I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN) - C.1890: Ship Party ⑮


Only Lillywood-san was left to greet among the Six Kings, and I came to the area where the World King camp had gathered…… or rather, in the area where Lillywood-san was. The reason why I rephrased is because I didn't see anyone other than Lillywood-san and Lillie-san, seemingly having scattered already.

[Hello, Lillywood-san, Lillie-san. Thank you for coming today.]

"Hello, Kaito-san. Thank you for inviting us."

[I may just be repeating the same words as Lillywood-sama, but thank you for inviting us.]

When I arrived in their area, Lillywood-san and Lillie-san greeted me back with a kind smile. Since I heard that Lillywood-san doesn't eat or drink much and only consumes water, I instructed the attendants to bring high-quality water to Lillywood-san. It seemed to have worked, as Lillywood-san was drinking water instead of wine or other drinks.

[As expected, it's already been quite a while since the event started, so the others are already enjoying themselves huh?]

"Yes, indeed. Camellia and Rosemary seem to be concentrating on the artworks exhibited in front of the stage, while Tirtania, Ariel and Blossom had gone to have their meals."

[Blossom was quite interested upon hearing that you guys are serving otherworld cuisine, so the other two went with her.]

[Ahh, I see, Blossom-san does like otherworld culture.]

Indeed, with Kaori-san's cooperation, there are many Japanese dishes in the dining area. There's staple stuff like sushi, and quite a few other Japanese-style dishes…… Regarding the sushi, Kaori-san mentioned that there are some regions where people don't eat raw fish, so we have prepared both regular sushi and seared sushi, and have added a note to inform people about this.

As expected from someone who runs a restaurant in Friendship City, Kaori-san's advice was incredibly helpful. I would like to thank her properly next time, but I'm not sure how to go about it…… She did mention something about the glossiness of her skin, so I thought of helping out in that area, but I'm kinda having second thoughts because a guy suddenly bringing up skincare topics might seem inappropriate.

[……Arehh? What about Jutia-san?]

"Jutia's gone to say hello to the people she knows. She's sociable and has good connections with the other Six Kings Executives…… She also mentioned heading to Ein after that and talks with her could apparently take quite a while."

[It seems she heard from somewhere that original tea blend would be distributed at this party, and she seemed to be quite interested in that. In fact……. Ahh, so that original tea blend really does exist. I see, so they were jointly prepared by someone named Illness and someone named Nebula…… Fumu, I see, they're also the ones who created the tea leaves that Jutia likes.]

Seeing Lillie-san nodding to herself while reading my surface thoughts, I couldn't help but smile wryly. How should I say this…… I've thought of this before, but conversing with LIllie-san is convenient because she can understand things without a detailed explanation, which makes things easier and avoids misunderstandings.

[……I don't think people would usually like having their minds read though…… but well, your sensibilities are as strange as usual.]

"Your flowers are getting darker, Lillie."

[……This is embarrassing. That just inevitably happens when my mood is getting uplifted.]

Apparently, for Lillie-san, my attitude of not being averse to having my mind read seemed to be favorable, and although she was feeling a bit embarrassed, she smiled happily.

Well, it really is a fact that I don't mind having my mind read. I mean, it feels like it's being constantly read by Shiro-san, so it's too late to be worrying about that now.

"Where do you plan to go afterward, Kaito-san?"

[After this, well, after greeting Human Realm's rulers, I'm going to greet anyone who catches my eye. It's not like the greeting ends immediately after saying hello, there's usually some small talk involved, so it feels like I would really just end up greeting people.]

[When you organize a party of this size, that can't be helped. I know it's a lot of work, but please take your time and take some small breaks in between.]

[Thank you.]

Just like that, I chatted with Lillywood-san and Lillie-san for a bit, and the gentle and calm conversation with them felt soothing. Somehow, even though greeting people would apparently be a lot of work, I felt like chatting with them makes me quite relaxed.


Serious-senpai : [As expected of the man who lost his privacy early on in the story. You could tell from his face that he'd already been through hell.]

? ? ? : [Well, in fact, Kaito-san is seriously mentally strong in this aspect too.]

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