Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.760 Friendly human


"It's still functioning?!"

Walker had thought this robot was already scrapped, but unexpectedly, it was still capable of emerging.

Walker didn't know much about what it was like inside a spatial rift, but his master, Moros, was a deity of spatial control, and being cast into a spatial rift was extremely perilous.

It was said that even those with strong physical bodies could lose their way once trapped in a spatial rift, and returning was not an easy task. One might be exiled for tens of thousands of years, dying of old age in the desolate cosmos.

Of course, a robot wouldn't age and die, but it shouldn't have been able to return so quickly either!

"That's the robot from earlier," Walker glanced at William and smiled, "I'll leave it to you."

Walker wanted to see William's true strength, and now was a perfect opportunity!

"Alright!" William looked up at the robot, which was gradually revealing its entire body, and walked towards it.

Amy quickly stepped forward, tugging at William's sleeve, "Mr. Johnson, that robot is really powerful, don't go, let Walker handle it."

Walker almost choked.

What was this?

Just a moment ago, this young lady was risking her life to save him, and he thought she cared about him. But as soon as William showed up, things changed.

Why shouldn't William deal with this dangerous robot?

William patted Amy's head and said, "Don't worry, it's okay."

Amy then let go of his sleeve, completely trusting William.

If William said it was okay, then it definitely was.

Walker crossed his arms and watched the robot ahead. This robot was indeed very powerful, and he didn't believe that William could still hide his true strength when facing this robot.

William walked towards the robot.

The robot suddenly landed on the ground, its mechanical eyes flashing red, and it emitted a synthesized mechanical voice: "Friendly human, not an attack target."

As the voice rang out, Walker nearly tripped and fell.

How did William suddenly become a 'friendly human'?

Damn, was there a major glitch in the robot's programming?

From what angle did it see William as friendly?

Wasn't he friendly?

William stood in front of the robot, beckoned with his finger, and said, "Come here!"

The robot slowly walked up to William, who then punched it in the head, producing a clear metallic clang.

The robot's head didn't even tilt,instead, it responded, "Hello, human!"

William turned back to look at Walker with a helpless expression and said, "This is a bit awkward. The robot greets me, and I hit it. It doesn't seem right to keep hitting it..."

Walker was momentarily lost for words.

The robots here reacted to him and Amy as if they were mortal enemies, yet they greeted William with such friendliness.

"Hello, hello! Welcome to Earth," William extended his hand.

Walker: "..."

The robot slowly extended its hand and shook William's: "Hello."

William nodded and smiled, "Hello."

Walker: "..."

Something about this scene felt off!

Amy tilted her head, her eyes sparkling with curiosity, seemingly eager to shake hands with the robot too.

"Mr. Johnson, can I shake its hand?" Amy asked from behind.

William replied, "It should be fine,it seems friendly. But I guess you'll have to put down your sword."

Amy promptly stuck her sword into the ground and scampered forward, stretching out her small hand, looking up with bright eyes, and greeted, "Hello."

The robot also bent down to shake her hand, "Human younglings are truly adorable."

Walker was on the verge of a breakdown in the background.

Cute my foot!

It wasn't acting like this just a moment ago!

Who was it that slashed Amy earlier?

And now you're calling her cute?

Besides, Amy, being as big as she is, hardly counts as a 'human youngling' anymore!

"You're cute too!" Amy beamed with joy, completely forgetting that this robot had chased her with the intent to slash her just moments earlier.

"Thank you for the compliment!"

The robot's amiable demeanor endeared it to Amy, who quickly called out to Walker, "Walker, put down your knife and come say hello, BB-9 is so cute."


It already has a name.

Star Wars?

It's definitely not as cute as BB-8!

Walker hesitated, wondering if the robot had become friendly due to some malfunction after being caught in the spatial rift.

Or perhaps, this wasn't the same robot as before?

Yes, that might be possible.

It was friendly enough with William, and now with Amy too.

He also put down his knife and walked over.

"Come on, BB-9, shake hands." Walker approached the robot and extended his hand.

The robot's eyes glowed red, its mechanical hand reached to its waist, and it drew a katana, slashing towards Walker's hand.

"Holy shit!" Walker quickly withdrew his hand, thankful he had been cautious, otherwise he would have lost his hand with that strike.

William quickly pulled Amy to the side.

Amy was also bewildered, wondering why the seemingly gentle BB-9 would attack Walker on sight.

Walker leaped back, drawing his sword to engage in combat with the robot.

William, holding onto Amy, simply stood by as spectators.

"That's some impressive swordplay!"

"Go Walker!!"

"Such fast moves!"

"Walker is the best."


Walker, silent and focused, used the sword techniques he had just learned to spar with the robot.

Given that he had just picked up these techniques, and despite his natural talent, Walker found it challenging to keep up with the robot. In just a short time, he had already accumulated a few new cuts.

William and Amy showed no intention of intervening. William even pulled out a piece of mutated beef jerky, handing it to Amy, and the two of them munched away, watching the fight as if it were a leisurely pastime.

Although Walker was getting injured, his sword skills were improving, and he almost forgot that he had initially wanted to use this fight to gauge William's true strength.

After watching for a while, William found it somewhat boring and said to Amy, "Let's leave Walker to play with BB-9 here, and we'll go check out what's in those ruins behind."

Hearing William's words, Walker felt a surge of frustration.


This is what you call playing?

Why don't you come and play?

When Amy heard William, she didn't think much of it and actually waved at Walker, "Keep playing with BB-9, Walker. We're going to check out inside. Come find us later, okay?"

Walker was momentarily stunned, receiving more injuries in his distraction.

Damn these two!

But now, nothing he said would make a difference. The robot seemed fixated on him, striking with ruthless aggression. Walker was already at a disadvantage, and if he didn't focus entirely, he might very well die here today.

Walker had no time to respond as William had already led Amy into the ruins.

As for what was inside the ruins, William had prepared a gift for Amy.

After coming all this way, how could he not bring a gift?

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