Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.753 Could eating rat meat make someone gain weight?

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.753 Could eating rat meat make someone gain weight?

William has always been very affectionate towards his wife.

Even though Alice was far away in the Divine Realm, she could still feel the deep love William had for her.

After sending a blessing to his distant wife, William contentedly returned to his home in New York City to sleep.

Even though William didn't live there, the presence of Shapeshifters lords guarding East 62nd Street kept the mutated creatures at bay, ensuring the safety of the local residents.

Two Shapeshifter lords even took it upon themselves to provide food for the entire street, effectively becoming guardians of the area.

This part of the city, although technically an old district and considered part of the outer city of New York, was still stable and unchanged from usual.

The next day, the Arcane Village base began a new city building plan.

Firstly, they planned to construct an underground city to provide shelter for more people.

With the outside world overrun by mutated creatures, direct expansion was too difficult, making the creation of an underground city a more feasible option.

Additionally, building schools to educate the next generation was also essential.

In the face of disaster, traditional currency had lost its value, and bartering became more common, though this was mostly limited to superhumans and Soulmancers.

Ordinary people could only rely on relief to survive, having little to offer in exchange.

Class distinctions and inequalities persisted through every era.

Achieving absolute equality was more of an ideal than a reality.

Nearly a hundred thousand people lived in the Arcane Village base, including over ten thousand superhumans and Soulmancers, as well as some non-powered military personnel.

Overall, ordinary people still made up the majority.

While the defense of the base was indeed entrusted to superhumans and Soulmancers, the construction and infrastructure largely depended on ordinary people.

Of course, when Soulmancers and superhumans lent a hand, the efficiency was much higher.

The entire base was bustling with activity all day as the refugees tirelessly worked on building their new homes.

In the past, when technology was not as advanced, people managed to construct a 57-story building in just 19 days. Now, despite the global mutations, human technology has advanced significantly, allowing for the rapid construction of underground cities.

The speed of building schools was even more remarkable,a university was constructed in just 23 hours. Samuel named this institution the School of the Future.

Recruitment for teachers and related staff was also proceeding vigorously...

Nowadays, both superhumans and Soulmancers can absorb energy crystals found inside mutated creatures.

Every D-class mutated creature contains a crystal similar to a soul core, which can also be used to power technology.

As such, these energy crystals from mutated creatures have become a valuable commodity, far more precious than precious metals like gold.

Teacher salaries were paid with these energy crystals from mutated creatures.

Arcane Village base had previously withstood a beast tide, and after that victorious defense, the base had stored a considerable amount of these crystals.

"William, regarding the beast language course, start teaching after you've organized these materials. You can also compile these materials into a course," they suggested.

The recruitment of teachers for the school was equally swift.

Whether they were Soulmancers or superhumans, they all wanted to become stronger. The energy crystals from ordinary mutated creatures were still quite tempting to superhumans below A-level and Soulmancers below intermediate level.

"Okay," William agreed. In two days, he had organized information on over a hundred types of mutated creatures. Now on the third day, he planned to first sort out the data on mutated creatures near Mount Olympus.

Mutated creatures were animals that had undergone mutations, and Mount Olympus already had a significant number of mammals, not to mention birds, insects, and reptiles.

Additionally, some plants had mutated and gained intelligence.

There was indeed a lot of information to record.

Frederick had been following William around these past two days, and he was greatly shocked by the detailed information William had compiled on these hundred-plus mutated creatures.

"Mr. Johnson, do you think we can defeat the mutated creatures?" Frederick now addressed William as Mr. Johnson every time he spoke.

His doubt about William's identity perhaps made him more convinced by William's opinions, as if William's assurance of victory meant it was certain.

"How should I put it?" William said while working on the documents, "A complete victory would definitely be a long-

term battle. It's not something that can be achieved overnight."

William wouldn't intervene, and deities like the deity of witchcraft and Prometheus wouldn't excessively interfere unless absolutely necessary.

Zeus and Poseidon had their hands full in the Divine Realm and naturally didn't have time to attend to Earth's affairs.

The consensus among the gods was clear: unless it involved deities from parallel dimensions descending, they wouldn't interfere too much.

If humanity wanted to progress, they had to endure disasters on their own.

"A prolonged battle!" Frederick exclaimed. "As long as we can win, that's all that matters!"

Earth had endured many wars, various conflicts, but people around the world were never afraid of prolonged battles.

The men of Earth were known for their endurance!

So, this was not a problem at all.

William just smiled. He wasn't afraid of a prolonged battle either. After all, things would eventually settle down.

The current pace of human development was quite terrifying, and the most terrifying aspect was not the superhumans or Soulmancers, but the technology...

Five years ago, they were capable of using space ion cannons to kill beings with the power of a Nature Deity. Now, with sufficient energy, they could surely do even better.

The mundane days passed quickly. William's daily life consisted of compiling data on mutated creatures, cooking meals at home, and sleeping.

Half a month passed, and the construction of the new city was gradually completed. The underground city was finished, capable of accommodating fifty thousand people, which eased the housing crunch at the base.

William had almost finished compiling the data, and he was set to report to the school the next day.

"William, I heard you've finished writing up the data on the mutated creatures?" Walker, the captain of the inspection team, held a high status in the new city. Both superhumans and Soulmancers treated him with great respect. When he learned that William had completed the data on the mutated creatures, he immediately came to see him.

"Yes, I've finished," William replied, lounging at home and playing on his phone, unsure of why Walker had come to visit.

Walker glanced at Amy, who was nearby, and said, "It's about time for Amy to head back to New York..."

"Amy, what have you been eating these days? You seem to have gained weight,you look rounder."

Amy had been staying at William's house for half a month, and her belly had indeed become quite round.

Walker, seeing that the superhumans in the city mostly ate mutated rat meat, assumed Amy had been eating the same.

Could eating rat meat make someone gain weight?

"I'm not going back to New York!" Amy felt truly content here. Mr. Johnson didn't force her to constantly train and enhance her abilities. With delicious food every day, she was living blissfully.

William suggested, "I remember there's a 'Doors of Terror' around here. Let's take Amy there for some fun."

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