Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.766 Was it still possible to run away now?

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.766 Was it still possible to run away now?

?Amy and her group were making smooth progress, of course, partly because William was deliberately going easy on them.

Normally, Amy should have only been declared the winner on the second floor after defeating the humanoid shadow.

William didn't really care that Amy had guessed the masked man was him. What did it matter if such a foolish child knew his identity?

The third floor featured a giant robot designed by William, whose strength far surpassed the Demi-God level. Defeating it wouldn't be easy.

This was designed to make Walker and Amy demonstrate all the secret techniques they had learned.

What was the point of their training if not tested in real combat?

Considering Amy's feelings, William had designed a robot instead of a living creature. Defeating a robot wouldn't involve bloodshed.

After all, she was just a child, and William didn't feel the need to force her to take a life.

Even in a post-apocalyptic world, some things should just take their natural course.

After reaching the third floor, Amy used a water summoning spell to wash the blood off Walker.

"This big guy looks pretty tough!" Walker, who had brought the samurai sword-wielding robot with him, commanded, "BB-9, go and destroy it!"

It was safer to let his subordinate robot test the waters first. With such robots, it was impossible to gauge their strength level through sensing their aura, and rushing in recklessly could easily lead to disaster.

BB-9's red eyes flickered as it spoke, "If can't win, won't fight!" and then, surprisingly, it took two steps back.

Walker: "…"

Walker knew BB-9's capabilities. After a grueling three-day battle, he hadn't even managed to scratch BB-9's paint, and the robot's sword skills were nearly divine, always keeping him under pressure.

It was only by a narrow margin that he had survived those three days, and in terms of strength, he was still significantly outmatched by BB-9.

But now BB-9 was saying it couldn't defeat this robot…

Damn, how strong could this robot be?

Was it still possible to run away now?

"Amy, maybe we should head back down!" Walker was already thinking of retreating.

He was an adult and knew what danger looked like.

And the giant in front of them was definitely dangerous.

Although Amy was strong, he felt that it was wise not to engage with a creature that even made BB-9 want to back down.

The robot, standing fifteen feet tall with a giant axe, was motionless for the moment and showed no signs of attacking them.

Behind the robot, there was a pile of golden boxes.

It seemed like a classic scenario of overcoming obstacles to claim treasure.

Currently, they seemed to be outside the robot's "aggro range."

When fighting BB-9, Walker had heard a system notification that said if they lasted three days, BB-9 would be theirs. However, there was no such instruction on how to win against this larger robot.

Did they have to defeat it?

What if it was extraordinarily powerful?

There was no need to risk their lives for some external rewards!

"I'm not afraid of it!" Amy, who hadn't been in real combat and was essentially a novice in fighting, was fearless. Plus, knowing that this was just William playing with her, she was naturally unafraid!

Mr. Johnson surely wouldn't harm her!

If it had been a giant lion, Amy might have been scared to tears, but facing this metallic robot, she boldly charged forward with her Sword of the Abyssal Guardian.

The giant robot's eyes suddenly opened, purple electricity swirling around, and it let out a deafening roar that made Amy shiver, almost dropping her sword.

Amy didn't know how powerful the giant robot really was, but it was definitely intimidating.

If it had been before, Amy might have just cried on the spot.

Walker covered his face, unable to bear watching, thinking...

She still dared to charge forward, wondering who had given her such courage.

"I'm not scared!" Amy shouted as she raised her sword and charged at the robot again.

Walker now believed that Amy wouldn't come to harm.

The girl had too many top-tier artifacts on her; even if she couldn't win, she could definitely retreat safely.

Let's just see how it goes!

Walker casually stood aside, playing the slacker.

The kind that feels totally justified.

At this moment, he seemed to understand William's mindset a bit better.

Standing aside and doing nothing seemed pretty enjoyable too.

Amy's swordsmanship had indeed improved significantly, and the sharpness of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian was beyond question.

Despite the robot's large size, it was surprisingly agile.

Amy engaged in a rapid exchange with it, and in just one minute, they had gone through hundreds of moves.

The robot's axe had already developed a notch.

Of course, this was because William had lowered the difficulty for Amy. If the robot's axe had been crafted as a more powerful artifact than the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian, Amy probably wouldn't have stood a chance.

Her weapon was an advantage, but defeating this robot was not going to be easy.

Walker had been watching for a few hours. The robot's attacks were fiercely aggressive, and Amy spent more time dodging and blocking than attacking.

"This will exhaust Amy if it keeps up," Walker remarked, not completely playing the slacker as he analyzed the situation.

He tried to spot the robot's weaknesses.

The only openings on the robot's body were its eyes and mouth, and its joints seemed to be relatively fragile.

"Amy, try targeting its joints!" Walker had an ace up his sleeve; he planned to seize the moment to throw a knife at the robot's eyes.

But he wanted Amy to test the waters first.

He had seen the power of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian that Amy wielded,the material of the robot clearly couldn't match up to the sword's material.

If they could disable its joints, wouldn't that mean victory?

Upon hearing Walker's suggestion, Amy began to intensify her attacks. However, the robot was not slow. After its arm joint was struck by her sword, it blocked all her subsequent attempts to strike its other joints.

It was now on guard!

Damn, it was smart!

Seeing the situation, Walker realized that if they continued to chip away at the robot like using a dull knife on meat, it might be too challenging.

A quick, decisive strike would be best to take down the big guy.

"Amy, use your strongest strike on the joint of its right arm, and I'll target its eyes," Walker instructed.

"Okay!" Amy responded.

William was keeping an eye on the battle and couldn't help but laugh when he heard Walker's plan. The robot was designed to be quite intelligent.

At the very least, it could understand human speech.

Walker plotting so loudly was somewhat amusing.

Did he really think the robot couldn't hear him?

And speaking so loudly at that.


William thought that Walker might be aware that the robot could understand him and was possibly trying to use a diversionary tactic, a feint.

The likelihood was quite high.

True or false, wasn't it all just a game of psychological warfare?

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