I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN) - C.1884: Ship Party ⑨


The party had started, but Greene and Anne remained motionless at the edge of the hall. After all, if they look around a little, they will see that all the people around them are well-known figures, and for the two of them, who could be described as commoners, many of them were people they're afraid to even get close to.

And even those they didn't know, there was also the possibility that someone they didn't recognize might be someone of incredibly high status, so they couldn't take any rash action.

Thereupon, as if meeting a friend in need, two people approached them.

[Greene-san, Anne-san, hello~~]

[We haven't seen you since the last Flying Board afterparty.]

[Ahh, y- you are Aoi-san and Hina-san, right?]

[I- I'm glad to see you. We finally got to meet someone we know.]

For Greene and Anne, who were constantly shrinking back in this environment they're unfamiliar with, Aoi and Hina, who had been asked by Kaito to visit and speak to them, were truly like saviors.

They knew them from the Flying Board afterparty, but beyond that, they were clearly aware that Aoi and Hina were otherworlders-turned-adventurers. Moreover, as they weren't people they had to shrink back from, Greene and Anne felt a deep sense of relief.

However that relief was to crumble too fragilely shortly afterwards

[Oya? These people are?]

When Anne noticed that there were two more women alongside Aoi and Hina, she asked to which Sky and Gaia smiled lightly and spoke.

[Ahh, nice to meet you, I'm the God of Sky, Sky.]

[I'm the God of Earth, Gaia. Pleased to make your acquaintance.]

[ [ Hyuuhh ] ]

Greene and Anne involuntarily gasped and straightened their backs. The blood drained from their faces at once, and only their thoughts spun at super-speed.

(God of Sky? God of Earth? A- Aren't they High-ranking Gods!? W- Why are they giving off the atmosphere that they came together like normal Aoi-san and Hina-san had such frightening connections Is it because they're otherworlders!? Is it because they're otherworlders that they're like this!?)

It's something quite obvious, but for the commoner Greene, she had never even seen a Low-ranking God properly. However, two High-ranked Gods appeared as if it were a matter of course, exceeding the tolerance limits of her mind.

Well, this may also be due to the fact that those gathered in the venue were in too high of a position, and Sky and Gaia themselves were also not acting like they were distinguished

(High-ranking Gods!? Why are High-ranked Gods R- Rather, did they just name themselves just now!? I- Is it really alright for us to know the names of Gods so easily Or perhaps, will both me and Greene-san be disposed of right after this party)

Anne was also very confused by the sudden appearance of High-ranking Gods, and cold sweat dripping down her back, she was thinking about what to do. Sky and Gaia had introduced themselves, so it would be rude for them not to respond, but not knowing how to speak to such High-ranked Gods, she was too overwhelmed and felt like she was about to faint.

However, before the confused Greene and Anne could even utter a word, two hands suddenly reached out and grabbed Sky and Gaia by the neck.

[Stop fooling around, you idiots, commoners would obviously be in awe if High-ranked Gods introduced themselves to them. Good grief, you're no different from God of Oceans, why in the heck am I becoming your guardian Hey, come here!]

[Eh? Ah, God of Disasters?]

[W- What's going on all of a sudden?]

Shea suddenly appears and grabs Sky and Gaia, forcefully pulling them away from the scene. In response to Sky and Gaia's bewildered inquiry, She responded with a heavy sigh.

[Haahhh, it's good that the Gods have been showing an inclination to interact with the Human Realm and Demon Realm since the White God Festival, but if they're going to interact with others, they should first learn common sense]

Originally being the eccentric one among the Gods, if one were to exclude the Low-ranking Gods assuming this is before Kaito came to this world, she was almost the only one who actively engaged with the Human Realm and Demon Realm, often enjoying shopping in her spare time.

Therefore, in terms of how she treats commoners, she's one of the most sensible Gods, and noticing early on that Greene and Anne were in awe because of their presence, she had come to retrieve Sky and Gaia.

In the end, after telling Aoi and Hina to come and retrieve them later, Shea left the scene, pulling Sky and Gaia with her.


Serious-senpai : [Come to think of it, even during Vier or rather, during the Demon Lord arc, she was shopping in the city normally, so I suppose Shea was the only one who, regardless of Kaito's influence, was naturally friendly and actively engaged with the Humans and Demons]

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