I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor - C.215: Momentum (2)


It was around lunchtime when the martial arts storyboard for ‘Beneficial Evil’ arrived at the photo shoot where Kang Woojin was present. Woojin dressed in a long coat, sat down with an indifferent face and checked the storyboard.

-Flip, flip.

The actions within the storyboard were movements his body already remembered, having ingrained the first episode of ‘Beneficial Evil’. Still, there were new movements and directions added.

‘Ooh- this seems like it will be pretty cool?’

However, there were no black squares appearing in this action storyboard. Therefore, Woojin had to discern the movements with his eyes and senses. Yet, Kang Woojin did not feel perplexed.


Rather, it was fascinating. He was only looking at the cut images in the action storyboard, but everything was vividly visualized in his mind, and the movements were seeping into his entire body. He could perform them immediately if asked, without any problem.

It was not just his imagination.

This must be one of the abilities of the void space.

Just as the world of the character becomes clearer and the role becomes easier to handle the more it is repeated, the acquired ‘martial arts’ also feel similar. Since when did this start? When he acquired ‘martial arts’ through ‘Beneficial Evil’? No. It was probably due to the ‘martial arts’ power implanted in his body during ‘Last Kill 3’.

Whatever it was, how to utilize the gift of the void space was Kang Woojin’s domain.


He closed his eyes.

December 12th, late morning.

In a slightly secluded area of Seoul, a large black van carrying Kang Woojin parked in a action school’s external parking lot. Soon, the rear door of the van automatically opened, and Woojin, wearing a long padded coat, stepped out. He already had makeup and hair styling done, perhaps due to a schedule in the morning.

He looked expressionlessly at the action school building.


He seemed calm, but internally he was exclaiming in admiration.

‘Wow- so this is the action school. I’ve only heard about it, but it’s really big, huh? About the size of a school gymnasium?’

Beneath Woojin’s long padded coat was a suitable workout outfit. His shoes were running shoes. An action test for ‘Beneficial Evil’ was scheduled to start soon. Therefore, a few vans with banners of ‘Beneficial Evil’ were already visible in the external parking lot.

At this point, Choi Sung-gun got out of the passenger seat and joined Woojin.

“PD Song and the staff must have arrived earlier. They would need to set up the test cameras.”

Woojin nodded silently, and Choi Sung-gun spoke to the stylists and other staff.

“You guys stay in the car. It doesn’t look good to go in all at once.”

“Really? That’s too bad. Understood······”

Ultimately, only Kang Woojin and Choi Sung-gun moved forward. While it wouldn’t have mattered if everyone went, ‘Beneficial Evil’ was still a project not yet revealed to the public, so it was proper for only the two of them to enter.

Anyway, Kang Woojin entered the interior of the action school.

Immediately, Woojin exclaimed internally.

‘Wow- damn, it’s freaking huge??? Are those wires hanging from the ceiling for stunts??’

Inside the action school, several cameras were already installed. There were many people around, including dozens of martial arts team members who looked physically robust and the staff of the ‘Beneficial Evil’ production team, among others. PD Song Man-woo and the martial arts director approached Woojin right away.

“Woojin-ssi, you’re early??”

“Hello, PD-nim. My previous schedule ended quicker than expected.”

Soon after greeting Woojin, PD Song Man-woo introduced the martial arts director. This was effectively the first key staff member of ‘Beneficial Evil’ that Kang Woojin was meeting. The martial arts director smiled and shook Woojin’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, Woojin-ssi. Finally, we meet like this. I’m the martial arts director for ‘Beneficial Evil’.”

Woojin was startled by the martial arts director’s strong grip but managed to keep a composed face.

“Hello, Director~nim.”

During the exchange of greetings, Woojin was receiving numerous gazes. This was also the first time the production staff of ‘Beneficial Evil’ had seen Kang Woojin in person.

“Wow- Woojin-ssi looks insane in person.”

“Yeah. He’s definitely an actor. He’s the only one with a different aura.”

“His physique is better than I thought…W-would it be too much to ask for an autograph? I’ve been a fan since ‘Hanryang.'”

“That’s too much. Do you want to get scolded by PD Song? But it’s not for nothing that they kept saying ‘Kang Woojin, Kang Woojin’. He’s totally got a strong presence, right??”

“I only saw the Blue Dragon Film Awards, so he seemed a aggressive—turns out he’s quite composed? And handsome.”

“Just say he’s handsome. Why are you adding unnecessary remarks.”

Dozens of members of the martial arts team were also glancing or whispering among themselves, half in curiosity and half sensing a strange atmosphere.

Anyway, while Kang Woojin was moving, PD Song Man-woo asked him.

“So, shall we start right away? How much time do you have, Woojin-ssi?”

The answer came from Choi Sung-gun accompanied by a polite smile.

“I’m sorry, but I think we only have about an hour, PD-nim.”

“Hahaha, no need to apologize. We’re just getting started anyway. You’ve got a lot of projects in preparation too, right? One hour, okay. If we hurry, that’s enough.”

PD Song Man-woo, who laughed refreshingly, fixed his gaze on Kang Woojin, who was silently surveying the entire action school.

‘It’s his first martial arts reading for his first action film, but he’s as calm as ever. I knew he’d be composed, but I thought there’d be some questions at least.’

Kang Woojin seemed colder than usual, even giving off a chill. He was calmer than usual. That force, that boldness, is exactly what most newcomers need.

‘Maintaining his own pace, without being distracted by any unfamiliar environment.’

But that was wrong. Right now, Woojin was gleefully distracted.

‘Wow- there are different sizes of nunchucks? Holy! Swords. Are those real? They must be plastic, right??’

PD Song Man-woo, who had no way of knowing this, called Woojin.

“Woojin-ssi, take off your coat and get ready. Start warming up lightly.”

The distracted Woojin solemnly nodded.

“Yes, PD-nim.”

After taking of his long padding coat, Woojin was dressed in workout attire. In front of him, a selected dozen or so members of the martial arts team lined up. The first to speak was the well-built martial arts director. He explained to Kang Woojin.

“First, we’ll show you according to the storyboard. Woojin-ssi, take a look and get a feel for it first. We’ll proceed from there.”

“I’ll be in your care.”

Even as he responded, Woojin’s attention was fixed on one of the martial arts team members—a man with an imposing stature. It was Park Cheol-gyu.

“Wow- he’s huge? Bigger than Kim Dae-young?”

The man was larger than Kim Dae-young, both vertically and horizontally, naturally much more muscular since he worked out. Woojin suddenly recalled a large black man in LA. It was Joseph Felton, who was among the giants. He thought the sizes might be similar. But he didn’t show it outwardly.

He just cynically pretended to look at the martial arts team.

Meanwhile, the martial arts team, preparing for the action scene, murmured quietly while glancing at Kang Woojin.

“He’s really setting the mood?”

“Indeed. What’s with that look… Is he just putting on airs?”

Even the bulky Park Cheol-gyu was included.

“Just watch, in a few minutes he’ll be panting. Let’s see how strong his stamina really is.”

“But, is it really okay?”

“What? No, we’re just giving him a bit of pressure, just pressure.”

The martial arts preparation took about 10 minutes. The dozen or so members of the martial arts team gathered, and the muscular martial arts director stood in front of them. PD Song Man-woo, standing next to Kang Woojin, checked the camera angles before giving the signal.

“Hi- Action.”

Soon, the dozen martial arts team members charged at the martial arts director at a moderate speed. At this moment, the martial arts director was demonstrating Woojin’s movements, being ‘Jang Yeon-woo’ in ‘Beneficial Evil’. This action scene depicts the early part of ‘Jang Yeon-woo’ overwhelming a bear-sized man with tattoos, followed by the tattooed man’s colleagues rushing at ‘Jang Yeon-woo’.



The martial arts director easily dodged an incoming punch and kicked the knee of the second opponent. At the same time, he grabbed a punch coming from the right and struck the face. The martial arts director executed the moves meticulously, more in an explanatory manner than with dazzle, but it was certainly not without skill.

Swift and clear.

Watching this, Woojin, who had once stood equal to Hollywood stunt coordinator Gary Peck, felt it.

‘Is it a bit slow?’

He realized that it needed to be slower than he thought. Not that it was inferior compared to Hollywood. Overall, it was better than ‘Last Kill 3’. Having experienced both, Kang Woojin felt and assessed this.

‘Well, since it’s a demonstration and for show, it makes sense it’s slow. I’d have to do it like that now too.’

After a few dozen minutes.


PD Song Man-woo interrupted the martial arts session that had been going on for several minutes and looked at Woojin.

“How is it? Can you do it right away? If it’s unclear, you can watch it one more time.”

In front of everyone, Woojin confidently answered, true to his usual self and honest feelings.

“No, I can do it.”

Familiar with such responses from Woojin, PD Song Man-woo smiled.

“Haha, of course, right?”

However, there were many in the place unfamiliar with Kang Woojin. The martial arts director and some of the production staff were a bit surprised, and a few members of the martial arts team furrowed their brows. The giant, Park Cheol-gyu, was no exception. Regardless, PD Song Man-woo flipped through the martial arts storyboard and continued.

“Okay. Then let’s warm up before the group shot. Let’s start with the 1:1 cuts first.”

“Yes, PD-nim.”

Woojin, who had answered, was already invoking ‘Beneficial Evil’s Jang Yeon-woo and his ‘martial arts’. Numerous sensations surged through his veins in an instant.


Kang Woojin casually stepped on the grey mat laid on the floor.

‘It is a bit soft?’

He was checking the condition of the mat, similar to how a soccer player assesses the state of the grass. Then, Kang Woojin stood in front of a dozen members of the martial arts team. His opponent this time was the noticeably giant man, Park Cheol-gyu.

He approached Woojin with a small smile.

“I’m a fan.”

Up close, his size was even more formidable. The firmness of his forearms was visible to the eye, indicating a well-conditioned body.

‘Damn. His physique is really something.’

Woojin admired him purely inwardly and lowered his voice more than usual, partly not wanting to seem inferior.

“Thank you.”

After the brief greeting, the martial arts director came over to check their movements again. It was similar to a rehearsal. The choreography wasn’t long. Park Cheol-gyu would charge at him, and Woojin would dive into his embrace and then trip him. Park Cheol-gyu would kneel and fall forward, then Woojin would strike his neck and deliver a punch to the face.

There was more choreography to follow, but for now, they were just doing a short cut.

Soon, Kang Woojin and Park Cheol-gyu faced each other. Woojin wasn’t small, but the size difference was significant. However, PD Song Man-woo looked at the camera frame and smirked.

“Nice, the balance is good.”

Looking at the giant in front of him, Woojin scanned for hid weak points besides the obvious targets like the throat or groin. This was similar to a habit formed when the ‘martial arts’ switch was turned on. Then, Kang Woojin briefly composed himself.

‘It’s like playing a strategic game of Go-Stop and acting. Relax and make it look realistic.’

At that moment.

“Let’s start lightly at first—Hi- cue!”

PD Song Man-woo gave the signal. Immediately, the giant Park Cheol-gyu in front of Woojin charged at him with raised arms, as per the storyboard. Whether he was similar to a bull or a bear, the force was enough to kill if one were to be crushed by it.

Yet, Woojin was composed.


He softly exhaled, dodging Park Cheol-gyu’s noose-like arms, and instead dove into his embrace.


Then, coming out to Park Cheol-gyu’s side, he pulls his top. Next was the neck. He used the momentum to trip him. However, perhaps because it was done lightly, a dull ‘thud!’ was heard. For a moment, Kang Woojin felt as if he had hit a massive tree. Now Park Cheol-gyu had to kneel down.



Park Cheol-gyu, having exhaled a short breath, stood still in his place. He had not acted as scripted—a mistake. However, for some reason, a few members of the martial arts team subtly chuckled, and Park Cheol-gyu earnestly bowed his head to the martial arts director.

“I’m sorry, Director~nim. I was nervous because Woojin-ssi was in front of me.”

The martial arts director, with a chilling look in his eyes, answered in a low voice.

“Get it together.”

“Yes, Director~nim.”

Park Cheol-gyu then roughly bowed his head toward Woojin.

“I’m sorry, Woojin-ssi. I guess I was too tense to perform well.”

Even an apology. Kang Woojin indifferently shook his head.

“It’s okay.”

Mistakes happen to everyone, right? Kang Woojin calmly took his position again, as did the giant Park Cheol-gyu. Soon after, PD Song Man-woo called out again.

“Hi- action.”

Park Cheol-gyu charged again with vigor, seemingly putting even more effort than before, but to Kang Woojin, it was no big deal. He simply dodged those giant arms and dived into his embrace.


Again, the timing was perfect.

‘Next, the side.’

Kang Woojin, following the planned choreography, attempted to pull at Park Cheol-gyu’s top again as he moved to his side. But then—


Park Cheol-gyu bent his waist more than planned. There might have been intent behind it, but this sudden movement changed the target of Woojin’s reaching hand. It was too quick to retract his hand, and force was already applied.

As a result—



Kang Woojin ended up smoothly pulling down Park Cheol-gyu’s training pants just above the calf. Fortunately, Park Cheol-gyu was wearing another pair of pants underneath. It was the tight pants commonly called ‘sweatpants’. But the pants being pulled down was an accident and looked quite ridiculous.

Woojin was clearly flustered.

‘Oh shit!! I’m sorry!!’

He quickly moved his hand to pull up Park Cheol-gyu’s pants while maintaining his habitual poker face. However, Park Cheol-gyu might have misinterpreted this gesture as an attack.

‘What, what’s this!! Did he notice?!’

Furrowing his brow—


He tried to grab Woojin’s arms. It was aggressive. However, by then, ‘martial arts’ had spread throughout Kang Woojin’s body. Instinct kicked in. Reflexively, he grabbed Park Cheol-gyu’s right wrist and used the applied force to trip his legs.

A ‘thump’ sound echoed.

The pants-stripped giant Park Cheol-gyu knelt down, forming the so-called ‘OTL’ posture. It was almost comical. Park Cheol-gyu’s current position was the intended finale of the martial arts choreography. Except for the pants incident, everything was perfect.

<img decoding="async" /4/patreon-media/p/post/103014638/71aaefc9f4fc475ebd6237e9ad2d9663/eyJ3ZWJwIjowfQ%3D%3D/1.jpeg?token-time=1717200000&token-hash=Re-XR33Y-Wu71fnphK-53hocQHoS7bEg1cSxgbEgf0s%3D">

(TL: OTL posture is as shown in the image above)

A peculiar silence spread throughout the action school for a moment.




A few members of the martial arts team in the back had noticeably darkened expressions. While the exposure of sweatpants is common in the action school, for some reason, everyone seemed unsure of how to react.

Seeing Park Cheol-gyu in the ‘OTL’ posture, Kang Woojin had a stern face. His brain had stopped functioning.

‘I’m screwed.’

The martial arts director, watching Woojin, had a firm expression. It was fair to say he was somewhat shocked.

‘It wasn’t a coincidence or a mistake. It was precise and natural. Cheol-gyu’s movement was oddly misaligned, but in that urgent moment, Woojin-ssi changed his movement.’

The martial arts director solemnly murmured to himself.

‘But the outcome is the same. Could it be that he changed the choreography… realistically and reasonably? To fit the real villain, the male lead ‘Jang Yeon-woo’ character of ‘Beneficial Evil’?’

PD Song Man-woo’s eyes sparkled.

‘The mischievous aspect naturally blends in—doesn’t that make for a killer scene?’


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