Immortal of the Ages - C.376: A Divine Vessel Sailing Through the Heavens, Myriad Worlds Supporting the Primordial Ruins!

Immortal of the Ages

C.376: A Divine Vessel Sailing Through the Heavens, Myriad Worlds Supporting the Primordial Ruins!

"Already here?" Yun Xiao muttered in surprise.

Moon Fairy had barely clung onto his life, and he was already at his destination. Yun Xiao originally wanted to take a crack at the Heaven Sanctuary Realm.

But time waited for none! He got up, and without even stepping out, the view outside the hatch was a riot of colors, a feast for the eyes.

"Nice place!" A few steps forward, stepping out the door onto the deck, he looked up to be greeted by a storm of Immortal energy, engulfing Yun Xiao as if he were adrift in a sea of divine essence.

For a mortal who clawed his way up from the Thousand Mortal Nations, the first glimpse of the Primordial Ruins was a soul-shaking spectacle!

Ahead, endless celestial clouds stretched like a vast ocean, with a divine vessel as large as a continent, floating above this sea of clouds. Only from a distance could Yun Xiao grasp its majesty.

This was not just a divine vessel; it was a vast world unto itself!

As a world, it was shrouded in endless mist, a celestial palace, blooming like a sea of flowers under a kaleidoscope of lights.

As a divine vessel, its shape was unmistakably that of a ship, with boundless sides flanked by 80,000 radiant wings on each side, a total of 160,000 stirring the clouds, sprinkling a spectacle of radiant specks.

Atop its bow, a colossal golden orb hung like the sun, illuminating the entirety of the Primordial Ruins.

And at its stern was a slightly smaller silver crescent moon, casting its glow over this corner of the divine vessel.

The gold and silver light merged with the vast celestial energy of the ruins, lending the land a lustrous aura.

With just a light breath, Yun Xiao felt the essence of Yin and Yang funneling into his being!

Without a shadow of a doubt, the cosmic might of the Primordial Ruins towered over that of the Nine Hells, a cornerstone reason why the folks here were leagues above in the celestial pecking order, and the cultivators a whole lot mightier.

How else could one gallivant across myriad worlds, playing guardian to the universal order, without standing atop the universe itself?

A titanic divine vessel, radiant wings, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the celestial mists of gold and silver...

The whole scene was like something straight out of a dream, ethereal and mesmerizing.

To a mortal like Yun Xiao, such spectacles were the stuff of dreams, the kind you'd pinch yourself to make sure you weren't asleep.

Even in his wildest dreams, he couldn't fathom the existence of such a wondrous place in this endless cosmosa whole moving world!

Gazing at this divine vessel, his eyes reflected the myriad of colors, a testament to the awe it inspired.

Starting from the bottom, it was natural he'd yearn for a slice of this dreamland.

"To sail the void in this vessel, with the Primordial Ruins at our back... Wouldn't it be grand if Senior Sister Zhao could join me, to roam freely, carefree?" Yun Xiao mused, only to chuckle and shake his head at the thought.

He knew such a tranquil and blissful dream was out of reach. Not just because Zhao Xuanran preferred her peace, but because his destiny was never about basking in joy but carving a path through vengeance and strife!

The grudge of the Creator Immortal! Such hatred seeped into every fiber of his being. And so, his gaze upon the Primordial Ruins swiftly shifted from infatuation to a fiery resolve, a burning desire to conquer and claim this land!

Yet, deep down, what weighed most on his heart was the calamity befalling the Nine Hells and the secrets of the Immortal Asylum.

He was here on a mission of salvation!

"Does the Primordial Ruins appeal to you?" A voice suddenly emerged from behind.

Without looking back, Yun Xiao knew it was Yuan Wu, the young man with golden eyes.

"Beautiful." Yun Xiao nodded.

"Everything has its hierarchy, predestined by fate! With your innate limitations, there's only one path before you if you wish to claim this wonder for yourself," Yuan Wu said evenly.

"Which is?" Yun Xiao inquired.

Pointing to his temple and curving his lips slightly, Yuan Wu responded, "The path of wisdom."

"Wisdom?" Yun Xiao knew the implied meaning. If he did the wise thing and kept his mouth shut, he might earn a stay in the Primordial Ruins. Cross Yuan Wu, and that opportunity would vanish like a puff of smoke.

For a young and brilliant cultivator like Yun Xiao, the pursuit of a higher realm, a loftier world to elevate one's limits, was an all-consuming drive. So, it seemed Yuan Wu had him pegged, thinking he had him all figured out.

"You have no idea what you've been pulled into. So, I hope in both our interests, that you use that head of yours and make the wise choice." Yuan Wu chuckled. "The Primordial Ruins is nothing like you imagined."

Before Yun Xiao could reply, Zhang Qingwei pulled him aside, her voice stern, "Don't pay any attention to him. Once we arrive at the Sky Source Ruins, just stick to the facts."

"Can I afford to offend him?" Yun Xiao asked, looking into her eyes.

"Not now, but once Lian Xi shows up, no one will dare lay a finger on you," Zhang Qingwei said with a reassuring smile. free(w)ebnovel

"Why's that?" Yun Xiao prodded.

"Because Lian Xi is untouchable," her eyes shimmered as she spoke of this girl, a hint of admiration in her gaze.

"And who might she be?" Yun Xiao whispered.

"The miracle of the Primordial Ruins," Zhang Qingwei declared, then, steering the colorful divine vessel towards the Primordial Ruins, she moved past Yun Xiao.

Compared to the grandeur of the Primordial Ruins, their vessel seemed no more significant than a leaf drifting towards a vast continent. The closer they got, the more the disparity grew.

Eventually, Yun Xiao could no longer see the divine vessel. Before him lay an endless sky continent, shrouded in golden and silver mists. A majestic, sprawling celestial palace unfolded before his eyes, bathed in radiant light, glazed tiles shimmering, runes glowing, swords casting long shadows... A flourishing epoch belonging solely to the human race.

When the colorful divine vessel was flying over this place, Yun Xiao could see crowds of people moving about.

This bustling slice of heaven was no place for solitary meditationthat was clear as day!

A mere glance was enough to draw a conclusion

The cultivators of the Primordial Ruins were living the dream!

Here, everyone was a dragon among men. Kids in the streets possessed the ability to soar and tunnel through the earth. They toyed with sigils, played with swords, and even practiced martial arts. Despite the diversity in their practices, they all mingled together in high spirits.

Those who ascended from the myriad worlds to the Primordial Ruins, earning the right to cultivate here, were naturally the cream of the crop, descendants of the finest cultivators, reigning supreme over all worlds.

It was, in essence, a gathering of the elites from the myriad worlds!

The ubiquitous laughter and joyous chatter were testaments to a golden age.

Of course, this was just the surface of things.

The true essence of this world was still beyond Yun Xiao's grasp.

As the colorful divine vessel sped on, Yun Xiao could only catch fleeting glimpses of wonders he had never seen before, stirring a slight sense of awe within him.

"The stairway to heaven, one step leading to the next, many embark on the path of cultivation thinking they've reached the end, yet who truly knows where the end of this Heavenly Dao lies?"

At the very least, there was a certain confidence in the eyes of the people within the Primordial Ruins; a belief that they were the pinnacle of existence.

Such conviction was the culmination of countless generations!

"Congratulations, for you have ascended a rung on the celestial ladder, bringing honor to your ancestors," Yuan Wu, with his peculiar tone, added from behind, "If I were you, I'd treasure this moment immensely." novelbuddy.(c)om

His words somewhat marred Yun Xiao's enjoyment of the scenery.

While the Nine Hells were engulfed in turmoil, the Primordial Ruins basked in peace and joy... The joys and sorrows of the world often ran on parallel tracks, never intersecting.

With his body double risking it all, Yun Xiao had bought some precious time! Otherwise, with how things were speeding along, the Nian would've already busted loose, wreaking havoc across the Nine Hells.

"We're nearing the Sky Source Ruins. When we arrive, follow my lead. The fate of all beings in the Nine Hells hinges on you," Zhang Qingwei said, before bringing the colorful divine vessel in for a landing.

BOOM! The vessel touched down.

Before them stood a majestic golden gate, a hundred feet tall, emblazoned with the words Sky Source Ruins!

"Hinges on me?" Yun Xiao furrowed his brows ever so slightly.

Zhang Qingwei's words made it clear; everything that happened from now on would depend on him!

"Let's go!" Yuan Wu had already stepped into the Sky Source Ruins, with Zhang Qingwei pulling Yun Xiao along to follow suit.

They ascended a staircase of several hundred steps and entered the Sky Source Ruins, greeted by countless solemn golden halls and numerous guards in white armor, Primordial Guards.

"Miss Wei!" Many recognized Zhang Qingwei and greeted her respectfully.

"Who's on duty today?" she inquired of one of the guards.

"Yuan Xianjun," the guard replied.

Zhang Qingwei's expression shifted subtly, she bit her lip and murmured, "Guess we can't count on dealing with Yuan Wu today."

"So?" Yun Xiao could tell that Yuan Xianjun must have some connection to Yuan Wu.

"No worries, not being able to discipline him won't affect reporting on the Immortal Asylum matters or the rescue mission," Zhang Qingwei said, striding ahead.

She followed Yuan Wu in silence, navigating through a series of solemn golden corridors, until a grand golden hall emerged ahead!

Along the way, Yun Xiao spotted at least 1,000 Primordial Guards, each exuding formidable strength.

"Wait here for me," Zhang Qingwei instructed Yun Xiao at the entrance of the golden hall.

"Sure thing." Yun Xiao nodded and peered into the hall. It was spacious, with a few overwhelmingly terrifying presences dominating the space, making even the air at the doorway feel oppressively heavy.

After Zhang Qingwei and Yuan Wu entered, a faint buzz of debate could be heard, though the specifics were muffled.

About 15 minutes later, Zhang Qingwei emerged with a grim expression and said to Yun Xiao, "Come in with me."

Without a word, Yun Xiao stepped forward.

"Just stick to the facts, whatever happened, just say it. With Lian Xi there, there's nothing to worry about," Zhang Qingwei assured him with a piercing gaze.

"Got it," Yun Xiao nodded.

"Don't look up once we're inside," she cautioned.

"Why's that?" Yun Xiao blinked in surprise.

"With the presence of a titan on the Immortal path, it would be improper to meet their gaze," Zhang Qingwei chided.

"Oh..." Yun Xiao pursed his lips, a mix of awe and a hint of reluctance for the formality. Still, they were here to seek help today.

He bowed his head, following Zhang Qingwei's lead into the golden hall. Instantly, several intense gazes bore down on him like molten iron, feeling as if he was in a furnace!

A dry, authoritative voice rang out.

"I'll ask, and you respond. Nod for yes, shake for no. Your life, whether you keep your head or not, hinges on each nod or shake. Understand?"

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