Immortal of the Ages - C.382: A Dashing Youth Makes Off With the Maiden!

Immortal of the Ages

C.382: A Dashing Youth Makes Off With the Maiden!

"This incarnation of transcending calamity specializes in martial cultivation, right?" Yun Xiao quizzed Blue Star.

"Spot on," Blue Star replied, eyes wide with admiration. "With her Seed of Creation talents serving as a solid foundation, she's carved out a niche in the Primordial Martial Art, spinning the Primordial Void Technique into something fierce. A fiery lass, that one, a real catch! Time for you to go reel her in again!"

"Beat it." Yun Xiao stuffed him back in his embrace.

"She's on the brink of success." With that thought, Yun Xiao could only wait with bated breath.

"The eighth level tests her mettle in combat, and she's about to smash the Primordial Ruins' historical records." The bald middle-aged man couldn't hide his awe.

"A record-breaker?" Yun Xiao watched her intently.

"Yes! A new legend in the making! Only 14 years old and she's breezing through the eighth level! The previous record-holder was 18," the man said, his excitement palpable.

"Fourteen..." That meant she was even younger than Chen Xi, who was only 15!

"From the ninth level of the Primordial Pagoda onward, it's all about comprehending the Heavenly Dao. Here's hoping she keeps shattering records," the bald man murmured.

The fervor in his eyesand indeed, in the eyes of tens of thousands of young disciples aroundspoke volumes of the weight this 'new record' carried!

BOOM! Soon enough, amidst a thunderous uproar, the girl in white cut down all celestial puppets of the eighth level, triumphing with flying colors.

"Lian Xi!" Many whispered her name in reverence.

A new record, sending shockwaves through the masses.

To the tens of thousands of disciples from the Primordial Academy, the way they looked at the girl in white was akin to gazing upon a deity!

A testament to her impeccable character.

The crowd went wild!

Some even rushed to spread the news of this groundbreaking achievement, heralding it as a beacon of progress.

"She's coming down, let's go."

The balding middle-aged man's words to Yun Xiao were heavy with anticipation as they made their way to the grand entrance of the Primordial Pagoda.

Yun Xiao swiftly joined him at the doorway.

Out there, under the vast sky, a crowd of tens of thousands was buzzing with anticipation, their eyes glued to the emergence of their revered maiden.

"Here she comes!" someone shouted as a ripple of excitement swept through the crowd.

From within a kaleidoscope of shimmering light, a girl as pristine as freshly fallen snow stepped forth. She had stowed away her mighty hammer and axe, and from a distance, she seemed just like any other girl, albeit with an air of unmistakable grace.

Yun Xiao was about to step forward to greet her, but a bevy of eager young folks beat him to it. Leading the charge was none other than the Primordial Son and Liu Yingying, among others.

"Lian Xi, congratulations are in order!" Liu Yingying beamed, making her way to the girl in white.

"Big sister," the girl's eyes sparkled as she greeted her softly.

Then her gaze drifted to a young man in black standing by Liu Yingying. "Congratulations, Lian Xi. Shattering the academy's records is no small feat," he said, bowing slightly with a smile that was all manners and grace.

"This is the Primordial Son, Huyan Luo," Liu Yingying hurriedly introduced.

The girl's serene face suddenly took on a chill, her expression frosting over.

The young man in black extended an invitation. "Tonight marks my humble birthday celebration. It would be an honor if you could grace us with your presence."

The girl in white didn't reach out for the invitation.

"Lian Xi!" Liu Yingying, aware of the thousands of eyes on them, quickly added, "Don't worry, I'll accompany you. The Primordial Son is a good man, and it'll be a fine occasion to celebrate your remarkable achievement today..."

Before the girl could respond, Liu Yingying whispered, "And most importantly, a supreme Immortal will be there to share his wisdom on the sword. It's an event many dream of attending..."

"A supreme Immortal?" The tension in the girl's delicate features eased ever so slightly.

"With great reverence for our ancestor," the young man in black said, still holding out the dark invitation with a hopeful smile.

Tales and whispers ran wild through the crowd of young onlookers, their minds racing with possibilities.

"Will Lian Xi accept the invitation?"

Just as the girl in white seemed about to respond, a towering figure with a shaven head burst through the crowd, his voice booming, "Lian Xi, someone's looking for you."

The crowd was taken aback, and the girl's hand paused mid-air.

"Uncle RivNo Yun Dahe." The Primordial Son frowned, casting a frosty glance at the bald middle-aged man.

Even an elder ought to know better than to cause a stir at such a moment...

"Back off! Our Lian Xi isn't just anyone's to meet!" Liu Yingying was so flustered her ears turned red.

Who could possibly need Lian Xi now, with a banquet invitation at stake?

Suddenly, many eyes shifted towards a young man in white standing next to the bald figure Was he the one seeking Lian Xi?

"Who's this? Looks too good to be true."

Indeed, too good to be true was a fitting description for Yun Xiao. But in the realm of the Immortals, looks didnt count for much! Especially for men. All show and no substance meant nothing here! So, it was a general consensus that interrupting a promising match with an irrelevant intrusion was a big no-no!

But Yun Xiao couldn't care less about these conventions! The moment he laid eyes on her, he was gobsmacked. Wasn't that Chen Xi? From her hair to her toes, she was the spitting image.

Yun Xiao had even counted! Their hair, exactly 108,172 strands each. Not one more, not one less! And not a hair out of place! Truth be told, he could've remained unfazed no matter what Lian Xi looked like.

But if she and that girl he'd been so entangled with shared even the length of their hair strands, he couldn't stay calm. They were one and the same! So, though he didn't speak, his intense gaze bore into Lian Xi with such fervor, she couldn't possibly ignore the invasive eyes on her!

It wasn't the bald man's interjection that halted her, but that piercing look.

Initially annoyed, she thought, "How rude can someone be?"

Then, turning her head, she looked out towards the crowd...

Beneath the colorful glow of the Primordial Pagoda, stood a figure in white, as graceful as a willow in the breeze, his eyes faintly red as he gazed upon her with a look that was as complex as it was profound.

"Uh..." Lian Xi felt as if struck by lightning, stepping back in shock, her eyes locked on Yun Xiao. It was like being suffocated. Time seemed to freeze. Visions from her dreams, now spilling into reality, flickered in her eyes. Her beautiful eyes trembled. As she caught her breath, her breathing grew heavy.

"Come here," Yun Xiao suddenly spoke.

"Who are you, anyway? Back off," Liu Yingying couldn't help but chuckle. Did he think just because he was easy on the eyes, all the ladies would fawn over him?

In the world of immortal cultivation, such a notion was laughable.

The Primordial Son beside her frowned, his patience wearing thin. After all, his invitation had been hanging in the air... quite awkwardly. Even the tens of thousands watching shook their heads. Come here? To address Lian Xi in such a manner, how impolite!

"Uncle River, please get rid of this jester..." Someone murmured, shaking their head.

But in that moment, a flash of light, and a white figure appeared before Yun Xiao. She looked up at him, her gaze innocent and fixed on his eyes.

"Lian Xi?" Liu Yingying was stunned.

"What's going on here?" (f)reenovelkiss

The disciples of the Primordial Academy were bewildered.

How could these two be locked in such an intense gaze...

"Who is this?" The Primordial Son's hand, holding the invitation, clenched tightly, veins bulging.

"I don't know him. Lian Xi has no relatives!" Liu Yingying could see the Primordial Son's anger brewing and, fearful yet annoyed, cast a blaming glance at Lian Xi. Why would she ignore the invitation and chat with someone else?

The Primordial Son, with his lofty status, had extended a personal invitation. Leaving him hanging like that was an affront.

"Lian Xi, forget about this nobody..." Liu Yingying hurried over. But with a flick of her wrist, Lian Xi sent her tumbling back with a gust of wind.

"Has she lost her mind?" Liu Yingying was dumbstruck.

She even saw Lian Xi suddenly grab Yun Xiao's collar, asking tentatively, "B-big Brother Yun Xiao?" Her cheeks flushed as she uttered the word, a term from their dream-bound pact.

"Little Xi..." Yun Xiao, unsure of her awareness, seized the moment. "I need your help with something urgent. Can we talk in private?"

"Okay," Lian Xi nodded, the picture of obedience.

As they walked away, leaving behind a sea of stunned onlookers, whispers spread like wildfire.

"He just... held Lian Xi's hand..."

Jealousy and confusion rippled through the crowd.

"Wasn't Lian Xi known for not letting anyone touch her? Why didn't she lash out?"

The mass confusion was palpable.

"Primordial Son!" Liu Yingying's face was a storm cloud. "Don't be mad. I'll find her and see what's going on..."

"No need." With those words, the Primordial Son turned and left.

"This is bad..." Liu Yingying's mind raced with thoughts of Yun Xiao, her anger flaring anew.

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