Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.765 Walker, have some fruit


?Amy didn't understand why Walker was thanking her.

Walker quickly used the witchcraft taught to him by Moros, and his injuries soon began to heal.

However, the shock inside him was hard to calm.

From Amy's actions, it seemed that the energy she had just released was subconscious, not a deliberate attack on him.

Although he had been suppressed by the Sword Spirit, it was clear that Amy's power level had greatly increased.

"Has she reached the Demi-God level?" Walker sensed Amy's aura. Had she really broken through to the Demi-God level just like that?

Why hadn't she undergone a heavenly tribulation?

He didn't know that the Cosmic Entities of the thirteen universes were gone, so naturally, there was no such thing as a heavenly tribulation anymore.

Getting stronger simply meant getting stronger, without needing to pass any tests set by the Cosmic Entities.

"I don't know, maybe!" Amy wasn't very clear about the specifics of advancing in power levels.

Big shots like Poseidon and Zeus certainly wouldn't tell Amy about what constitutes a mid-level Soulmancer or a high-level Soulmancer.

After all, being gods of the Divine Realm, the secrets of power enhancement they held didn't concern levels like mid or high-level Soulmancers.

It could only be said that Amy's current strength was roughly comparable to that of a Demi-God level Soulmancer.

On Earth, those who reached the Demi-God level were overwhelmingly powerful compared to other humans who hadn't reached that level.

One strike from them, and no one could withstand it.

Her current strength was much greater than that of Alice when she had reached the Demi-God level years ago.

"Walker, are you really okay?" Amy, seeing Walker covered in blood, couldn't help but feel goosebumps all over.

This kid hadn't seen much blood before.

"It's not a big problem." What else could Walker say? He was a bit weak now, but there was no threat to his life.

As long as he wasn't dead, he could quickly recover through his witchcraft.

At that moment, Amy pulled out a Red Flame Fruit and handed it to Walker. "Walker, have some fruit."

"Heh, thanks." Walker casually took the Red Flame Fruit and popped it into his mouth.

He initially thought it was just an ordinary fruit, but as soon as he swallowed it, he felt his blood and energy boiling inside him.

"What... what kind of fruit is this?" Walker's eyes widened as he quickly sat up straight, interlocking his fingers and began to channel the witchcraft Moros had taught him, his body eagerly absorbing the energy from the Red Flame Fruit.

Having studied witchcraft under Moros, he wasn't exactly a novice unfamiliar with the world, but a fruit that could directly purify one's bloodline was something he had never even heard of.

The Sword of the Abyssal Guardian returned to Amy's hands. The Sword Spirit of the Abyssal Guardian, seeing Walker's inexperienced reaction, sneered secretly.

Indeed, he was just an ordinary person, one who had never even eaten a Red Flame Fruit.

It seemed this ordinary person had gained some strength, but what was the point of such a minor improvement?

Too weak!

Several hours later, Walker had fully absorbed the power of the Red Flame Fruit, and his physical constitution had significantly improved.

Now, his strength could probably match that of a Demi-God level warrior, and he could hold his own against some S-level Mutated creatures.

"Amy, where did you get this fruit?" Walker was curious. Did this kid have too many treasures on her?

"Was it given to you by your master to save your life?" Walker thought of many possibilities. Such a fine item, who else but her two masters could provide it?

Such a fruit must be incredibly precious!

Amy was really too generous, giving away such a treasure so casually.

"No!" Amy replied, "Did it taste good?"

"Good... it tasted good..." Walker was at a loss for words for a moment.

Was this treasure something that could be simply described as tasty or not?

"Amy, you shouldn't give away such treasures so casually in the future." Walker sighed and said, "I know, this fruit must have been given to you by your master, right? To be eaten only in a life-threatening situation?"

"No!" Amy's eyes widened.

Why would this fruit be something to eat only in a life-

threatening situation?

She had just seen Walker covered in blood and thought for a long time before deciding to give him the fruit to quench his thirst, and because it seemed like a good thing, it might help Walker.

"I know, you're kind-hearted, no need to lie to me," Walker said. "But don't give away such treasures to others so easily in the future."

Walker knew Amy came from a powerful background and had many valuable items, but if she gave away treasures without understanding their value, it would be easy for others to take advantage of her.

"No, not at all! Do you want more? I have plenty!" Amy had picked all the fruits from a Red Flame Fruit tree when she came up, and now she casually scooped up four more and held them out to Walker.

Walker was speechless.

Wasn't this fruit supposed to be some kind of rare treasure?

Why could Amy just casually pull out four more?

"How many more do you have?" Walker couldn't help but ask.

Amy replied, "I didn't count, but I think there are over sixty more."

"Sixty... more?" Walker felt that perhaps poverty limited his imagination.

Or maybe, his master was just poor, while Amy's master was incredibly wealthy.

Thinking about it, Moros hadn't really given him any valuable treasures.

Then looking at Amy decked out in luxurious gear.

Really, comparing oneself to others only led to more despair!

Walker sighed deeply and said, "I won't eat anymore, just keep them for yourself!"

Such divine fruits, one was enough.

Although Amy had many more, Walker wasn't the type to shamelessly deceive a child for her fruits.

That was something only someone like William would do...

"Oh! Didn't it taste good?" Amy said as she popped another fruit into her mouth, then turned around and said, "There's a chest over there, it must be the reward for defeating the boss here."

She didn't mention anything about William.

After all, the Sword Spirit had specifically said that since Mr. Johnson didn't want others to know, she must keep it a secret for Mr. Johnson.

Talkative kids could get their tongues pulled out!

Walker stood behind, somewhat dumbfounded. "You just ate it like that?"

Logically, shouldn't one sit down and concentrate on absorbing the power contained in such a fruit after eating it?

"How else should I eat it?" Amy said as she stuffed another fruit into her mouth, laughing, "It really tastes good."

Walker was mentally blown away.

Indeed, seemingly young and cute little girls often come from very well-off families!

Especially someone like Amy, who couldn't just be described as wealthy anymore.

Who else in the world could afford to eat such divine fruits as snacks?

Amy, however, didn't think too much about it. She continued eating the Red Flame Fruits as she walked towards the large chest ahead.

Defeating monsters and looting equipment seemed like a natural outcome to her.

Plus, she already knew that it was William playing with her, so wasn't it normal for her to receive rewards after clearing the level?

Walker didn't ponder much either and followed her.

When they opened the chest, they saw it neatly packed with books.

"Tempest Rune Array? Ethereal Light Formation, Elemental Storm Array, Eternal Frost Array..." Walker read the titles on the covers of the books and couldn't help but swallow hard. These powerful magical arrays sounded incredibly formidable.

If getting just one book of powerful magical arrays felt great, here was an entire chest of them!

What was this?

Had the drop rate from the boss Amy just defeated been a bit too generous?

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