Vera, and there was no chance of betraying Vera. Any precious fruit would not tempt them. It was useless for them to be tempted because they could not use it.

That was the reason Vera trusted the Elves.

Seeing Mavis leaving on her own, Lin Yan took out many high-rank Divine stones and handed them to Vera.

Lin Yan asked, Your Divine body has reached the eleventh rank, isnt it?

Vera nodded and said, Yes Lord, theres a human god there, but he doesnt want to sell it. So, he has to trade it for Abyssal Sand. But I just saw it in the Divine substance that you gave me. Ill let my Elf trade it.

She handed a ball of light to Lin Yan.

Vera said, Divine Master, there are resources you need.

These were the resources that Vera collected for Lin Yan to upgrade to the thirteenth rank.

These resources cost Lin Yan a lot of high-ranked Holy stones.

As a result, most of the power of belief that Lin Yan had accumulated was spent, and there was not much left.

Fortunately, Lin Yan made a large sum of energy stones every day, and the Divine substances he had collected were also quite a fortune. He could exchange them for a lot of resources.

However, the thirteenth ranked Flame body still needed to be upgraded in the Sun of the Heavenly Realm.

Every time the Lord of Flames body leveled up, it required a lot of solar energy.

However, Lin Yan was prepared to return to the sun after returning to Vera.

Although he had over a thousand pieces of Flaming Gold, he could still have forged a pair of Flaming Gold Armor, but this kind of armor was too thin.

At this time, Lin Yan stayed in Veras kingdom for a few days.

Lin Yan once again created higher Divine energy for Vera.

In this way, Vera could raise her Godhead to an eleventh rank, after she had ranked up and stabilized her twelfth-ranked Divine body, like other gods, it would take a long time for their Godheads to raise one level but in Lin Yans place, it was like an assembly line. Of course, it still costs a lot.

It was impossible to not pay any price.

After three days, Lin Yan left Veras kingdom and entered the sun again.

He continued to dive with his Divine body, madly absorbing the energy of the Sun.

Once the solar energy was almost absorbed, Lin Yan could swallow the resources collected by Vera and raise the Divine body to the thirteenth rank.

Vera sent many Elves to sell the Divine substances and purchase the resources needed.

Three days passed and in the Divine Kingdom, Mavis still did not leave.

She was helping Vera take care of some of her plants.

In the Divine Kingdom of the Elven Goddess, these plants were very useful, therefore, every once in a while the goddesses would take care of the plants.

If they made any new progress, they would also further improve the plants, allowing them to bear fruits for a shorter period and absorb the energy of the Heavenly Realm more efficiently. Often, it required many days to take care of it.

Thats why Mavis had lived these three days in the Divine Kingdom.

Mavis, thank you, but Im going to close my door. You can play in my Divine Kingdom. Vera suggested.

Sometimes, a visit between goddesses lasted for several years, or even over ten years.

This was because they all needed a lot of time to improve their strength. They visited their friends only when they were free.

Vera, you dont have to worry about me. Ive learned a new method recently. Ill help you take care of all the plants. Mavis said.

Then Ill have to trouble you, Mavis. Vera said.

Marvis said, Its fine.

The two Elven goddesses ended their conversation. With the help of some Elves, Mavis continued to help Vera take care of the plants.

Vera improved her Divine body after Gracia brought back what she needed.

The improvement of the Divine body was not slow, but Vera was not fast like Lin Yan.

It took her several days to reach the eleventh rank.

After this upgrade, Vera had an eleventh-ranked Godhead and an eleventh-ranked Divine body.

Now, Vera could say that she was a third-ranked Goddess.

This is great!

Vera was overjoyed. This joy was not only because her strength had improved, but because she could help Lin Yan.

I can finally help the Lord. Vera thought.

Vera quickly told Lin Yan the good news.

Then she received Lin Yans response.

Your body has also risen to the thirteenth rank? Amazing!

This was a standard Double Happiness.

I have to collect the resources required to level up the fourteenth-ranked Divine Body for the Divine Master. Vera thought.

However, a fourteenth ranked Divine body requires a lot of resources, and there are many types of resources. I estimate it will take a long time to collect them. Vera thought again.

The higher the Divine body, the greater the cost, and the more precious the things needed. A high-ranked Divine body and some low-ranked treasures were completely useless.

Vera stood there and figured out what resources she needed.

She kept waving her hands and memorizing everything she needed, so she could give the recorded list to the Elves and let them search the Heavenly Realm.

Vera soon entered a much-focused state.

When she was thinking about things related to Lin Yan, she was the most likely to fall into this state of concentration.

Yes, I definitely want the Frost Jade Dew and the Moon Crystal

Vera calculated carefully.


At this moment, she heard a surprised sound.

Vera turned her head and saw Mavis standing not far away with a small flower basket in her hand. She covered her mouth and looked at Vera in disbelief.

In the small flower basket in her hand, there was an eight-colored soil.

Judging from her appearance, she seemed to have made up the affected earth and was about to bring it over for Vera to look at .

Whats wrong, Mavis? Vera asked.

Immediately, she understood why Mavis had such a reaction.

Just now, she was so focused that she forgot to hide the aura of her Divine body.

Mavis had probably felt the change in her Divine body.

However, it was hard to say if Mavis could guess that she had advanced to the third rank.

Oh my God, Vera, how do I feel your Divine body has become so terrible?

This expression was quite interesting to a beautiful Elven goddess.

Vera nodded and said, Yes, Mavis, my Divine body has upgraded.

Vera did not hide it.

Mavis was a ninth-ranked God at that moment, as she was before. She knew all about the ninth-ranked God.

She already felt the change in Veras body, and Vera could not hide it.

The condition for a Divine body upgrade is a Godhead upgrade. So Vera, has your Godhead already upgraded? Mavis said.

Vera nodded, not rejecting it, and said, Yes, Mavis.

Oh my God, Vera, youre so good. Congratulations, Vera, Im so happy for you.

Mavis had a look of delight on her face.

She was thrilled for Vera.

The Elves were gentle in nature, and so were the Elven Goddesses of the Elves.

If it was a human God, the Human God would certainly not have such a mentality when a God he knew upgraded, but for the Goddess of the genie, it is relatively normal

Mavis was a good friend of Veras.

Thank you, Mavis.

You must have helped the Lord of Flame a lot with this upgrade, right? Vera, so, are you close to level three?

Mavis asked two questions in a row.

Vera hesitated.

She didnt want to cheat her friends, but she was afraid to reveal Gods secret.

Looking at Mavis, Vera suddenly had a bold idea.

Gods power loss was so serious; the old God must no longer exist.

The Lord must have wanted to rebuild the line of gods, but those who were in the line of gods would probably not support the Lord, even if they were alive.

Mavis strength is not weak, let Mavis join the Divine Lords Divine system, it must be a great help to God, it will also help Mavis.

Vera thought.

I just dont know if Mavis will agree.

Vera thought again.

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