Lord of Flames - C.430: Pairs of sisters! The Goddess visited

Lord of Flames

C.430: Pairs of sisters! The Goddess visited

Chapter 430: Pairs of sisters! The Goddess visited.

A Young Winged Elf did not recognize Angstrom.

Strictly speaking, in the Rocky Elven Empire, aside from the Light Elves, more than half of the Elves did not recognize Angstrom.

Angstrom said, “My name is Angstrom. Tell this name to Olivia and she will know.”

The Young Winged Elf was slightly dissatisfied when she saw Angstrom calling out to the name of Queen of Light, but she did not show it.

She said, “Please wait a moment.”

The Young Winged Elf flew down.

At this moment, in the City of Light, the Queen of Light, Olivia, was giving blessings to some new Elves on the flower square under the Tree of Life.

The population of Elves was sparse, and there were not many new Elves each year.

The number of Elves added depended on whether the Tree of Life was strong or not.

The power of the Tree of Life often depended on the size of the forest.

A small forest could not grow a large Tree of Life.

This did not mean that the Tree of Life had absorbed the nutrients from those trees.

On the contrary, the Tree of Life and the forest were mutually reinforcing. The larger the forest, the higher the limit the Tree of Life could reach.

The larger the Tree of Life was, the more it could feed the entire forest and make it more prosperous.

The winged Elf landed outside the Flower Square and walked in.

“The Queen is giving blessings to the new Elves. Please wait a moment.”

On the Flower Square, two elf guards spoke to the winged Elf.

“It’s fine. If you have anything to report, just say it.”

Olivia’s calm voice sounded.

The Young Winged Elf said, “Queen, there’s an elf named Angst asking for you.”

Olivia’s body froze!


This word was her heart disease for the past thousand years. Olivia had been injured by a Dark Creature that had just ascended to the Sanctuary using the dark rules. Her injuries had not healed for the past thousand years, and it had much to do with her heart disease and recently, because she was worried about Angstrom, after obtaining Lomina’s promise of help, she had searched for Angstrom in the Dark Forest for several months, but had not found Angst!

Unexpectedly, when she returned to the Rocky Forest and blessed the new Elves, Angstrom appeared.


Olivia repeated the words and then asked the Winged Elf:

“Rose, are you listening correctly?”

Yes, Olivia could not believe it, so she had to confirm it.

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

The Young Winged Elf said, “Yes, Queen, I didn’t hear wrong.”

Olivia took a deep breath and flew into the sky.

When she flew thousands of meters, she saw a beautiful shadow standing in the air.

When she saw that familiar and unfamiliar face, Olivia was instantly stunned!

That face belonged to Angstrom!

Olivia could not believe her eyes.

Angstrom had actually appeared!

She actually came back to find her!

After all, over the past thousand years, Olivia had contacted Angstrom countless times, but Angstrom had never given any response.

Therefore, when these two sisters were reunited a thousand years later, Olivia’s first reaction was not joy, but shock!

“Heavens, Angstrom, it’s really you!”

Rebecca’s voice rang out.

Elven Elder Rebecca also came!

Rebecca could not believe her eyes.

After that, Rebecca noticed something that Olivia did not notice.

Angstrom, look up at the aura on your body……”Heavens, you’ve returned to light?”

Rebecca cried out in surprise, her voice filled with joy!

When she heard what Rebecca said, Olivia realized the same thing.

It was normal for her not to notice before. She was stunned when she saw Angstrom, not noticing anything else.

“Angstrom, you don’t have the slightest bit of darkness on you. That’s great, you’ve really returned to light!”

Olivia also had a look of joy on her face.

Her eyes were already dripping with tears.

Rebecca’s eyes were red as well.

Following that, more Elven elders flew up. These Elven Elders were people that Angstrom had known before. When they saw Angstrom, they were all extremely excited.

Many Elven Elders began to wipe their tears.

The Elves were not sentimental; they were not weak either.

The tears they shed were not only because of their emotions but also because of their happiness!

Those were the tears of joy.

“Angstrom, you are welcome home!”

Olivia tried her best to suppress her tears and said to Angstrom.

Olivia and Angstrom were standing outside the palace at the edge of the Flower Square, on the painting that was also full of flowers, looking at the waterfall below and chatting quietly.

They were talking, but Angst’s words were very, very few. It had always been Olivia.

This was also the way this pair of sisters interacted a thousand years ago,

Angstrom was the type of person who decided on one thing and did it.

She rarely explained the reason to others, whether the opponent was an enemy and was still his family and friends.

Olivia’s personality was actually friendlier, and she was also gentler.

Of course, that only belonged to her people.

“Angstrom, after you left, I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I shouldn’t have refused to believe you so much. Today is our reunion. I shouldn’t have said this, but I still have to face you and say, “I’m sorry!”

Olivia sincerely apologized to Angstrom!

“Angstrom, I know, we still owe you a thank you!”

Olivia continued.

Olivia was not stupid. With her intelligence, she naturally knew that the Elves who cultivated the Dark Forest did not encounter any powerful dark creatures after that. It must be because Angstrom had blocked them. Angstrom had used her thousand years of darkness to exchange for a thousand years of peace in the entire Rocky Forest and this time, Angstrom’s return was naturally not for the sake of staying in the Rocky Forest for a long time. Her most important goal was to help Olivia heal.

As for Olivia’s apology and thanks, Angstrom did not have a big reaction.

Her face was as calm as ever.

No one knew what she was thinking.

More than an hour later, in Olivia’s palace, Olivia was sitting on Nanzi, and Angstrom was checking her wound.

Upon checking this, Angstrom discovered that Olivia’s injuries were even more severe than she had imagined.

After a thousand years, it was only half cured.

Being injured by Rule Force was just that serious!

Once a God was seriously injured in the battles between many gods, he would sleep for hundreds of thousands of years to recover injuries.

Olivia’s recovery power could not compare to the gods.

The Goddess of Light had also released the power.

However, Olivia’s injuries were deep in her bone marrow, and her heart condition was hard to get rid of. Unless the Goddess of Light paid a huge price to lower something like the incarnation of a God, it would be difficult to cure Olivia.

However, Olivia would rather recuperate slowly than the Goddess of Light expend too much energy.

“Don’t move, I’ll help you.”

Angst was too familiar with the Dark Rules. Olivia’s injury was not difficult for her, but it would take some time.

“Angstrom, are you able to return to the light with the help of the Lord of Flame?”

Olivia sat on the chair without moving and asked.

Angstrom nodded gently.

“I guess so. Angstrom, the Lord of the Flame is a powerful and benevolent God. The Goddess of Light also wants you to return to the light, but the Goddess of Light will not force your faith.”

Olivia said.

Angstrom said indifferently, “I’ve become the Holy Maiden of the Lord of Flame.”

Olivia was shocked, but after this, she said nothing.

She respected Angstrom’s choice.

Moreover, she was not qualified to say anything.

Angstrom fell silent again.

Meanwhile, Olivia was still chatting with Angstrom.

After not seeing her for a thousand years, Olivia seemed to have spoken a lot.


On this day, a visitor arrived in Vera’s Divine kingdom.

That visitor was her good friend, Goddess Mavis!

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