I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN) - C.1899: Ship Party ㉔


After leaving Anne-san under Tre-san and Raz-san's care, I move on, thinking about who I should greet next. Since I have finished visiting the places that should be my priority for now, I feel that from here on, I should really just talk to anyone who catches my eye.

However, I would really like to greet everyone at least once, so let's keep in mind who I have already finished greeting.

As I was walking along thinking about this, I suddenly noticed someone I didn't recognize. No, what I could see here was just her back, but I couldn't quite remember who she was.

Thereupon, almost as soon as I stopped, the person turned around, and I involuntarily held my breath. Is this that so-called asymmetry? She had a distinctive hairstyle, her slightly bluish-white hair had different lengths on each side, the right side cut short and the left side had a semi-long cut, drawing my attention, but what surprised me even more were her eyes.

I don't know how to describe it, but it's like there is no light behind her red eyes…… With eyes completely devoid of light, coupled with her Noh mask-like expression, there was this peculiar creepiness to her.

It was unlike Illness-san's unfocused eyes, her eyes truly had no gloss to her, like they were just dry, hardened, blood-colored hue…… It makes me think of the word emptiness in my mind.

(T/N: Noh mask)

[Ohh! Isn't this the host!?]

[ ! ? ]

And then I was even more surprised. The mysterious figure looked at me and greeted me with a bright, bouncy voice…… but her expression didn't move at all. her mouth was indeed moving a bit, but other than that, not even her eyebrows moved a twitch. And yet, for her voice to be incredibly cheerful, the dissonance was just incredibly intense.

[Well, it's quite the honor to meet you.]

[Ah, errr……]

[Ohh, please don't get me wrong. I'm not a suspicious person…… Well, if someone who's not suspicious at all starts saying they're not suspicious, they might just have a tsukkomi slapped back at them, so it's better to just ignore that! Ahh, but I digress. I am here accompanying Her Majesty Laguna.]

[A- Ahh, I see, no wonder you don't look familiar……]

[Well~~ I'm sorry for surprising you. Her Majesty Laguna said there was no need for me to accompany her and I should just enjoy the party as well, so I couldn't help but indulge myself…… Ahh~~ just to confirm, but are there any rules against non-invited guests consuming food or drinks? If so, I apologize.]

The tone of her voice is bright and lively, and I can really feel the excitement in her voice…… but her expression still hasn't moved a millimeter. Even Shiro-san's expression changes a little bit, but the expression really doesn't move at all, as if her face from the mouth up had been petrified.

I mean, even her mouth doesn't move very much, so where is her loud voice coming from……

[No, you've gone out of your way to attend, so I'd be happier if you enjoyed the party without worrying about it. Please have a good time.]

Incidentally, I knew in advance that Laguna-san would bring two companions with her. I mean, it was also the same case with Ryze-san and Chris-san, as if they had arranged it beforehand…… Or rather, they probably did coordinate with each other, as each of them applied for two companions to accompany them.

There's also nothing wrong with those accompanying them to enjoy the party, and I sincerely hope they do.

[What a big-hearted remark. Would you mind me feeling charmed?]

[That's kinda over exaggerating there……]

[No, no, it's not like I'm thinking "This could be my chance to marry into money guhehe" or anything like that, okay? Only about 34% of my thoughts are like that!]

[Isn't that percentage already quite high!?]

But well, how should I say this…… Laguna-san sure has brought someone with quite the personality…… She has quite the groove with her, with a voice that clearly expresses her emotions…… but with her face not moving a bit, as if her facial muscles are completely dead, she is quite the striking character.

[……Ahh, I'm sorry. We haven't introduced each other yet. You may already know this, but I'm Miyama Kaito.]

[Tahaa~~ Sorry about that, slipped out of my mind too. We've been chatting for quite a while, but I haven't even told you my name. I'm Jane Doe, it would be great if you would remember my name…… Kaito-sama.]

[I'm in your care. Errr, may I call you Jane-san?]

[Of course, you can call me Jane or My Honey, whatever you like!]

[T- Then, Jane-san…… Are you a noble?]

[Oh my, what discerning eyes…… Tahaa~~ It must be overflowing, isn't it!? That so-called high-class aura!]

[Ah, no, I just thought that because you have a surname……]

[Ah~~ I see, it's because of that…… Uwahh, I really said things like high class…… How embarrassing…… Um, I'm sorry. That just now was out, so please erase it from your memory!]

Jane-san, with her hands on her cheeks, shook her head and spoke in a strained voice as if she was embarrassed…… but as usual, her eyebrows hadn't even made a single twitch at all.

And although her emotions are easy to tell by the tone of her voice, I couldn't sense any emotion from her with my Sympathy Magic…… Perhaps just like Zwei-san, she's not letting any of her magic power leak out at all.

Looking at it that way, it's also possible that she's quite a formidable person…… What a mysterious person.


Serious-senpai : [Jane Doe is the temporary name given to unidentified female corpses…… Sympathy Magic doesn't work on her, she refers Kaito not as "カイト" like the others but "快人", and she has the name of an unidentified corpse "Jane Doe"…… She's too suspicious.]

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