I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor - C.216: Momentum (3)


The giant Park Cheol-gyu was in an ‘OTL’ pose. And Kang Woojin, looking down at him with a cold face. The dozens of spectators remained silent with their mouths shut. The action school fell into a brief moment of silence. However, there was no wavering on Kang Woojin’s cynical face.

He was just calm and cool. There was no sign of panic.

At this moment, the martial arts director of ‘Beneficial Evil’ with a stiff face was certain as he looked at Kang Woojin.

‘Indeed- It’s not a mistake. It’s a situation he created on purpose.’

Wrong. It was a clear mistake. As evidence, Woojin, whose mind had momentarily stiffened, was blaming himself. Looking at the revealed silhouette of Park Cheol-gyu’s buttocks.

‘It’s driving me crazy. What is this······Ahhh, should I pull up his pants first?’

On the contrary, the martial arts director was confidently walking into a misunderstanding disguised as certainty. Since he had no idea what was on Woojin’s mind.

Overall, it was a natural flow.

Although it was a very absurd scene, but Kang Woojin’s martial arts had been too precise and smooth and flowed like water to get to this point, despite Park Cheol-gyu’s misaligned movement. However, the finish of the pose was exactly like the storyboard.

Except for Park Cheol-gyu’s pulled down pants.

Consequently, the beginning and end of the previous action scene were the same as the storyboard. Only the process was altered by Kang Woojin. Then, there was only one answer.

‘Did Woojin-ssi created this?’

He took advantage of the misaligned movements in reverse.

‘Even pulling down the opponent’s pants to block their movement, it turned out to be a direction more fitting for ‘Jang Yeon-woo’ from ‘Beneficial Evil’ than the original martial arts storyboard.’

The scene became professional yet slightly lighter, reducing the tension, and even created an effect where the real villain, the protagonist of ‘Beneficial Evil’, appeared several times more distinct.

The problem was.

‘How on earth did he do that in such a short moment…’

It was Kang Woojin’s ability to digest and perform martial arts. No, it should be called martial arts planning. Although it was a brief moment, the technique itself was flawless. But was his view on martial arts also broad? Otherwise, such creative movement couldn’t have been conceived in that instant.

Pulling down the pants to block movements.

The martial arts director was purely amazed as he watched Woojin.

‘What, what the hell is he really? Really… a genius among geniuses or something?’

To correct, it was amazement born of misunderstanding.

How could an actor refine martial arts more astonishingly than a trained staff? Then the martial arts director flinched. It was surprising, but he wondered why Kang Woojin, who had demonstrated martial arts for the first time today, had acted like that.

At this point, the martial arts director suddenly recalled Park Cheol-gyu’s mistakes.

The first was not falling according to the set movement, and the second was a small but definite misalignment. If it wasn’t for Kang Woojin just now, it would have been hard to notice.

“Could it be- No way, that crazy bastard Park Cheol-gyu.”

In a moment, the martial arts director seemed to realize something as he looked towards the martial arts team in the back, and seeing several ugly faces, he became more certain of his feeling.

‘What kind of place is this to play such tricks!!!’

He quickly ran to where the martial arts team members were gathered. Meanwhile, drama industry magnate PD Song Man-woo maintained the interest and sparkle in his eyes.

He was only reviewing the martial arts movements shown by Kang Woojin.

‘’He killed it, absolutely killed it. He’s just ‘Jang Yeon-woo’ himself. Did Woojin-ssi choreograph it himself? I don’t know the whole situation, but anyway, he killed it. Hehe, the Kang Totem really surprises people every time.’

He, too, was swimming in misunderstandings, regardless of being a big shot or not. No, PD Song Man-woo was the original host of misunderstandings.

Then, the giant Park Cheol-gyu in an ‘OTL’ pose twitched.

He was just spacing out, regardless of his current ridiculous posture. His mind was in a daze.

‘Why am I like this? How did this happen?’

In fact, Park Cheol-gyu had intended to stop after the first time. It had worked well enough. That was the line he shouldn’t have crossed. However, a bit of curiosity led to a disaster. He had slightly twisted his waist to see how Kang Woojin would react, but before he knew it, his pants had been stripped off, and he had fallen into an ‘OTL’ position.

The waist-twisting was a very minor movement. Of course, it was intentional.

‘He, he noticed it in that short moment?’

From then on, Park Cheol-gyu engaged in the martial arts sincerely. But what was the result? His huge body had collapsed helplessly. Moreover, the final pose was exactly like the storyboard.

In other words, Kang Woojin had used Park Cheol-gyu.

This was Park Cheol-gyu’s conclusion.

‘No······I thought it was his first time doing action??’

Park Cheol-gyu had nearly a decade of experience. He was somewhat well-known and had a solid foundation as the first choice of the martial arts director. Well, currently, he seemed to be the epitome of the downfall of an arrogant person.

At that moment.


Woojin slowly extended his hand to the fallen Park Cheol-gyu. A low voice followed.

“It wasn’t on purpose.”

Initially, he maintained his facade but internally, he desperately wanted to pull up Park Cheol-gyu’s pants.

‘Ha- I’m really sorry. The pants, the pants. First, I should pull them up first.’

Fortunately, Park Cheol-gyu…


Quietly got up and hurriedly started to put on his pants. Soon, it was the moment Kang Woojin was about to apologize.

“Hey!! Park Cheol-gyu!!”

The martial arts director, mingled with the martial arts team in the back, called out to the giant Park Cheol-gyu.

“Come here!!”

He was quite agitated. No, he was furious. Kang Woojin was puzzled, but the situation quickly escalated behind him. The called Park Cheol-gyu was being questioned by the enraged martial arts director, and PD Song Man-woo, whose interest had been piqued, joined the discussion.

Left alone, Woojin had no idea what was going on.

‘What’s happening? What’s this?’

So, he decided to just stay still. However, the situation did not calm down. Soon, Choi Sung-gun the group. Strangely, PD Song Man-woo, the martial arts director, Park Cheol-gyu, and the rest of the martial arts team, bowed their heads deeply to Choi Sung-gun, who narrowed his eyebrows.

Kang Woojin fell into slight confusion.

‘Wait, shouldn’t I be the one apologizing?’

Then, the dozens of staff gathered at the action school started to stir, and Woojin internally tilted his head in confusion. Soon, PD Song Man-woo, the martial arts director, and Choi Sung-gun approached him. The first to speak was the PD Song Man-woo, who apologized respectfully.

“I’m sorry, Woojin-ssi.”

Next was the martial arts director.

“I apologize. It was my fault for not managing properly.”

Huh? Why are they acting like this all of a sudden? Woojin couldn’t understand the reason. I was the one who stripped the pants, so why am I receiving an apology? Things were strangely unfolding. At times like this, silence is indeed the answer.


At this point, Choi Sung-gun let out a sigh and whispered to Woojin.

“Shouldn’t you have taught him a harder lesson?”

Woojin was about to ask ‘Who?’, when Choi Sung-gun explained everything from start to finish. Roughly about 5 minutes. A prank? They pranked me? Which part exactly? Turns out Park Cheol-gyu had pretended to make mistakes intentionally.

Then, the martial arts director bowed to Woojin again.

“I apologize, Woojin-ssi. I’ll replace Park Cheol-gyu and the others, including the entire team if you want. I can even bring in a team from outside. It’s largely my responsibility.”

PD Song Man-woo let out a long sigh and continued seriously.

“If it weren’t for you, Woojin-ssi, no one would have noticed the second cut.”

Choi Sung-gun chimed in.

“Woojin, you knew, didn’t you? Since when? From the beginning?”


The scent of ripe misunderstanding wafted in the air. This familiar fragrance. Woojin lowered his voice.

“Yes, roughly.”

Soon, after apologizing several times, the martial arts director dashed back to the martial arts team members, and the remaining PD Song Man-woo, recalling Park Cheol-gyu’s OTL pose, whispered to the composed Woojin.

“How did you think of that in such a brief moment? I would have just gotten angry.”

“I thought that’s what ‘Jang Yeon-woo’ would have done.”


A faint smile spread across the bearded PD Song Man-woo’s lips.

“How about we incorporate that pants-stripping martial arts movement into ‘Beneficial Evil’?”

At this moment, in Japan.

The Japanese media were in full swing with talking about a particular movie.

『[Official] 「The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger」 Begins』

It was the movie ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’. Just when it seemed to quiet down, it became noisy again.

The reason was simple.

『Director Kyotaro Tanoguchi’s 「The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger」, Crank-in Confirmed for the 21st』

Just a few days ago, the team of ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’ had announced their official position regarding the crank-in. But that wasn’t all. They had released information about the first filming location and other details.

『Finally, the First Filming Location of 「The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger」 is Ine Funaya Village』

As it was originally a hot movie topic, articles about ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’ quickly dominated the headlines. And along with it, Kang Woojin’s name surged as well. Already hot as the advertising model for Japan’s major corporation ‘Kashiwa Group’, his name came up even more due to the renewed buzz around ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’.

『Kashiwa Group’s Advertising Model ‘Kang Woojin’, What Will His Performance in 「The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger」 Be Like?』

『Kang Woojin Becomes a Hot Topic Again with 「The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger」, ‘Hanryang’ and ‘Male Friend’ Still in Netflix’s Rankings』

The public opinion in Japan was divided into two extremes. Including praise from Kang Woojin’s Japanese fan club.

– Finally, the long-awaited ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’ is cranking up! I’m rooting Kang Woojin~nim!

– Don’t feel intimidated just because you’re the only Korean actor!!

– I’m curious…. really curious what role Kang Woojin will play in ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’… I want to see….

– I never thought I’d fall for a Korean actor! I love you Kang Woojin!!

– Wow! Ine Funaya Village is close to my house!! If I go see, will I be able to spot Kang Woojin?

– I’ll be the first to watch when ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’ is released!!!




And hate comments from the hardcore fans of the original story of ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’.

– So they’re really filming ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’ with Kang Woojin included…. I don’t like it

– Why does Kang Woojin’s popularity still rising? Is it just me who finds it weird?

– Don’t get why Director Kyotaro would include Kang Woojin, and Kashihi Group for using him as an advertising model

– Hoo… I really like ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’ but I’m depressed because it’s clear the movie is ruined….

– Kang Woojin this, Kang Woojin that, it’s really getting on my nerves!

Whichever side it was, it was explosive. Not only the article comments but also communities and SNS were taken over by talks about ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’.

Well, broadly speaking, it was positive.

– I’m not a fan of Kang Woojin, but regardless, the issue power of ‘The Eerie Sacrifice of a Stranger’ is impressive, I’d probably watch it when it releases no matter who is in the movie

It was the first time a movie had been this hot in Japan.

At that moment, in Los Angeles, USA.

While it was morning in Korea and Japan, it was afternoon in LA. It was a little before 6 PM, and two large vans driving down the road caught attention because they were being followed by a line of cars filled with paparazzi.


In the backseat of the first van was Miley Cara, with her long blonde hair trailing down, her long legs crossed, looking at a TV installed in the van.

A talk show was currently airing on the TV.

It was the ‘Jamie Show’, referred to as one of the top three talk shows in the US, and recently rated almost number one in viewership. The ‘Jamie Show’ was currently broadcasting live, and the guest was.


It was Miley Cara herself, watching the TV with a cold expression. Unlike in reality, Cara on the TV was smiling a lot. Soon, the chubby host Jamie asked her in English on the TV.

[“Kang Woojin? Haha, but an alien, you say. You said he’s an impressive actor? That’s a unique assessment, isn’t it?”]

TV Cara shifted her crossed legs and shrugged.

[“I mean, he was amazing like an alien.”]

[“Aha! You mean in that sense? How impressive he must have been to be called an alien- But Kang Woojin… even I, who like K-dramas, have never heard of him?”]

[“Of course. He’s still not well known in Hollywood.”]

[“What about him was so alien-like?”]

[“He acts like method acting, but he also does vocals, cooking, and even martial arts at a high level. I saw it myself. He was really amazing.”]

[“Oh! I’m getting more curious now. Hold on, I need to look him up.”]

[“Start with Youtube, his subscribers are already close to 10 million.”]

[“What, really??”]

Soon, the ‘Jamie Show’ briefly showcased Kang Woojin’s Youtube presence and his phenomenon winning of eight awards at Korean year-end ceremonies. Then the TV switched back to the set where Cara said,

[“Jamie, the truly amazing thing is that all his abilities outside of acting are just hobbies. Can you believe that?”]

At that moment.


The bald manager sitting next to her, arms crossed and watching TV, called her.

“The reaction to this movie is good, it’s number one in audience count in Korea right after release, not to mention Europe. You worked hard on the promotion.”

Cara swept back her long blonde hair.

“It needs to stay that way.”

“Don’t worry, the response from critics and rating sites is good.”


“But Cara, why did you bring up Kang Woojin out of nowhere on the ‘Jamie Show’? You even made sure he got a segment.”

Only then did Cara, making eye contact with her manager, answer nonchalantly.

“It’s the ‘Jamie Show’, so he’ll be mentioned in Hollywood, and wouldn’t it be covered big in Korea too?”

“Of course, especially since Kang Woojin is so popular in Korea.”

“I took action before making a proposal. And I needed to do this much so there won’t be any issues when we collaborate later.”

“······What are you thinking.”

“I told you when I came from Korea. I definitely want to work with Kang Woojin.”

Once again focusing her blue eyes on the TV, Cara continued.

“Soon, send him an offer for a feature and to appear in my music video.”

A global superstar with millions of subscribers and followers on social media. Her rather astonishing proposal was put forth quite simply by Cara.

And she was quite firm about it.

“Of course, it’s about my new album that will be released after this movie schedule is over.”

The next day, Korea.

In a large meeting room of a film company. The faces of the people gathered around a U-shaped table were not ordinary. They all looked quite old but seemed to be capable. Perhaps it was due to the warm heater, but the atmosphere in the conference room was quite heavy.

Among them, a familiar old man seated at the head near the entrance was noticeable.

“Okay, next.”

It was Director Ahn Ga-bok. His face full of wrinkles and short white hair. Yet, he emitted the most relaxed aura among them. At his signal, which radiated the aura of a veteran, everyone in the conference room flipped through their tablets and papers.

Various information appeared.

Sets, location scouting, casting, production recruitment, various props, filming equipment, the storyboard of the screenplay, shooting schedule, etc. It was the production meeting for ‘Leech’, after all. Of course, this wasn’t the first production meeting. It was already the second.

Thanks to this, many major decisions had already been made.

At that moment, Director Ahn Ga-bok, who had been stroking his wrinkled chin, looked down at his tablet and then spoke to the casting director and production staff seated next to him.

“Has the casting board been updated?”

“Yes, Director~nim.”

Soon, the casting director tapped the tablet screen several times, and others followed suit. Shortly, the top of everyone’s tablet screen displayed the faces of two familiar actors.

– Actor Sim Han-ho, Actor Kang Woojin.

These were the actors confirmed as the two leads for ‘Leech.’ Below them, a long list of actors was categorized as lead, main/supporting, supporting, supporting/minor roles, etc. At this point, one of the first-line production staff members unknowingly whispered.

“Wow, this lineup is… I can’t believe these are just candidates.”

Since all the displayed actors were top-tier or above A-list. Simply put, actors who usually play leading roles were hanging like grapes in the list of candidates. The key staff felt a peculiar sensation seeing this.

‘······All these amazing actors are just candidates, and Kang Woojin is confirmed as the lead. Never thought I’d see such a scenario.’

‘Apart from their acting performance, a first-year actor taking a leading role in a Director Ahn Ga-bok’s project… huh, it’s rather unique and special.’

Amidst this, Director Ahn Ga-bok slowly nodded his head and broke the ice.

“Did you receive confirmation that all of them will take the audition?”

The casting director immediately responded.

“Yes, Director~nim. But… are you really planning to audition everyone?”

“No. Of course not. Only a few key roles. The reason we sent out notices for auditions to the agencies was to see if these actors could swallow their pride.”

“Ah- as expected.”

“What did Sim Han-ho say about the audition?”

“He said he could attend as a judge if you request, Director~nim.”


Director Ahn Ga-bok, exuding a veteran-like sigh, stroked his chin for a moment and asked again.

“What do you think about having Actor Sim Han-ho and Woojin together in that scene?”


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