Lord of Flames - C.431: Returned full of rewards! The harvest was a bit shocking!

Lord of Flames

C.431: Returned full of rewards! The harvest was a bit shocking!

Returned full of rewards! The harvest was a bit shocking!

Mavis, come in. Why do you suddenly think of my Divine Kingdom?

In Veras kingdom, Vera welcomed the Goddess Mavis.

Mavis was the Goddess of the Feng Qing among the Elven goddesses and just like Vera, she was a Goddess with a ninth-ranked Godhead and a ninth ranked body.

Among the gods of the second rank, she was considered the more powerful goddess.

Wind Elven Goddess dominated her tribe and spent a lot of time finding other Elven tribes from the small forests of the Continent of Gods.

However, the Wind Elven tribe that was involved in the cultivation of Flame Forest believed in another Elven Goddess. That was why the Goddess Mavis did not know about the Lord of Flame but now, she knew.

Goddess Mavis said, Whats wrong Vera? You will not welcome me?

Among the Elven Goddesses, she had the best relationship with Vera. The two goddesses were also like a pair of close friends. When there were no other gods on the scene, they often teased each other and their relationship was very harmonious.

Vera took out a plate of fruit and said, Of course I welcome you. Look, Ive even prepared your favorite Jade Lotus Fruit.

You know me best. Mavis did not hold back and picked up a fruit to taste.

The taste is much better. Have you improved the variety again? Mavis praised.

Vera said, No, I changed the soil. I changed the five-colored soil into a seven-colored soil. The food grown from the seven-colored soil is different.

Wow, Seven-Colored soil, Vera, youre a rich woman. Mavis exaggerated a little.

She could only hear it when she was alone with Vera.

Normally, Mavis was a reserved Goddess. She would not casually speak to others in such a tone.

The two goddesses started chatting in the upper echelons of Vera.

The lives of Gods were long. Occasionally, they would visit their good friends and chat with them. It was a very pleasant thing to do, especially for the Elven Goddesses.

Elven Goddesses rarely took part in the conflicts between the gods of the Heavenly Realm. Under the threat of the Goddess of Life, even though the Elven Goddesses Domain did not have a Divine system, no other gods dared to attack.

After all, it was not a fun thing to anger a Divine Master.

Although she was her best friend, Vera did not tell Mavis about her change.

Vera was now a third-ranked Goddess.

Her Godhead had already stabilized, but her body had not reached the eleventh rank yet, but soon it would!

Vera hid her aura so that Mavis could not feel the changes in her godhead and body.

In Veras opinion, her promotion was entirely because of her Divine Lord, the Lord of Flame.

If she exposed her strength, it was likely that she would reveal some secrets of the Lord of Flame.

Unless the Lord of Flame agreed, she didnt dare to tell that to anyone.

Mavis sensed nothing.

She knew Veras strength long ago and she did not expect Vera to change so much in just a few months.

Therefore, she did not specifically investigate anything.

That was too impolite.

After chatting with Vera for a few hours, Mavis asked casually, Vera, isnt the Lord of Flame living in your kingdom? Why am I not seeing him?

My Lord has gone into the sun to collect Divine substances. Whats wrong, Mavis? Are you looking for him?

Its fine. I was just curious to ask, isnt it going to take many years for the Lord of Flame to go?

Vera shook her head. Im not sure either.

Every time he entered the sun to collect Divine matter, he came back at least after ten years.

After all, the price of a high-ranked Holy Stone was not cheap.

If he didnt stay a little longer, it would be too much of a loss.

Of course, if he had a ruthless character, he could fly by himself without using the teleportation array. However, even with the speed of a God, it would take him many years to fly once. It would be better to waste time than spending a high-ranked Divine stone.

As soon as Vera finished speaking, she seemed to have heard something, and a look of joy appeared on her face.

My God is coming back.

In the Sun of the Heavenly Realm, Lin Yans flame turned into a huge net. From a diameter of tens of thousands of kilometers, it turned into a small flame.

Lin Yans body changed again, and he transformed into a Divine form. Then, Lin Yans power vibrated and flew out of the Sun. Because of the existence of the space array, it would not take long for him to make a trip to the Heavenly Sun.

In Lin Yans opinion, the cost of a high-ranked Divine Stone was not a problem.

Right now, the amount of power of faith he earned every day was increasing. After a while, he could earn over 50 high-ranked Divine stones a day. Lin Yan had already gained enough from this trip.

He had spent more than a month in the Sun of the Heavenly Realm. Now, Lin Yan already had over a thousand grams of Divine substances in his hands.

Lin Yan, let Vera sell some Divine substances for what she needed to upgrade her Divine body.

Divine substances were still precious.

Although the gods could collect it themselves, they did not mention the teleportation costs of the space array. They might not collect the Divine substance they needed.

There were many types of Divine substances, and 70% of the Heavenly Sun was blazing gold, while 30% was other materials.

It was precisely because of this that the price of Flame Metal was relatively low.

It wasnt that the Elven Gold wasnt good, but that every God had a lot in their hands. Things were rare, and this principle also applied to Divine substances.

To Lin Yan, the Raging Flames Metal was the most valuable Divine substance.

He had more than a thousand grams of Flaming Gold and four hundred grams of other Divine substances in his hands.

Of the four hundred plus items, many of them were rare. Some of them werent of much help to Lin Yan and Vera. It was better to sell them in exchange for what they needed.

His Divine body had already reached the twelfth rank, but he did not have enough resources to reach the thirteenth rank.

Veras Divine body had already reached LVL 10, but she was still close to reaching LVL 11.

This was the reason Lin Yan returned now.

He would trade some things that he didnt need for the resources he needed before going to the Heavenly Realm. This was Lin Yans plan.

Lin Yan quickly flew to the spatial formation. This time, he would no longer hand over the Divine stones.

He passed through the spatial formation and arrived in the sky above the Heavenly Realm.

Lin Yan quickly flew down.

Below, one could still see the burning Divine Kingdom.

That was the Divine Kingdom of Star God Holton.

It was not so easy for the Divine Kingdom to burn up completely

Lin Yan had already plundered all the useful items inside and had no intention of destroying the Divine Kingdom.

Lin Yan had ignited the flame. Even if Lin Yan did not continue to ignite it, he would still gain some benefits from the subsequent combustion.

As for the Holy Spirits inside, many of them had died during the battle.

There were still some who were not dead. Lin Yan was not interested in paying attention to them.

The Holy Spirits were all very weak. If they were lucky enough to find their soul mark in the Divine Kingdom, they could escape the Divine Kingdom and become the free spirit of the Heavenly Realm.

It was very difficult for the power of the free Holy Spirit to increase, but as long as he did not seek death, he could still live for a long time.

Of course, under normal circumstances, no other God will accept them, unless the soul of one of them was outstanding.

In Veras Divine Kingdom, a tunnel opened again.

Lin Yan flew in.

Divine Master, welcome back. Vera said happily.

During this period, without Lin Yan in the Divine Kingdom, Vera always felt as if something was missing.

She was already used to having Lin Yan by her side. Even if Lin Yan was the one who stabilized her Divine body, if she could only watch him from afar in order not to disturb him, some people, as long as they existed there, would be satisfied.

Lin Yan nodded and tore open a space, pouring out a large amount of Divine substance.

Vera, Ive collected this from the sun of the Heavenly Realm. See if theres anything you need. Pick out what you need, and then sell the other divine substances for the resources to rank up your Divine body.

Lin Yan said.

So many!

Vera was shocked when she saw the Divine substances on the ground.

There were simply too many Divine substances.

It was at least several hundred germs.

Vera had never seen so many Divine substances.

The heavens were pitiful. If she wanted to collect so many Divine substances, it would take at least a thousand years.

She didnt want to create a suit of armor filled with the Divine matter as Lin Yan did.

There was only a portion of the Divine substance in her weapon.

Certain Divine substances were important to gods.

Just as Lin Yan was about to take out a high-ranked Divine stone for Vera, he suddenly sensed something and frowned.

Yes, Lin Yan saw Mavis.

It wasnt his fault that he hadnt discovered it before. Lin Yan didnt expect that there would be another Goddess in Veras Divine Kingdom.

At this moment, Maviss face was filled with shock as she stood there.

She had never thought that the Lord of Flame would collect so many Divine substances!

How did the Lord of Flames do it?

It would have been better if he had collected it for a long time.

However, according to Vera, the Lord of Flame had not been in the sun for long.

It had only been over a month.

A month was too short for the Gods.

There was very little that could be done.

However, in the past month of the Lord of Flame, his harvest had been rather astonishing.

Could it be that he collected it before, and now hes giving it to Vera?

Mavis couldnt help but think.

It seemed like this thought would make it easier for her to accept!

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