I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN) - C.1886: Ship Party ⑪


Even after receiving the explanation, I still really had this indescribable out-of-place feeling, but I finally just settled with the thought that Megiddo-san was also one of the Six Kings and could change his appearance at will.

Then, at that moment, Megiddo-san suddenly looked as if she remembered something and turned towards Kong-san with a doubtful expression on her face.

[Come to think of it, speaking about the dress reminded me of something…… Oi, Kong! You b*stard, the heck is with that odd get-up?]

Whoa there, here comes an unexpected comment to Kong-san. This was very helpful, and I was relieved that I wasn't the only one who thought that his outfit was weird.

[Eh? Is it no good? Elder Bro said we're going to wear formal wear to the party, so I had a subordinate get one for me……]

[There's this thing called "sizes", you idiot…… Or rather, that subordinate of yours who bought that suit should've bought that assuming you could either humanize or shrink yourself. The heck is with that, like it would tear apart any moment but hasn't torn yet…… You must have used State Preservation Magic huh.]

Speaking of which, Ozma-san is wearing a formal suit instead of his usual trench coat, cleanly shaved, with his hair slicked back, giving off the aura of an extremely handsome adult man.

No, seriously…… Ozma-san is tall and handsome, so he looks very picturesque, and even if I dressed the same way, I wouldn't be able to create the atmosphere he had. Hmmm, I'm envious. I wish I could have that kind of cool adult atmosphere.

[……N- No, I'm not good with sensitive magic like Humanization or Body Size Alteration…… I'm good at State Preservation Magic though.]

[Good grief, just as usual, your good and weak points are both extremes. It can't be helped, here.]

Seeing Kong-san give her an apologetic smile, Megiddo-san let out a small sigh and lightly flicked her finger. Thereupon, Kong-san's body was enveloped in light, and this time, he appeared wearing a suit that fit his size. Well, although his face remains that of a gorilla, wearing a suit that fits his size, with his large physique that's muscular and sturdy, this instead gives him quite a cool vibe.

[Ohh, thank you, Boss! That suit was so tight, so this really helps!!!]

[Next time, make it custom-made and sized for you…… Oops, sorry, Kaito, made you wait there…… So, you got time?]

[No, I have to go round and say hello to other people, so I can't be here too long……]

[I see…… Then, just accompany me for one cup, I've recently found a good drink……]

While saying that, Megiddo-san took out a bottle of alcohol and a glass and handed them to me.

[Since it's a wine glass, are we having wine?]

[Yeah, it's a bit young but…… Here, cheers.]

[Ah, yes. Cheers.]

Easily removing the cork with one hand, Megiddo-san poured the alcohol into the glass I was holding. Even with the appearance of a young girl, Megiddo-san is still one of the Six Kings.

And when I lightly clinked my glass with hers and drank the wine, a refreshing taste spreads in my mouth.

[It's delicious. It's refreshing and has a nice aftertaste. Although it's red wine, it has a white wine-like feel to it.]

[Yeah, it's quite good, isn't it? It's still a bit young, and it'll be another 5 years before it mellows and is ready to drink.]

[Fumu…… Can that kind of thing be accelerated by Time Magic or something?]

[Ahh? Of course, it's possible. With Space-Time Magic, aging can be done in an instant…… Well, I don't feel like doing that though.]

Saying that with a wry smile, Megiddo-san lightly tipped her wine glass. How should I say this…… with her current appearance, there was this mysterious atmosphere mixed in with her usual boldness.

[It's not always best to rush everything. Waiting for it to mature and become ready to drink can also be a way to enjoy alcohol. If you shorten that with Space-Time Magic, wouldn't it be a loss? Well, there are times when I just want to drink quickly and use magic to speed up aging.]

[I see, that's certainly a good way to enjoy it.]

How should I say this…… Right now, I'm not sure whether her current young girl appearance affects it or not, but it feels like Megiddo-san's current appearance matches even the subtle expressions that would typically arise when discussing art, which might have seemed out of place in her usual form.

In terms of atmosphere, it feels like discussing art in her current form would indeed make a picturesque scene. Well, knowing that it's Megiddo-san on the inside, there might still be that out-of-place feeling……

As I had such thoughts in mind, Megiddo-san smiles brightly and speaks.

[Well, that's why this wine will be ready to drink in 5 years. At that time, let's go drink it again, Kaito.]

[Yes. Then, I'll also be looking forward to that time.]

[Ohh! You're immortal too, so it wouldn't hurt to learn to enjoy the passage of time.]

Seeing Megiddo-san smiling happily like that, I couldn't help but let out a smile too.


Serious-senpai : [Arehh? That gorilla's actually giving out a heroine-like atmosphere…… I- Is this the power of lolicization……]

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