I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor - C.208: Year End (9)


After the Blue Dragon Film Awards ended, people were divided into two groups. One team went to the after-party prepared by the film festival at the resort hotel restaurant, while the other team did not.

Those who were going moved directly to the restaurant near the hall.

On the other hand, those who were not going to the after-party moved towards the red carpet laid out in front of the hall. There were numerous Vans and minibuses busily picking up the actors who had finished their schedules. Around them, as if they had been waiting just for this moment, hundreds of reporters packed against the fence pressed their camera shutters frantically.


Naturally, there were still many onlookers. Fans shouting the names of their favorite actors, internet broadcasters, or YouTubers out for content, etc. In the meantime, interviews with the actors who won awards today were in full swing at the photo zone near the hall.

Jin Jae-jun ssi! You won Best Actor today, did you expect this?!

No, not at all.

How was your chemistry with Kang Woojin ssi in Drug Dealer!

It was impressive. Memorable, indeed.

The photo zone had already seen many pass through. Well, its really up to the actors whether they give an interview or not, but most do if they can. Every little bit like this directly connects to publicity the next day and increases the magnitude of its impact. Its also helpful image-wise.

Conversely, its the reporters choice to put effort into their articles.

Whats interesting is that the reporters currently conducting various actors interviews kept sneakily glancing towards the entrance of the hall. Their minds were elsewhere, obviously waiting for the real highlight of todays Blue Dragon Film Awards.

When will Kang Woojin appear?

Did he sneak out another door?

Just then, Kang Woojin.

The superstar rookie who, just one year into his debut, grabbed both the Best New Actor Award and the Popular Star Award at the countrys biggest film festival. However, the reason reporters were targeting Woojin today was for a different reason altogether. It was because of the extraordinary acceptance speech and behavior Woojin showed at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

At that moment.

Kang Woojin ssi!! Woojin ssi!! An interview! Please, an interview!!

The reporters spotted Kang Woojin in the tuxedo coming out and went ballistic. They sounded like starving beasts. They all loudly called out Woojins name.

Meanwhile, the person of interest, Woojin, was completely calm.

He silently observed the swarm of reporters at the photo zone for a moment before slowly approaching. Technically, he could have just walked past without any problem, but Choi Sung-gun had earnestly asked him to respond to interviews briefly after the film festival.

Thus, Kang Woojin, amidst the chaotic atmosphere and frenzy,

Wow- shit, its so dazzling.

Stood in front of the half-crazed reporters. As a result, other actors passing by murmured and threw glances. Not friendly ones. Nevertheless, the overheated hyenas, no, the reporters shouts were directed at Kang Woojin.

Youve won two awards at the Blue Dragon Film Awards!! How do you feel!!

You seemed so composed when receiving the awards! Did you expect this?!

Were you nervous today?!!

What were your thoughts when giving your acceptance speech?!!

Ah, my ears hurt. With a cynical face, Woojin wondered if the reporters in front werent crazy. Still, his mindset had shifted 180 degrees from when he first entered the film festival.

A bit more relaxed, perhaps?

Thanks to that, his field of view broadened. Only now did the world around the red carpet properly catch Woojins eye. Behind the spitting reporters, a large Christmas tree had been set up.

Its huge.

Not just the tree. The Blue Dragon Film Awards organizers had also painstakingly decorated nearby trees with colorful lights. Two days until Christmas. And the year-end. Woojins gaze slowly moved as if everything was in slow motion.

He could see the lights of densely packed apartments far away.

Were the people living there watching this? Ah- what was I doing around this time last year? Right, I was wrapping up the year with friends, drinking. Back then, watching film festivals and award ceremonies on TV, they seemed like a different world, just topics of conversation to accompany snacks with friends.

But now, he was standing in that world.

Flashy and luxurious. Hundreds of reporters are blasting off flashes, and behind them, colorful top stars were lined up. They even acknowledged Woojin as if they knew him.

One year. Its hard to say if its long or short.

Anyway, Kang Woojin is standing here today.

Life is really something-

Before entering this world, Woojin lived a repetitive life. Going to work and coming home. However, it wasnt lacking. It just felt repetitive because he had adapted to life, become numb to it.

It was a life worth living.

Even then, Kang Woojin was a man who knew his place. But now, his every word becomes the subject of hundreds of reporters articles. He becomes the headline.

Your acceptance speech was unique!! Did you prepare the speech yourself?!!!

It sounded like a declaration of war! Was it just for show??!!

Kang Woojin felt a strange emotion, but having already spilled the beans, he decided to enjoy the ride with an intensified persona. Such misconceptions or misunderstandings are trivial. Soon, Kang Woojin murmured softly towards the swarming reporters.

No, I was sincere.

From Behind.

As the camera flashes exploded like lightning on Woojin, a burly man attached himself to Woojin. It was Jang Su-hwan, following Choi Sung-guns instructions.

Ah! Sorry! We have another schedule to attend!! Hyung, lets go.


Quickly, Jang Su-hwan, who shielded Woojins side profile, accelerated their pace. The reporters trailed behind them, and Kang Woojin barely managed to board the waiting van. The stylists were nowhere to be seen.


As soon as Woojin got on, Jang Su-hwan, who had moved to the drivers seat, stepped on the accelerator. The van started, and as they gradually moved away from the red carpet, the ponytailed man in the passenger seat turned around. It was Choi Sung-gun.

Ha- Woojin-ah.

Choi Sung-gun, who had worn a suit for a change, sighed deeply as he looked at Woojin in his tuxedo. His expression was ambiguous. It was hard to tell if he was smiling or gloomy.

You stirred up trouble again?

Ah, sorry. I meant to express my ambition moderately. He apologized inwardly, but Woojins exterior maintained a poker face.

It was something I wanted to say.

I know, I know. But for a newcomer award recipient to suddenly declare theyll win the Best Actor award next year

While driving, Jang Su-hwan burst into laughter.

Hahaha! As expected from Woojin hyung!! You made a historic remark in the history of Koreas entertainment industry!

Hey, watch the road.


Choi Sung-gun, who had been scratching the back of his head, exhaled softly again.

Phew- Well, its true. Its unprecedented for an actor to win two awards at the Blue Dragon in their debut year and declare in front of hundreds of top actors that theyll win Best Actor next year. The remark was quite like you but- you know? The entertainment industry is a jungle, and there are many actors and officials who view you unfavorably, right?

Well, what can I do? I already spilled it, Woojin responded nonchalantly.

I dont care.

Suddenly, Choi Sung-gun smirked.

Keke, right, right. But maybe its because its you, its thrilling and fun.

Jang Su-hwan chimed in again.

Seriously, It was oozing with charisma!! And the declaration you made in your acceptance speech today is 100% achievable, isnt it?!

I know. Just watch the front, will you?

Choi Sung-gun, who gave a thumbs up, met eyes with Woojin.

The thrill is there because your declaration isnt just some insane bluster. Whats the harm in being criticized a bit? Its not good if the entertainment industry is too bland either.

Is that so?

Yeah. You really set off a proper noise marketing campaign.

Soon, Choi Sung-gun showed his phone.

Whether its criticism or whatever, youre likely to absorb all the attention.

The phone screen displayed freshly posted hot articles.

Since its already been spilled, lets continue with this concept through the end of this year.

Indeed, the power of Kang Woojins declaration at the Blue Dragon was tremendously impressive.

At the Blue Dragon, Kang Woojin, two-award winner, declares he will win Best Actor next year in his acceptance speech

[StarTalk] Flipped the Blue Dragon Film Awards, Kang Woojin warns the esteemed senior top actors in attendance

Despite the Blue Dragon Film Awards having just ended, articles were already being laid out. It was to be expected; at an event of this magnitude, both onsite and desk personnel were involved.

[Photo] Kang Woojin, as if expecting the Best New Actor award, heads to the stage composedly / Photo

Every article was stamped with Kang Woojins name.

The Best Actor award next year is mine Fearless confidence from this years debut, Kang Woojin

[Film Festival] Where does this confidence come from? Drug Dealers Kang Woojin declares hell take the Best Actor award in his second year

From Woojins red carpet appearance to taking the stage at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, and from his controversial acceptance speech to his brief interview with the reporters at the photo zone.

[Issueis] On being asked if his acceptance speech was just for show, Kang Woojin replies It was sincere, a no-retreat answer

No actor in the history of Koreas entertainment industry had ever caused such an unprecedented stir.

As it was Kang Woojin who spoke, the ripple effect multiplied several times over. Of course, mentions of other actors like Jin Jae-jun, who won the Best Actor award, were not absent.

[Blue Dragon Film Awards] This years Best Actor is Jin Jae-jun from Drug Dealer

The reporters relished tearing into, dissecting, and savoring the stimulation.

Jin Jae-jun, be nervous, rookie Kang Woojin puts the veterans on edge in his first year

Whether it was news about Kang Woojin, criticism against him, or baseless rumors, anything related to Woojin endlessly spawned more articles. The frenzy intensified as the night of the 23rd turned into the early hours of the 24th, Christmas Eve.

And the morning of Christmas Eve was the peak.

Articles had been released out all night, and their presence was confirmed by public opinion and various media outlets starting with the radio.

Did you watch the Blue Dragon Film Awards yesterday?? It was really big, a treat for the eyes.

Yes, and it also had a Christmas atmosphere. But of course, Kang Woojins acceptance speech was a hit, wasnt it?

Hahaha, I know, I know. Right when I saw it, I thought itd be a huge topic tomorrow.

It really caused a stir. Woojin is a fascinating actor, isnt he? Winning two awards at the Blue Dragon right from his debut, and always being the center of attention.

He also appeared on the morning news of the three major terrestrial broadcasters. The news covered the whole Blue Dragon Film Awards, but the anchors inserted Kang Woojins bold speech into their segments.

The firepower intensified.

By noon, including YouTube, various video platforms were flooded with content related to the Blue Dragon Film Awards, whether it was official videos uploaded by the festival organizers or edited versions uploaded by numerous YouTubers.

-!HOT CLIP! Blue Dragon Film Awards, Kang Woojin Edited Version | RackIssueK

-Kang Woojins short but powerful acceptance speech !!! Crazy style!!! | Precious10MinTV

-Issue King Kang Woojin did it!! Capturing moments from the Blue Dragon Film Awards!! | PowerNewsMan

Over 70% of the videos were related to Kang Woojin. Short edited clips solely featuring Woojins acceptance speech had already surpassed 3 million views.

Comments were, of course, tumultuous.

-Lee Sang-mans style is sick

- This wasnt this staged?

-Such an overt declaration the actors in front were totally shocked

-Kang Woojin is completely out of line, so rude

-I agree, I agree, even if hes bold, that was too much

-???: Give me the Best Actor award, the Best New Actor Award is not enough.

-I became a fan watching Male Friend isnt this too much, oppa???

-Why the fuss? A rookies spirit is so nice to see Its so refreshing, I had to change my panties

-To be honest, with Kang Woojins current form, isnt he fully capable of winning Best Actor next year??? Isnt he the lead in Director Ahn Ga-boks film???

-????????? Is this for real????????????

-Seriously, Kang Woojin threw a nuclear bomb in the Korean acting scene the crappy actors, watch out

-Kang Woojin is crazy

-Director Kwon Ki-taeks lead, Director Kyotaros lead, Director Ahn Ga-boks lead Crazy behavior with a reason

-Looks like Kang Woojin will also fall soon

Shock, surprise, and curses abound. The publics reactions were sharply divided. This was also the case on Woojins SNS and his YouTube channel Kang Woojins Alter Ego.

However, on the contrary.

Bombshell Declaration Kang Woojin, fans surge on SNS and YouTube channels in just one day

His subscribers and followers suddenly skyrocketed. This situation persisted throughout the 24th, and on Christmas Day itself, Kang Woojins name could be heard everywhere offline.

Including in the broadcasting world.

Does Kang Woojin really have a powerful backer? How great does he think he is to do such things?

Exactly. Whats the use if he can act but lacks manners?

Hes probably acting cocky because he trusts directors like Kwon Ki-taek and Ahn Ga-bok to back him.

It would be interesting to see if he falls flat on his face.

The same was true from the mouths of many others outside of cafes.

Did you see Kang Woojin drop the bomb?

Yeah. He really seems crazy.

But isnt he sort of a lunatic? But still, he also freaking charming, right?

Nah. I just dont really like him.

Hes bold, not like a typical rookie. Its somehow captivating.

Undoubtedly, there were more negative comments than before. However, Kang Woojins influence only grew stronger.

[IssueTalk] Whether positive or negative, the super rookie Kang Woojin sees a massive surge in recognition!

Despite it being just one Blue Dragon Film Awards that had ended.

26th, afternoon. A well-known cultural center in Seoul.

Three days after the Blue Dragon Film Awards, a similar red carpet event was taking place here.

Eun-mi ssi! Please wave your hand!

Though slightly smaller in scale than the Blue Dragon, there were enough reporters and many actors dressed in tuxedos and dresses. Interestingly, some actors who hadnt been at the Blue Dragon were noticeable.

In front of the venue where they were entering stood a large billboard with a bold title.

The 56th Grand Bell Awards

Following the Blue Dragon, the Grand Bell Awards, one of the top three film festivals in Korea, was taking place here today. The reporters capturing the procession of actors were all saying something similar.

When is Kang Woojin coming?

He isnt skipping this, right? His agency didnt cut him off or something, right?

Nah, that wouldnt be the case. Hes been criticized, but the buzz is crazy. Choi Sung-gun isnt an idiot to block that.

True. But Kang Woojin is up for two awards at the Grand Bell too, right? Wonder if hell make another declaration if he wins today?

Keke, looking forward to it.

Then, it happened.

Ah!! Kang Woojin is here!! Woojin ssi!! Say anything, please!!

Kang Woojin had arrived at the Grand Bell Awards. His second film festival. But Woojin, dressed in a navy tuxedo.

He merely greeted appropriately and did not say anything to the hundreds of reporters.

A few tens of minutes later.

Like the Blue Dragon, in the large hall of the cultural center filled with many actors, Kang Woojins name echoed.

The 56th Grand Bell Awards Best New Actor! Kang Woojin from Drug Dealer! Congratulations!!

Following the Blue Dragon, Woojin received his third trophy at the Grand Bell Awards. This time, Kang Woojins acceptance speech was not ordinary either.

Thank you, I will deliver results next year that will settle the current controversies.

But that was not the end. After several award categories had passed, in part two of the Grand Bell, Kang Woojins name was called again.

New Wave Award! Wow- this person really made a splash this year! Kang Woojin!!

He became a four-time winner.


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