Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.757 You are not allowed to hurt Walker!

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.757 You are not allowed to hurt Walker!

Seeing William raise his sword, Walker was terrified.

He had just witnessed William's battle with the robot, where the robot's katana could even break through Amy's Energy Vortex Barrier. Yet, this Grosse Messer had clashed with the katana hundreds of times without a scratch, speaking volumes about its quality.

Such a sword could easily decapitate him with a single strike.


Just as William's Grosse Messer was about to come down on Walker's head, a golden sword shadow flew out, striking William's blade off course. The sword landed just an inch away from Walker's neck, sending dirt flying into his face.

Amy, who had been hiding, couldn't stand by and do nothing,she couldn't just watch Walker be killed.

Underneath his mask, William gave a slight smile, pleased that Amy had decided to stop hiding.


William stepped to the left, and with a mysterious force, he easily revealed Amy, who was standing about 10 feet away from them, looking somewhat panicked.

The Sword of the Abyssal Guardian returned to Amy's hands. Holding the sword with both hands, she pointed it at William and shouted with wide eyes, "You are not allowed to hurt Walker!"

William had never intended to kill Walker. He kicked Walker away and, holding the Grosse Messer, slowly turned to face Amy.

Amy had indeed learned a lot following the two high-ranking god-kings, but her actual combat experience was still too limited. William wanted to see just how well Amy had mastered her swordsmanship.

"God-Slaying Sword Formation!"

The Sword of the Abyssal Guardian in Amy's hands surged with unparalleled energy. With her shout, a blood-red giant sword appeared in the sky.

The Godslayer Sword!

Five years ago, Alice had also learned this technique from the sea god Poseidon.

To wield this sword, one needed not only a high level of strength but also the ability to mobilize all the soul energy within one's body.

Alice only began learning swordsmanship after she turned twenty, and even then, it was under the direct tutelage of William, who possessed her to provide personal instruction, leading to her significant achievements in the art of the sword.

Yet, the power of Amy's strike now was far stronger than Alice's had been five years ago!

The moment William looked up, the sword shadow in the sky was already descending.

Was this a high-level skill being unleashed instantly?

However, it seemed she had forgotten that Walker was nearby. If William hadn't blocked it, the powerful strike would have surely endangered Walker as well.

Raise the sword!

One strike!!

Amy's secret technique, the Godslayer Sword, was instantly broken by a single move!

Yet, this strike was powerful enough to instantly kill a Demi-God level warrior!

Having reached such a level of strength at only ten years old, William was quite satisfied. Poseidon and Zeus indeed seemed better at teaching disciples than he was.

Amy's face flushed red as she held the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian, staring intently at William.

This was her strongest move!

But... but...

It was broken just like that with a casual swing?

Hadn't her masters said that this sword was invincible?

Where was the invincibility?

It was so easily neutralized...


Big liars!

Tears shimmered in Amy's eyes. The grand move she had just released had nearly drained all her strength, but she couldn't rest yet.

She quickly began to use the Skyline Surge technique taught by Zeus, rapidly restoring her soul energy!

If one sword doesn't do the trick, then bring on a few more!

Thunder rumbled in the sky as lightning flashed, and a series of sword shadows fell like rain!

William couldn't help but laugh. Amy's current soul energy storage was only at the level of a high-ranking Soulmancer, not even reaching the Demi-God level.Her ranking as the eleventh strongest human was due to her secret techniques for enhancing strength, which were exceedingly profound.

Being personally taught by two high-ranking god-kings, her ability to overpower peers and even those above her level was as easy as drinking water.

Just being a high-ranking Soulmancer and yet able to wield the powerful secret technique, Godslayer Sword, already marked her as a super genius.

Eight consecutive swords fell from the sky, and even though Amy was running the Skyline Surge taught by Zeus, frantically absorbing energy, she was still struggling to keep up with the consumption.

If she were facing just a Demi-God level warrior or any S-class warrior on Earth, under such an onslaught, her opponent would likely be dead without a place to be buried.

But she was facing William!

Not just her, even if Poseidon and Zeus themselves came, their combined full-force strike would end the same.


Amy's face turned pale, seeing that even such powerful swordsmanship couldn't harm this masked man. In desperation, she chanted a spell, and a drop of blood flew from her forehead, merging into the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian. The sword emitted a dazzling red light, energy converged, and the seal on the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian was broken by her.

"Going all out?" William squinted at Amy, this child was really going all out to protect Walker!

Using her own blood to break the seal on the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian...

No, no, no!

Amy also removed the golden hairpin from her head, and wielded the Tidewarden Bangle in her hand along with a Stormcore Orb and the magical artifact, the Sanctuary Pendant. Tcausing all the artifacts to orbit around her.

Each of these magical artifacts, gifts from her two masters, was a top-tier artifact.

The Tidewarden Bangle contained the essence of the sea god Poseidon, the Stormcore Orb wrapped in blue light emitted a terrifying murderous intent, also one of Zeus's strongest artifacts.

With these top-tier artifacts summoned, even if Amy's own strength was somewhat lacking, she was powerful enough to slay an ordinary Absolute Deity.

So what if her power level is a bit low?

Would adding the divine power of the sea god Poseidon be enough?

What about adding the power of Zeus's strongest artifact?

If Amy were to go to the Divine Realm, just showing these top-

tier artifacts would be enough to make all the powerhouses there treat her with utmost respect.

The strongest artifacts of two high-ranking god-kings are simultaneously in possession of a young girl,does she even need to lift a finger?

Just by revealing these top-tier artifacts, no one should dare harbor any ill intentions towards her.

A sword capable of slaying an Absolute Deity!

William squinted and smiled,Poseidon and Zeus really did favor Amy!

A mere high-ranking Soulmancer, yet carrying so many top-tier artifacts, it was simply outrageous.


William still used just one strike!

A single strike that sent the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian flying back at her!

All the power gathered from the top-tier artifacts, enough to kill an Absolute Deity with one sword strike, was shattered by this one blow!

Amy had already used her last resort, and when she saw the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian flying back to land at her feet, and the figure in front of her becoming blurry, she no longer had the strength to pull the sword from beside her foot.

"Is that all?" William's blade pointed at Walker lying nearby, he spoke indifferently, "If that's all, then he can only die here."

Amy's legs began to tremble, her hand still reaching desperately towards the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian.

"I... I can't..." Amy suddenly lunged forward, her palm sliding towards the blade of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian.

Blood smeared on the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian, and the pain brought everything into focus for Amy.

"Sword Spirit!" Amy refused to fall, she growled, trying to awaken the Sword Spirit within the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian.

The Sword of the Abyssal Guardian, having accompanied the sea god Poseidon for many years, possessed a Sword Spirit whose power far exceeded that of ordinary deities. If she could awaken the Sword Spirit, she felt there was still a chance!

The sea god Poseidon had already gifted the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian to Amy, and she had become its master.

The Sword of the Abyssal Guardian was now linked to Amy's life essence.

Feeling its master's life threatened, the Sword Spirit within the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian finally emerged!

A figure stepped out from the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian and coldly shouted, "Who dares harm my master?"

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