Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.768 This matter is beyond my capabilities

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.768 This matter is beyond my capabilities

?Along the way, William could sense that something was off with Samuel.

However, as for Samuel, William couldn't be bothered to use something like mind-reading magic on him.

To William, mind-reading felt like the most tedious thing.

What's the fun in knowing what others are thinking?

"Samuel, I really think something's up with you," William said, raising an eyebrow and smiling at Samuel. "Is there something on your mind?"

"There is something... I still have unfinished business back at the command center in the base. Now that I've brought you to the school, I'll have another teacher take you to the office while I head back to check on things," Samuel replied. "If you have any questions, you can ask him..."

"Uh... Teacher Dexter, please take Mr. Johnson to the office. He's our new teacher for beast language," Samuel said as he brought William into the school, thinking it was crucial to call in a heavyweight soon to handle the situation.

As for William, he needed to be kept stable.

The Dexter he called upon was a burly man, clad in metallic battle armor.

"Principal Samuel, our school has a beast language class?" Dexter looked puzzled at Samuel.

"We didn't before, but we will from today," Samuel explained.

"To defeat our enemies, we must understand their habits and master their language. Mr. Johnson is the beast language expert I've specifically brought in for this purpose," Samuel said, his heart tingling with nerves.

That's right!

To defeat the enemy, understanding their habits and mastering their language is essential.

Perhaps the Mutated creatures thought the same!!

Although William's arrival had provided information about the Mutated creatures, only half a month had passed, and the creatures had evolved again, becoming stronger, making that data seem less relevant.

But if they let William gain their trust and he started sabotaging from within, while the external Mutated creatures began their assault on the base...

It was too horrifying to consider!

It seemed that not only had the Mutated creatures grown stronger in combat, but their intelligence had also increased.

"About this new class, you need to inform the other teachers, right? How are we going to schedule this? Shouldn't we discuss it first?" Dexter almost grabbed Samuel to stop him from leaving. Suddenly adding a beast language class, how was he supposed to arrange everything without any prior notice?

"I have some other important matters to attend to right now. Please take Mr. Johnson to the office for now and keep an eye on your phone. I'll send a notification to all teachers," Samuel said, maintaining his composure.

He knew that in this critical moment, he had to remain calm.

Revealing William's true identity could cause unnecessary panic and lead to disaster.

"Alright, Principal Samuel, you go ahead with your tasks. I'll take Mr. Johnson to the office to sit for a while."

Dexter didn't think too much about it. Samuel had many responsibilities, and naturally, he had a lot to handle. The arrangement of courses and the reassignment of teachers were actually managed by the vice principal, so there was no need to cling to Samuel.

After finishing his explanation, Samuel was about to leave.

Just as he turned around, William suddenly called out, "Commander Samuel!"

Samuel's body stiffened slightly, but he quickly recovered, turned back with a smile, and asked, "Mr. Johnson, do you have any other questions?"

Although William didn't use mind-reading, his observational skills were sharp, and some reactions were almost instinctive.

He could tell that Samuel was somewhat afraid of him.

Yes, he was a bit afraid.

William had seen this kind of reaction too many times.

"You don't have my phone number yet. How will you send me messages later?"

"Ph... phone number?" Samuel asked, somewhat bewildered. "Can your phone number still be used?"

Most of the signal towers on the ground had been almost completely destroyed. Although mobile phones could still function, the old phone numbers had long been unusable!

Their mobile signals relied on the base's internal stations and satellites, and all communication apps were independently developed by the base.

The old telecom operators' phone numbers and communication apps were unusable!

William pulled out his phone, suddenly realizing that normally, old phone numbers shouldn't work...

The video calls from Alice to him and Calvin were solely reliant on William's abilities.

With almost all terrestrial base stations destroyed and telecom operators out of existence, it would indeed be strange if his old phone number still worked.

"Indeed, it can't be used anymore. How will you send messages to me?" William took out his phone, which showed no signal, and handed it to Samuel.

Samuel took William's phone, looked at it, and like connecting to WiFi, he connected William to a network, registered an account for him, and downloaded an app.

"Now it should work, Mr. Johnson. If there's anything, I'll send you a message," Samuel handed the phone back to William with a smile. "Now, Mr. Johnson, you can go with Dexter to get familiar with the surroundings. I'll arrange the work matters for you."

"Thank you." William was accustomed to blending into the environment of any era. After taking the phone, he didn't ask Samuel any more questions and followed Dexter towards the office.

Samuel left almost without looking back, quickly reaching the research institute.

"Dr. Sanger, did you suspect earlier that William might be a transformed mutated creature?" Samuel found Frederick in the institute right away and, after closing the door, he couldn't hold back any longer.

Frederick adjusted his glasses leisurely and said, "Even if he is a transformed mutated creature, it doesn't seem to be a big deal as long as he is helpful to humans. He can be considered a friend."

"Walker and Amy followed him to the Doors of Evolution and haven't come out, while he came out alone," Samuel said breathlessly. "I now suspect that Walker and Amy have been killed by William."

"Just because they haven't come out doesn't mean they were killed by William," Frederick responded. "What if they weren't killed?"

"But what if they have been killed by William? Do you have a way to deal with William?" Samuel knew Frederick had his suspicions and hoped that William was truly on the side of humanity. But this matter could affect the lives of over a hundred thousand people at the base; how could they take such a risk?

Preparations must be thorough.

What if?

If there's even a slight chance, that's over a hundred thousand lives at stake.

"If William really is a transformed mutated creature, and Walker and Amy have been harmed..." Frederick pondered for a moment and then said, "I can't handle it!"

Although he was just a scientific researcher, he knew the terrifying strength of soulmancers like Amy and Walker. Amy was a figure on the list of human powerhouses. If they were both harmed, one could imagine William's strength.

Unable to cope!

That was Frederick's answer!

Samuel clenched his fists and said, "The first thing we need to do now is send elites into the Doors of Evolution to check. If we can find Walker and the others, there's no need to deal with William. But if we can't find them, then William must be dealt with!"

"That's your business,this matter is beyond my capabilities," Frederick said, then continued to tinker with his computer.

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