First Immortal of the Sword - C.1365 – Threats

First Immortal of the Sword

C.1365 – Threats

The area around the Goldendawn Ritual Grounds was in complete chaos.

This was supposed to be the Yun Family’s day of celebration. Colorful lanterns hung all over the place, and the seats were packed with illustrious guests. Yet now, as Su Yi broke free of the formation and slew Wei Changfu of the Profound Divinity Sword House, the entire venue was in disarray.

Terrified shrieks rang out repeatedly. The distant onlookers retreated in terror for fear of being swept into the chaos. Meanwhile, ordinary members of the Yun Family were completely at a loss. They scampered about as aimlessly as headless flies.

Su Yi disregarded all of this. He just gripped the Sword of the Human Realm, shot into the air, and slashed at Yun Changhong.


A massive impact rang out. Yun Changhong had only just summoned a defensive treasure, but it immediately exploded. Sword qi ran rampant, sending him flying. It was just one attack, but it left him with heavy injuries, and his entire body gushed blood.

Ruan Caizhi attacked, drawing a sword surrounded in colorful, flowing light in an attempt to intercept Su Yi. “Cut!”

She was a moving beauty in rainbow raiment. She looked young, but in truth, she was a terrifying expert of the Cloud Soaring Realm. When she attacked, sword qi whooshed through the air. Indomitable immortal light scattered.

“Break!” Su Yi snorted coldly, and the Sword of the Human Realm manifested the outline of the Samsara Domain. Sword intent blotted out the sun, forcefully stopping Ruan Caizhi’s attempt at interception and sending her staggering on her feet.

Ruan Caizhi knit her brow, her pretty face utterly solemn.

However, she didn’t retreat. Instead, she advanced, swinging her sword and attacking with increased ferocity.


The entire stretch of sky crumbled. A wave of sword qi burst forth.

She was indeed a terrifying woman. Her attainments in the Dao of the Sword astonished the heavens and shook the earth. They were far beyond what revenants of the Dao Integration Realm were capable of.

However, Su Yi had fought more than ten old-timers of the Cloud Soaring Realm back at the Violet Heavens Platform. He naturally understood what they were capable of.

He had to admit that they were truly strong. Still, they weren’t enough to force him to go all out. The crux of the matter was that they were still subject to a backlash from the Laws. They had to rely on secret treasures to wander the world.

This significantly reduced their strength. There was no getting around it.

Furthermore, the power of reincarnation was a threat even to Cloud Soaring Realm revenants. It might not be lethal, but it was enough to force them to be careful!

Still, they were strong. Thus, both when he slew Wei Changfu earlier and when he fought Ruan Caizhi now, Su Yi didn’t hold back. He used the Sword of the Nine Hells to circulate the power of reincarnation!

Within just a few breaths of time, Ruan Caizhi was forced back. Soon, she wouldn’t be able to fend him off.

This left her both furious and alarmed. She felt incomparably stifled.

The restriction of the Laws left her only capable of displaying about forty percent of her strength. Otherwise, how could a mere Cosmic Enlightenment World King have pushed her into such a wretched state?

The most hateful part was that his power of reincarnation was so terrifying that she dared not block it head-on. She had to fight with the utmost caution.

She felt as if she were a block of ice, and Su Yi’s power of reincarnation was a blazing hot furnace. Even the slightest contact risked melting her.

“Changhong, lead our clansmen to the forbidden grounds on the back mountain. Quickly!” Yun Huantian’s voice suddenly rang out.

As it echoed through the air, Yun Huantian led over ten Transcendents against Su Yi. Their momentum was fierce and powerful, and all of them worked together, drawing upon the strongest methods at their disposal to surround and attack Su Yi.


The battle raged with renewed intensity. Heaven and earth swayed.

Goldendawn Divine Mountain was the Yun Family’s ancestral ground. It was covered with too many mighty and unfathomable formations to count.

Yet as the battle raged, these formations broke, one after another. This left the mountain unprotected. The aftermath of the battle shook its slopes, which crumbled and broke. Its innumerable buildings collapsed.

As far as the eye could see, everything lay in ruin!

And beneath the dome of heaven, Su Yi stood alone, sword in hand, locked in fierce combat with a group of Transcendents.

He wasn’t just not suppressed. No, as time passed, his terrifying combat prowess suppressed his opponents.

“Die!” Su Yi leaped and swung his sword in fury. Unstoppable sword light swept forth, like the river of stars pouring onto the world below.

Wherever it passed, all manner of treasures shattered. Even several of the Yun Family’s experts couldn’t dodge in time. All of them were slain on the spot.

Blood splattered the blue dome of heaven!

“He’s too strong!” The onlookers hiding in the distance felt chills course through their entire bodies. It was as if they’d been plunged into an icy abyss.

A Cloud Soaring expert was working with Yun Huantian’s group of around a dozen Transcendents, yet it seemed they wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Su Yi was forcing them back!

They thought that they could trap the Temple Master with the power of that Immortal Dao sword formation, and that they could effortlessly kill him with Divine Purple. In the end, none of that came to pass, sighed Li Zhong.

He’d witnessed Su Yi fending off a dozen Cloud Soaring Transcendents with his own two eyes.

He was naturally keenly aware that in addition to Su Yi’s heaven-defying strength and mastery over reincarnation, he had yet another utterly terrifying trump card. Otherwise, how could he have destroyed Divine Purple so easily? How could that incredible formation have broken beneath a single strike?


The power of reincarnation manifested as an illusion of the Six Paths, blanketing heaven and earth. Several Transcendents perished immediately.

One’s physical body exploded, followed by his soul.

Another had a hole drilled through his throat, destroying him in body and soul.

Another tried to flee, only for boundless sword qi to wash over him, exploding the surrounding skies and him with it.

It was as if bloody visions of purgatory were unfolding here in the Human Realm!

“Retreat——! Hurry up and flee!” bellowed Yun Huantian. His hair was disheveled, and his entire body was covered in blood as he and Ruan Caizhi led the remaining Transcendents to the Yun Family’s forbidden ground.

Su Yi naturally wouldn’t let up here. He instantly gave chase.

Immortal light permeated the air around the Yun Family’s back mountain.


When Su Yi arrived, terrifying firelight burst forth, filling the air with talisman markings of the Immortal Dao. When they descended, the air collapsed beneath them.

Terrifying destructive power made even Su Yi’s gaze focus, and he shifted out of the way.

The place he’d been standing just moments prior caught ablaze. The surrounding ten thousand feet of sky split, and even the nearby stretch of mountain melted into nothingness.

Yun Huantian, Ruan Caizhi, and the others seized this opportunity to flee to safety on the back mountain’s forbidden grounds.

The onlookers were all wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

The Temple Master fought alone, in Yun Family territory, yet he’d left the Yun Family scampering for refuge in their forbidden grounds.

If word got out, who’d dare believe it?

The landscape lay in ruin. The ground was riddled with scars. Aside from the back mountain, the place they saw as their forbidden ground, most of Goldendawn Divine Mountain, a famous blessed land for cultivation, lay in ruin!

Winds howled past, full of the pungent stench of bloodshed.

Su Yi didn’t have so much as a hair out of place. His blue robes fluttered around him as his sword intent connected heaven and earth!

Just as he was about to fight his way into the back mountain, an infuriated roar rang out. “Temple Master! Don’t tell me you don’t care about this old cripple’s life!?”

Within the forbidden grounds of the back mountain, a place covered in dense layers of formations, immortal light poured down like a waterfall.

Within the safety of the formations, Family Head Yun Changhong’s face was ashen as he raised a bony old man into the air.

The old man’s white hair was disheveled, and his features were sunken. Chains as thick as thumbs bound him, passing through his flesh and leaving him riddled with wounds. It was a startling sight.

Old Cripple Wei!

This was the servant who’d accompanied the Temple Master from a young age, sticking by his side every step of the way on his journey to the top!

He was also Wei Shan’s foster father!

But now, his eyes were turbid, and he raised his head with great difficulty. When he saw that figure standing proudly beneath the dome of heaven, he looked a bit dazed.

A moment later, he grinned and said in a quavering voice, “Young Master.”

His voice was raspy and unbearably weak. His wounds were obviously severe, and he was obviously in peril, but his gaunt, aged face was full of delight and gratification.

The honorific “young master” sent a ripple through Su Yi’s heart, and he felt a twinge in his nose.

The Temple Master had a free, unrestrained disposition. He lived without reservation, unafraid of death and defeat. Even so, there were people he cared about prior to his reincarnation.

Like Wei Shan and Qing Tang.

As for Old Wei? Although he was “just” an old servant, he had an altogether different position in the Temple Master’s heart. He was like family, an elder he’d grown up with.

When Su Yi spoke with the Temple Master manifested of his Dao Imprint, the Temple Master’s last request before he faded was that Su Yi look after Old Wei.

Seeing Old Wei in such a miserable state left Su Yi extremely displeased. His gaze frosted over.

After a moment’s silence, he said, “Let Old Wei go, and this incident can end here.”

His voice boomed throughout heaven and earth. It was full of incontrovertible power.

Within the back mountain’s forbidden grounds, the experts of the Yun Family let out an obvious sigh of relief. All of them could tell that as powerful as the Temple Master was, he’d chosen to take a step back!

This told them that they really could use Old Wei to threaten him.

“Let him go? Sure. But you must pay for what’s happened here today, Temple Master!” said Yun Changhong, his face ashen and his voice icy.

“That’s right. If you think we’ll let him go without you first paying for your transgressions, you’re dreaming!” Yun Huantian said murderously.

Their clan had already suffered innumerable casualties, and even Goldendawn Divine Mountain, their ancestral ground, lay in ruin. Their losses couldn’t have been any more grievous.

When had anything like this ever befallen them? Never! All of them suppressed a bellyful of fire!

It was then that Li Zhong walked over and said coldly, “Everyone, Fellow Daoist Su has already agreed to show mercy. This is a rare opportunity to smooth things over. I urge you not to let it go to waste!”

“Smooth things over?” Ruan Caizhi snorted. “Li Zhong, don’t think your connection to Mo Qingchou means you can get mixed up in this! Hear me: there’s no way Profound Divinity Sword House will let Su Yi off scott-free either!”

Li Zhong frowned, but just as he was about to say something, Su Yi waved for silence. Li Zhong promptly shut his mouth.

But then, Old Wei said, “Young Master, everyone knows you’ve never lowered your head in the face of others’ threats!”

He faced the distant Su Yi, his aged face utterly calm as he said slowly and clearly, “I’d rather die than see you back down on my account!”

His voice echoed throughout the entire area. His decisive attitude left many of the onlookers visibly impressed.


Yun Changhong slapped Old Wei across the face, his tone sinister. “Old bastard! Is this any time for you to talk? Shut your mouth and stay put!”

As he spoke, he tightened his grip, sealing off Old Wei’s senses and leaving him too weak to even speak.

When Su Yi saw this, his gaze grew incomparably icy, and his pent-up fury was on the verge of exploding. Appalling bloodlust billowed around his entire body.

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