Immortal of the Ages - C.383: White Haired Woman!

Immortal of the Ages

C.383: White Haired Woman!

In the crowd, the bald middle-aged man stood dumbfounded, watching Yun Xiao and Lian Xi holding hands as they walked away.

"Lian Xi let him hold her hand?" the bald man murmured with a deep gaze. "Does that mean she isn't a child of disaster?"

He glanced around and noticed the youngsters were more fixated on the hand-holding than the bearer of calamity matter.

"Soon enough, someone's going to catch onto this. And just like that, the rumors of Lian Xi being a bearer of calamity will fall apart," he mused with a slight sense of wonder. "This kid, without even realizing it, lent Lian Xi a hand and solved her pressing problem."

This was the outcome of a public display of hand-holding.

"Well, now all we can hope is that Lian Xi can handle that Nian."

Thinking this, the bald man looked back in the direction where the Primordial Son had left, chuckling to himself, "That kid just met with his first big setback in life, how amusing!"

He had a hunch that the Primordial Academy was about to get lively.

With urgency in the air, Yun Xiao didn't go far. He led Lian Xi by her jade hand into a secluded corner.

Back against the wall, Lian Xi's cheeks were flushed, her eyelashes quivered, and her eyes sparkled enchantingly. freew ebnove

Looking up at Yun Xiao, her eyes gleamed with joy, "You said in my dream you'd come for me. I thought you were lying, but here you are! It's all so mystical, meeting someone from a dream first..."

From this brief interaction, Yun Xiao could tell from her actions, expressions, and the way she spoke that, although she resembled Chen Xi, their temperaments were different.

Her friendliness wasn't because of Chen Xi's past life, but because of the dreams they shared. She couldn't possibly have Chen Xi's memories yet! This realization threw Yun Xiao into a bit of confusion.

"What's wrong? Aren't you happy to see me? Don't tell me you're not?" Lian Xi blinked and pouted.

"I am happy," Yun Xiao shook his head.

"There you go!" She reached out her hand, grabbing Yun Xiao's arms excitedly, "Let's go to the Divine Dawn Pavilion, shall we? That's where I live... I have so much to tell you."

"Divine Dawn Pavilion..." Yun Xiao's heart trembled at the mention of a familiar name, recalling the first encounter with Chen Xi at the Divine Dawn Pavilion in the Sea of Swords.

"No!" His gaze hardened as he stared at Lian Xi, "I've come to you on urgent business!"

"Oh please speak!" Lian Xi's smile faded as she became serious.

Yun Xiao briefly explained the imminent danger of the Nian breaking free and wreaking havoc. Such catastrophic news would instinctively provoke a strong reaction in her, and upon hearing it, a cold mist of determination rose on her delicate face.

Lian Xi was brimming with a force that could level mountains and seas, but it wasn't aimed at Yun Xiao.

"Why'd you come back to me after heading to the Sky Source Ruins with Sister Weiwei?" she asked, puzzled.

"I've got bad news, brace yourself," Yun Xiao whispered, noting the close bond she shared with Zhang Qingwei.

"What is it?" Lian Xi's grip tightened, her fingers trembling with apprehension.

"Zhang Qingwei is gone," Yun Xiao delivered the blow, then recounted the events, including the calamity that befell their world.

"Sister Weiwei..." At that moment, Lian Xi's eyes reddened with grief, and her small frame shook like a tempest, making Yun Xiao feel as if he was in the presence of a fearsome beast.

"Take heart," he said, seeing the tears well up in her eyes, his own heart heavy with sympathy.

"I'll avenge her!" Lian Xi vowed, her voice heavy with hatred.

"Then we must act swiftly, muster all the forces at your command to stop Yuan Xianjun from burning the Nine Hells," Yun Xiao urged with gravity.

"My master alone is enough!" Lian Xi declared, her demeanor turning cold and resolute, reminiscent of the Divine Dawn Empress of yore. She glanced at Yun Xiao, then suddenly, with surprising gentleness, wrapped an arm around his waist.

"Hold tight," she advised.

"What?" Before Yun Xiao could react, he was swept off his feet, cradled in Lian Xi's arms as they sped through the air. The wind howled, blurring the passing scenery into streaks of light.

"Damn, that's fast," Yun Xiao marveled, never imagining he'd be whisked away by a delicate girl in such a breathtaking flight.

All along their path, onlookers were left in disarray, their hair tousled by the gusts stirred in their wake.

Yun Xiao caught some grumbles about living off a woman as they zipped through the air. Barely processing the verbal jabs, he was gently set down by Lian Xi's swift hands.

"We're here, follow me," Lian Xi, ever the impulsive one, barely touched the ground before whisking Yun Xiao into an elegant yet simple mansion, bursting with lush greenery and a mystical aura. The place, adorned with symbols on its pillars and tiles, clearly held a lofty status within the Primordial Academy.

"Master, Lian Xi requests an audience," she announced, bringing Yun Xiao into a courtyard.

"Come in," a voice floated from within, ethereal and commanding, as if descending from the clouds, both mesmerizing and awe-inspiring.

With a creak of the door, they entered. The courtyard was shrouded in mist, at its heart a pool with a milky, lava-like liquid, bubbling and steaming, adding an air of mystery and allure.

In that pool lay a woman, a sight to be respectfully averted!

Yun Xiao quickly turned away, but not before being struck by her stunning presence. Despite her age, her vitality seemed to surpass that of the younger ones, her form both graceful and radiant. Unlike the typical beauty that might seem delicate, this woman exuded an aura of nobility and purity, reminiscent of the moon in its solitary splendor, distant and untouchable by mere mortals.

Yun Xiao couldn't shake off the image of the woman with waist-length white hair that seemed more radiant than any blooming white flower in the pond, not a sign of aging but a cascade of shimmering waterfalls.

Before he could gather his wits, the towering figure of the woman, no longer just a vision in the pool, stood before him, draped in a moon-white robe that spoke of dignity rather than intimacy.

"Who's this?" the woman inquired with a flick of her long hair, her red lips parting in question to Lian Xi.

"He's a cultivator from the Nine Hells," Lian Xi blurted out, her eyes tinged with urgency. "Master, Sister Weiwei has been wronged, and the Nine Hells beckon for your aid!"

"Let's talk on the way," the white-haired lady decided, conjuring a lotus platform from the pool, its petals etched with patterns and resonating with the might of a mountain, clearly a treasure of high esteem. (f)reenovelkiss

In a blink, she was seated on the lotus, her presence commanding yet serene.

"Big Brother," Lian Xi beckoned Yun Xiao to the lotus, finding a corner for them amidst the unfolding urgency.

"Directly to the Nine Hells?" Yun Xiao cast a glance at the woman, her decisive action leaving a lasting impression.

Who was she, this figure of authority that whisked them away on a lotus platform, soaring through the heavens with such speed that the world below blurred into streaks of light, all while ensconced in an invisible barrier that kept them untouched by the roaring winds?

Despite the dire circumstances, Yun Xiao and Lian Xi remained hand in hand, their young hearts perhaps reluctant to part in the face of looming challenges...

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