I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor - C.207: Year End (8)


Hundreds of seats occupied by formidable directors, top actors, and key staff members, among them sat Kang Woojin. The tension was at its peak, but Woojin couldnt easily let go of his crafted public persona.

The camera kept panning to him now and then.

At that moment, his face appeared on the massive screen at the front of the stagethe lead from Drug Dealer, Lee Sang-man. Woojin suddenly felt an overwhelming sensation.

Why is my face up there? Ah, right. Its the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Kang Woojin had experienced film festivals before, like the Mise-en-scne Film Festival. Though smaller in scale compared to the Blue Dragon, the process was somewhat similar.

But the overwhelming feeling was on another level.

The scene was starkly different.

Unlike the Mise-en-scne, the Blue Dragon Film Awards was watched by many citizens and was a grand festival celebrating a year in the Korean entertainment and film industry with various celebrities attending.

And there, Kang Woojins name echoed as the first winner.

The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards! Best New Male Actor Award! Kang Woojin ssi from Drug Dealer!!

The hall burst into applause loud enough to sting his ears, accompanied by lively music.


Me? Ah- really? Its me? Without much change in expression, Kang Woojin reflexively stood up. Until now, he hadnt felt much pressure. It was a short moment, driven almost by instinct.


Whoa- damn, wait a minute.

As soon as Kang Woojin stood up alone in the vast hall, his perspective shifted 180 degrees. All cameras focused on him, his face displayed on screens and monitors, the gaze of hundreds of actors and directors upon him, the outpouring of congratulations, and the blinding flashes.

Kang Woojins mind became dizzy.

I feel dizzy, my legs are giving out.

Though Woojin had experienced film festivals before, it was hardly any help now. The only thing that sustained him was maintaining his persona. Perhaps everyone he had encountered was present. Whether it was pretense, bravado, or dignity, all were necessary.

The temperature was hot.

The characteristic heat of a mega film festival was like that, and the overhead lights were as scorching as the sun. It was stifling. Though no one could know, sweat was streaming down Woojins back.

But whats interesting.

Lets not think too deeply. Kang Woo-jin, just empty your brain.

The hotter the exterior became, the cooler Woojins interior grew. He had faced numerous crises before and had unknowingly mastered the art of maintaining an extreme public persona.

A proud, monstrous newcomer actor.

Such a guy shouldnt be shaken by this.

Around this time, cheers mixed with applause for the Drug Dealer team could be heard.

Haha, Woojin ssi! Congratulations!

Congratulations, better go up quickly?

First award for Drug Dealer! Congratulations Woojin ssi!

Jin Jae-jun, the lead of Drug Dealer, briefly hugged Kang Woojin, and Park Pan-seo patted his shoulder. Director Kim Do-hee and the key staff gave thumbs up.

Woojin bowed his head calmly.

Thank you.

Then, Kang Woojin walked calmly towards the stage with each step his heart grew colder. However, he did have concerns.

What about my acceptance speech?

He had prepared something. He hadnt really consulted anyone since that might make him seem unprepared. Thanks to that, Kang Woojin had watched previous film festivals on Youtube to come up with his speech. Despite the preparation.

Fuck, I seriously cant remember a thing.

Not a single letter came to mind. Just maintaining his public persona at this vast film festival was already a desperate effort. Yet, strangely, his indifferent face showed no hint of nervousness. His steps were filled with ease. There was a silent intensity, but a solid firmness was evident.

That was vividly captured by the cameras.

The broadcast teams PD and staff murmured among themselves.

How can he be so calm?

Right? WowPD nim, Kang Woojin ssi is a rookie actor who debuted this year, right? He looks like hes out for a stroll in his neighborhood.

Isnt he happy? Hes not even smiling.

I think there will be controversies.

Who knows, were just here to shoot. Zoom in more on Kang Woojin.

Ahyes, yes.

Kang Woojins family and friends watching this were in an uproar. Kang Hyun-ah and his parents from the restaurents.

Kyaa!! Mom, mom!! Oppa! Oppa!!

Yes!! Our son!! Woojin! Oh? Honey, are you crying??

No, Im just proud.


And Kang Woojins childhood friends.

This is insane!! Cheers, man!! Cheers!!

Ha Kang Woojin! You son of a gun!! My shoulders are rising!!

Ah, is this even real?? I cant believe it even though Im watching!

Woojins SNS, Youtube channel, fan club, and various communities were also in turmoil.

Meanwhile, Kang Woojin ascended the grand stage at the Blue Dragon Film Awards without much change. It was his first stage at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, but his cynicism was palpable.

When Woojin took the stage.

Kang Woojin ssi has been causing a sensation since his debut this year, hasnt he? Hes been highly praised for his role as Lee Sang-man in Drug Dealer

The host continued to introduce Kang Woojin, and for some reason, various top actors seated in the audience gulped down their nervous saliva. Hong Hye-yeon was more beautiful than ever today.

What, whats with Woojin ssis expression. Ha Why am I nervous? I cant even begin to guess what hell say in his remarks

Ryu Jung-min, who had his hair neatly swept back today, felt similarly seated next to her.

He wouldnt make a verbal slip, would he?

Oppa, its Woojin ssi were talking about. Do you really think that?

But, its his first Blue Dragon, right?

Jin Jae-jun and Park Pan-seo from the Drug Dealer team also looked a bit worried.

I hope itll be ordinary.

Well its hard to say Woojin-gun is ordinary he doesnt seem very happy, maybe he anticipated this?

Probably. Hmm especially since the Blue Dragon has a strong impact on issues, if focused Woojin ssi, who is the center of attention, shows something unusual, there will be a ton of articles tomorrow.

An Jong-hak, Ha Gang-su, and actors from the Our Dining Table team and Island of the Missing were also having similar conversations.

Itll be alright, right?

I dont know. But Im kind of looking forward to it.

To what?

Just feels like Woojin is going to set off fireworks right from the start?

There were those who enjoyed this situation as well. Seated together were veteran directors from the domestic film industry, Director Ahn Ga-bok and Director Kwon Ki-taek.

Hehe, what do you think he will say?

Well, the expression definitely showed he knew hed win the New Actor award.

Yes. Normally, youd expect him to act a bit surprised since thats the usual thing to do, but Woojin-gun doesnt show any of that at all.

Hes not one to exaggerate or put on airs.

The reporters must be thrilled, theres never been a newcomer like this in the history of the Blue Dragon.

I think that will continue to be the case.

The presence of the great actor Sim Han-ho was also noticeable. He simply crossed his arms and watched Kang Woojin on stage.

The general murmurings grew louder. Of course, none of this reached Kang Woojin on stage. To him, only the two actors in the center of the stage were visible, their hands already holding the Best New Actor trophy and a bouquet.

Is that mine?

The gold trophy he had seen on Youtube. As Kang Woojin approached, the two hosts smiled.

Congratulations, Kang Woojin ssi.

Eventually, the trophy and the bouquet were handed to Kang Woojin. His first impression upon receiving the trophy was simple.

Its heavy.

It was heavy. Soon, the two actors who had handed it over stepped back and the music that filled the hall gradually faded. The ceiling lights focused on Kang Woojin, and the temperature rose even further. On all screens and monitors throughout the hall, full shots and close-ups of Kang Woojin were displayed.

Meanwhile, Woojin, dressed in the tuxedo,

looked down at the trophy in his hands without a word. Simultaneously, a PD in front of the stage gestured to him, indicating he should stand at the standing microphone and give his remarks.

Thus, with a poker face, Woojin stood in front of the standing microphone.

Looking forward, he saw incredible faces. Top actors and big-name directors, all looking at him. It was a mad scene. Why was this picture unfolding?

I dont know, Im not sure.


Kang Woojin first exhaled a small breath into the microphone.


At this moment, Woojin thought. The remarks dont need to be long. Elaborating would only create gaps, and might even bring about some unnecessary misunderstandings. He couldnt remember the prepared remarks.

So, lets start with thanks first.

He needed a bold demeanor for the stage. Kang Woojin cleared his throat.

Thank you to my parents, friends, fans, and the Drug Dealer team for their support.

A moment of silence. The broadcast team frowned. What? Is that it? A clear confusion spread. But fortunately, Woojins lips slowly opened again.

Im not good with words.

Another pause. Kang Woojins dignified gaze slowly moved from side to side, as if scanning all the actors present. In fact, during this moment, Woojin was desperately trying to think of what to say. Something Impactful? Or should he just thank them again blandly and step down?

Whats best?

However, the actors captured on camera felt a strange emotion.

Somehow It doesnt seem like hes just looking around at the actors, does it?

It does appear so.

Kang Woojin decided. Yeah, a nuance of just promising to work hard would be sufficient. A hint to watch out for him was a bonus. With a bit of politeness and bravado mixed in, Kang Woojin murmured into the standing microphone.

This year its the New Actor award, but next year, I will have the Best Actor award in my hands. So better watch out.

In an instant, the vast hall fell silent.

Even the busy broadcast PD blinked his eyes. Nonetheless, Kang Woojin did not forget to wrap up. He nodded slightly to the hundreds of audience members in front, also greeting the actors who had handed him the award, and the hosts. The funny thing was that everyone receiving his greetings had their pupils dilated.

But Woojin, unaware of this, started to descend from the stage with an indifferent face. The camera quickly followed him. Hundreds of actors eyes also followed him. Some actors who knew Kang Woojin like Hong Hye-yeon and Ryu Jung-min were covering their faces.

Ha- I knew he would do something like this.

What on earth is he doing?

Other actors were dumbfounded.

What did he just say?

A warning? He looked around at all of us before saying that, didnt he?

Telling us to watch out because hes coming for us?

There were also actors who gasped, like Jin Jae-jun.

If you really get to know Woojin ssi that remark feels quite intimidating-

Sim Han-ho, unbeknownst to anyone, chuckled to himself.

Heh- Indeed, the kids got guts.

Well, whether they reacted or not, it didnt reach Kang Woojin. Returning to his seat, Woojin was simply satisfied with his own remarks internally.

Done. The ambition and speech was simple but good. Yep, passed.

The problem was, it did not seem like a simple ambition to others. Kang Woojin was unaware of this. Director Kwon Ki-taek, who was full of smiles, noted,

For a moment I forgot. That Kang Woojin is an arrogant monsterous actor.

Hehehe, who would have thought hed openly declare his intentions to all the actors like that.

Director Ahn Ga-bok murmured,

Isnt it like a rookie actor made a declaration of war to the Korean entertainment industry?

It was not an ambition; it was a declaration of war.


Following Kang Woojins New Actor award, a momentary silence enveloped the Blue Dragon Film Awards before it reluctantly resumed. From the Best New Actress award to the Audience Choice Award.

Audience Choice Award! Drug Dealer, congratulations!

Following Kang Woojin, Director Kim Do-hee of Drug Dealer lifted the second trophy. Meanwhile, the cameras continued to focus on Kang Woojin. The actors around him also kept stealing glances at him.

Their looks were not entirely positive.

Of course, Woojin maintained his cynicism, which only fueled the atmosphere further. Following that, a popular singers performance took place, and then it was time for the short film awards.

And then the New Director award.

Eventually, the Popular Star Award, marking the end of the first part, started. Interestingly,

-[Drug Dealer Kang Woojin]

Following the New Actor award, Kang Woojins name was again a nominee. This time, unlike the New Actor category, he was up against significantly formidable actors.

And the result?

Popular Star Award!! Yes! Following the Best New Actor award, actor Kang Woojin!! Congratulations!

Kang Woojin won it. Two awards at the Blue Dragon just by himself. Moreover,

Who would have thought hed even win the Popular Star Award?

Isnt he the first to win a Best New Actor award and become a double winner in the same festival in his debut year?

There has never been a rookie making a declaration of war like that in the first place.

Today, Kang Woojin was making multiple histories. Whatever the case, the comment he made on stage was brief. Thank you and My feelings are same to when I received the Best New Actor award. Thats about it. But, once again, he made sure his greetings were respectful everywhere.

Thus, the first part of the Blue Dragon ended.

During the break, fellow actors like Hong Hye-yeon and Ryu Jung-min approached Kang Woojin to speak.

Woojin ssi, I understand what youre thinking, but couldnt you have moderated it a bit?

And yet. Should I say its typical of Woojin ssi?

Jin Jae-jun felt the same.

I found it refreshing and good. Well, it seems you might receive some cold looks from other actors going forward.

Afterwards, the second part of the Blue Dragon Film Awards began. It started with awards for the staff and moved on to Best Supporting Actor and Actress. Eventually, it was time for the festivals highlights, the Best Actor and Best Actress awards.

Jin Jae-jun was the Best Actor.

And even more so.

Best Film Award!! Drug Dealer, congratulations!!

The last award, the Best Film, also went to Drug Dealer. It was safe to say that this years Blue Dragon Film Awards was practically a Drug Dealer awards party. Of course, it wasnt unheard of. Its a scene occasionally seen, though not every year.

With that, the grand curtain of the Blue Dragon Film Awards came to a close.

But the fervor continued even after the festival had ended. Especially, the reporters crowded one actor, furiously flashing their cameras. It wasnt Jin Jae-jun, the Best Actor.

Kang Woojin ssi!!! Kang Woojin ssi!!

Could you share a few words about your comments!!

Woojin ssi!!

How do you feel about being the first rookie to win double awards at the Blue Dragon in your debut year?!!

What were your thoughts behind the remarks you made!!!

Kang Woojin ssi!!

It was Kang Woojin.

At this moment, Choi Sung-gun, sitting in the passenger seat of the van meant to pick up Kang Woojin, sighed deeply while looking at his phone.

Ha- it blew up so fast, tsk.

Before Kang Woojin even boarded the car.

[Film Festival] A First-Year Rookie Kang Woojin Strikes a Nerve in the Lax Korean Entertainment Industry with His Ill win Best Actor next year Remarks, Declaring War

Articles about Kang Woojin were already flooding the news.


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