Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.763 Being alive was already quite an achievement!

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.763 Being alive was already quite an achievement!

In the end, Walker entered the tower alone. He couldn't persuade William, and even though he knew William's true strength was formidable, he couldn't change his tendency to slack off.

If he didn't want to exert himself, no one could force him.

Walker entered the first floor and, seeing nothing, quickly moved to the second floor.

When he arrived, he saw Amy standing there, looking dazed with a pale face, her Sword of the Abyssal Guardian planted in front of her.

"Amy!" Walker called out from outside, "What's going on here?"

Amy didn't respond. She was completely engulfed by the defensive magic circle, which targeted her soul directly, rendering her Sword of the Abyssal Guardian almost useless.

At that moment, even the Sword Spirit within the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian was caught in the defensive magic circle. It was impressive that the Sword Spirit could withstand the first wave of attacks.

Amy stood still, only perceiving a phantom figure in front of her.

She and the Sword Spirit faced this phantom, utterly helpless.

"Master, this defensive magic circle is unlike anything I've ever encountered," the Sword Spirit of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian confessed. It couldn't imagine a world where a defensive magic circle could prevent it from adhering to the sword's body, as if forcibly extracting it from the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian.

It was terrifying!

After all, he was the Sword Spirit from the sword of the sea god Poseidon. What kind of defensive magic circles hadn't he seen? What kind of defensive magic circles hadn't he experienced?

This situation...

It was almost too much for the Sword Spirit of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian to accept.

"Could it be William the Obliterator?" The only explanation the Sword Spirit of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian could think of was William the Obliterator.

In three thousand parallel dimensions, who else but William the Obliterator could achieve such a feat?

"You mean the William you're talking about is Mr. Johnson?" Amy's soul and the Sword Spirit, both trapped in the defensive magic circle, found it much easier to communicate than before.

"Yes, that's him!" the Sword Spirit of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian exclaimed. "William is William the Obliterator. Didn't you know that?"

"How could I have known?"

The phantom figure opposite them, wielding a long sword, launched another round of attacks, and Amy, along with the Sword Spirit, could only continue to fend them off.

"You really didn't know? If it weren't for William the Obliterator's recommendation, how could two high-ranking god-kings have possibly taken you as their disciple?" The Sword Spirit struggled to cope as it spoke. "If I'm not mistaken about the current situation, this must also be a test from William the Obliterator for you."

"I know, the one wearing the mask earlier was Mr. Johnson." Amy could feel the exquisite swordsmanship of the phantom before her.

Compared to the phantom's swordsmanship, the so-called god-slaying sword techniques of her two masters seemed...

Quite weak!

Poseidon, always strong-willed and proud of his own strength, had developed a powerful secret technique in his lifetime that was said to slay gods.

He would never have imagined that his own disciple would find his swordsmanship somewhat lacking...

"If that's the case, we must never reveal the true identity of William the Obliterator." The Sword Spirit of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian now shuddered at the thought of William the Obliterator's own sword.

It's called the Sword of Soulbreaker, right?

That sword is truly unparalleled in this world. Whether it's the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian, Zeus's 'Sword of Thunder', Apollo's 'Sword of the Sun', Athena's 'Sword of Wisdom', Ares's 'Sword of War', or any other divine sword, they all pale in comparison to the Sword of Soulbreaker.

"Why is that?" Amy could feel that the phantom in front of her didn't really intend to kill her,it seemed more like it was teaching her swordsmanship.

"You have no idea what the name William the Obliterator signifies..." The Sword Spirit of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian started to say, then shifted its tone and spoke earnestly, "Since Mr. Johnson wants to train you, you should just learn well. Mr. Johnson is extraordinarily powerful. Even your two masters would have to obediently listen like children in his presence. If you don't behave, wouldn't you be letting down Mr. Johnson's good intentions?"

The Sword Spirit of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian suddenly realized that the defensive magic circle they were trapped in was most likely set up by William the Obliterator. This meant that every move they made and every word they spoke could be relayed back to William the Obliterator.

What was he about to say next?

Was he about to speak of William the Obliterator's brutality?!

Oh my goodness!

Was he tired of living?

The Sword Spirit of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian would never forget the first time it encountered William the Obliterator, and how terrifying his Sword of Soulbreaker was!

With one strike, it shattered the God-Slaying Sword Formation, and with another, it sent him flying. It was because of that strike that the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian itself cracked. If it hadn't been for Poseidon's careful nurturing over the years, it would never have recovered to its peak condition.

The Sword Spirit had no doubt that the Sword of Soulbreaker could slice it in two with a single strike!

Thinking back to how it had dared to strike at the masked man and spoken so arrogantly just moments ago.

And recalling the scenes it had witnessed in the Divine Realm...

Being alive was already quite an achievement!

At this point, if it dared to speak ill of William the Obliterator, it would definitely, definitely, definitely meet a gruesome end.

After saying all this, Amy asked, "Is Mr. Johnson really that powerful? More powerful than my two masters?"

The Sword Spirit of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian replied, "Do I even need to say it? Just believe that even if your two masters joined forces, they would willingly kneel before Mr. Johnson, and neatly at that."

"Wow! So Mr. Johnson is really that amazing!" Amy's soul kept sparring with the phantom in the defensive magic circle. Her aptitude is definitely much higher than Alice's, saying she's ten streets ahead might be an exaggeration.

But being three or four streets ahead is certainly no problem at all.

"Keep going!" The Sword Spirit decided not to intervene anymore and stood aside within the powerful magic circle, playing the role of a slacker.

He was, after all, just a Sword Spirit. He couldn't grasp the secret sword technique demonstrated by the phantom before him on his own,he could only understand such techniques if his master did first.

Therefore, this kind of training was best left solely to Amy.

As long as Amy grew stronger, so would he.

From this perspective, if he joined in with Amy, he would just be getting in the way.

Most importantly, once he knew that the defensive magic circle was set up by William the Obliterator, the Sword Spirit could be sure that its purpose wasn't to take Amy's life, which naturally allowed him to stand aside and play the slacker.

Amy had an exceptional talent for swordsmanship. In just three days of sparring, she had already begun to grasp parts of the secret sword technique, and her soul had become more stable than before.

Standing by, the Sword Spirit remarked, "Mr. Johnson is truly remarkable. In just a short while, he has significantly boosted Amy's strength."

This comment, though sincere, also had a hint of flattery.

Having offended William the Obliterator, if he didn't try to make amends, he genuinely feared being cut down by the Sword of Soulbreaker.

The strongest of people never strike a flatterer. Whatever amount could make William the Obliterator forgive him would suffice!

While Amy was engaged in combat with the phantom, Walker stepped into the defensive magic circle.

Seeing Amy battling a mysterious phantom and the Sword Spirit of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian just standing by watching, Walker couldn't stand it anymore and scolded, "Is this what a Sword Spirit should be doing? Are you just going to stand there and let her fight alone?"

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