Lord of Flames - C.426: Angstrom reappears in the Continent of the gods!

Lord of Flames

C.426: Angstrom reappears in the Continent of the gods!

: Angstrom reappears in the Continent of the gods!

For the Sanctuary, the consumption of the rules was not small. A Sanctuary could not fight with the rules for too long, so they could use conventional methods to solve the battle. The Sanctuary would usually use conventional methods to solve the battle first.

Only battles that could not be solved by conventional means would drive the rules.

Unlike the gods, there were usually some fragments of rules in the composition of Divine energy.

When Meng Ying activated the rules, her fire magic suddenly became exceptionally sharp.


The flame surrounded the heart.

Holy Flame!

Meng Ying prayed for the Holy Flame to disperse the dark matter in the underground space.

If it would change the environment, she would change it back.

The effect of the Holy Flame was too good.

As soon as it appeared, it dispersed a large amount of the dark matter in the underground space!


The Demon Gods heart could not attack for a long time, and Meng Yings attack had become so sharp.

Endless attacks of dark energy attacked the two women.

It was completely drowning them.

Follow me closely.

Tina and Meng Ying kept dodging.

As for Meng Ying, she kept attacking while dodging.

The underground space began to collapse.

There are stones on it!

Tina said.

A huge stone fell from that heart.

Even if there were Saint Realm existences and they were all magisters, they would not be able to withstand that stone that was tens of thousands of tons.

But there were too many ways to protect themselves.

Meng Ying waved her hand, and a huge fireball rushed forward, blasting the huge stone into countless pieces.


As the battle intensified, this space continued to collapse.

On the ground, the vibrations were even more intense.

Damn it, if this isnt the Continent of Gods, if my body is still here, you two are worthy to be my enemies!

The Demonic Will on the Demonic Gods heart roared.

Under the impact of the dark energy, the speed of the space collapsing once again increased.

Countless boulders were smashed into pieces.

Tina didnt say a word. She continued to use her methods to neutralize the Demons Heart.

On the other hand, Meng Ying did not care about the consumption of magic power. The instant cast magic was also thrown at the Demon Gods heart as if it was free.

The fluctuations of the battle between the two sides had gone far.

Step back.

In the distance, Lucy led the snakes and continued to retreat.

You guys continue to retreat. Ill go see if I can help.

Lucy said.

Although her strength was only legendary, as the clan leader of Medusas clan, her petrified eyes were still quite powerful.

If she used it well, even the Sanctuary could be petrified.

However, there were too many restrictions on the petrified eyes. If she didnt look at you, then you wouldnt be able to do anything.

This Demonic Gods heart was just a heart, and it had no eyes at all. It was difficult for Lucys Petrifying Eye to take effect.

However, she still decided to see if it would be helpful.

Of course, she wasnt brainless. If she found out that she couldnt intervene, she would hide far away to avoid becoming a burden to Meng Ying and the others.

Not long after, Lucy rushed over there and was shocked by the scene before her.

The underground space had expanded many times.

The underground space had completely collapsed.

This underground space was at least a few kilometers away from the ground, but now, under the impact of the battle, they could actually see the sunlight coming in.

The impact of this battle was terrifying.

In the underground space, the energy impact was still coming.

The terrifying dark energy rushed everywhere. Every time it collided, it could shatter large amounts of rocks.

So scary.

Lucy thought.

Then, she saw the black heart.

She didnt expect that the target of the fight between two powerful Saints was just a heart!

That heart was already so terrifying. If the body carrying the heart was still alive, how strong would it be?


In the blink of an eye, the battle lasted for more than ten minutes.

This underground space had completely collapsed.

Moreover, the area of collapse became exceptionally large.

In the Endless Desert, a huge hole appeared.

From this hole, terrifying energy waves were constantly being emitted.

If this was not within the Flame Empires hinterland, this fluctuation would have attracted the attention of many other elites.

Its running away!

Meng Yings voice sounded.

Yes, the Demon Gods Heart was about to flee

After the underground space was completely destroyed, the Demon Gods Heart was suppressed by the laws of the Continent of God.

It was extremely disadvantageous to continue fighting.

Therefore, the Demon Gods Heart was ready to escape.

It had stayed at the bottom of the Endless Desert for thousands of years, and it had never been discovered. Unless it had no other choice, it would not choose to escape. It would consume too much energy to escape once.

Stop it.

Tina no longer defended herself. She attacked together with Meng Ying.

However, the Demon Gods Heart was determined to escape, and it instantly broke through their blockade.

Just as the Demon Gods Heart was about to flee, a dark tunnel opened beside the Demon Gods Heart.

A woman with a dark aura suddenly appeared and grabbed the Demon Gods Heart.

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