Falling in Love Online with an Ancient General - C.17


Yan Chi and Na Muqi turned around and saw Qin Yuchuan with a stern look on his face. They then realized that they were currently outside Qin Yuchuan's tent.

So their conversation just now must have been overheard, as they hadn't lowered their voices at all.

Yan Chi lowered his head, "General, I admit my mistake, and I will accept my punishment immediately."

Na Muqi looked at Yan Chi. His attitude in admitting his fault was commendable, and he had already washed the dishes, so what punishment would he receive? They would have to wait until evening.

After Yan Chi left, Na Muqi wanted to negotiate with Qin Yuchuan. He was almost fifty years old, and if he had to wash dishes, the whole camp would know about it. He had his pride to maintain.

"General, let's discuss this. Could we consider a different form of punishment?"

"No." Qin Yuchuan had no intention of negotiating and walked into the tent without looking back.

Na Muqi followed him in. Punishment was inevitable, but he wanted to understand the situation with the small box.

"General, you have been receiving your meals from the small box recently. I hope your health hasn't been affected?"

Qin Yuchuan looked up at him. Was he suspecting that Feng Qingyi had poisoned him?

Seeing Qin Yuchuan's hostile gaze, Na Muqi quickly explained.

"General, I'm just concerned about your health. Perhaps we should have the army doctor examine you."

"No need, she would never harm me." He trusted her. If she truly wanted to poison him, he would have been dead countless times already, especially since she personally prepared his meals every day.

Seeing Qin Yuchuan's insistence, Na Muqi didn't press further. "General, since the small box provides meals, why don't you improve the rations for the troops as well?"

"This matter should not be discussed openly. The meals do not appear out of thin air. Do not speak of this again."

She already worked hard to prepare his meals every day. Even if she agreed, he would not allow her to make so many more meals.

Na Muqi asked, "If the meals do not appear out of thin air, then has the General encountered some fortuitous opportunity?"

"Indeed, as I told you before, this object allows me to communicate over vast distances. It is no exaggeration. My ability to receive these things is a gift from the person with whom I can communicate across great distances."

Qin Yuchuan didn't intend to hide this from Na Muqi, who was well-traveled and someone he could trust, and who might be able to provide assistance.

"So when the General was talking to the small box earlier, he was conversing with the person inside it." Everything made sense now.

Qin Yuchuan nodded, "Precisely."

"Is the person the General communicates with over great distances a man or a woman, and where do they reside?" Na Muqi was curious now.

"She is a beautiful young lady." Whenever mentioning Qingyi, Qin Yuchuan's mood visibly brightened.

Na Muqi had seen a lot in his life, and from Qin Yuchuan's expression, it was clear that he was interested in this young lady.

"General, do you know her identity? She might be from another country, trying to obtain intelligence from you."

Na Muqi was wary, as over the years, many had tried to take advantage of Qin Yuchuan.

Some were even princesses from other countries, attempting to forcibly take Qin Yuchuan as their husband.

Seeing Na Muqi's suspicion about Qingyi's identity, Qin Yuchuan was displeased.

"She would never do that. She and I do not belong to the same world."

Na Muqi was surprised. Not belonging to the same world? Then where was she from?

"What are the General's thoughts about this young lady?"

Although the General didn't show it openly, his words seemed to be protective of her.

But for now, they could only communicate through the small box. If the General truly grew fond of her one day, how would they interact?

Perhaps he should take this opportunity to sever their connection!

A man like the General could only be matched with noble ladies from prestigious Shengjing families. This young lady of unknown origins could not become an obstacle for the General.

Qin Yuchuan pondered for a moment, "I have no particular thoughts."

"General, in my opinion, this small box is not of this world. All things in this world follow their own rules, and it should not exist here. It should be destroyed."

"The General should not become infatuated with this young lady because of her small favors. General, you are the Tianqi war god and should not be bound by petty personal affairs..."

Before Na Muqi could finish, Qin Yuchuan interrupted him.

"I know my boundaries. You need not concern yourself with this."

He had thought Na Muqi could provide assistance, but it seemed he had thought too much.

Na Muqi knew Qin Yuchuan was angry, but he had to say, "If the General cannot bring himself to do it, I am willing to take care of it."

"Na Muqi, I respect you as my military advisor, but please be mindful of your position. Leave now." Qin Yuchuan's voice carried an unexplainable anger.

Na Muqi had followed him for many years and could be considered his right-hand man. He was highly educated, skilled in martial arts, and could serve as both an advisor and a general.

Over the years, he had become one of the few people Qin Yuchuan trusted. But he never expected Na Muqi to want to destroy the phone.

Qin Yuchuan took out the phone and examined it carefully. Since he could see characters on it that others couldn't, this must be a fortuitous opportunity. If he didn't want to, who could take this object from him?

After returning to his tent, Na Muqi kept thinking about how to obtain the small box from Qin Yuchuan.

His martial arts skills were decent, but he was no match for Qin Yuchuan. In fact, few in this camp or even this realm were a match for him. Taking it by force was impossible, so he would have to use his wits.

Yan Chi and Yan Yang were Qin Yuchuan's personal guards and could get close to him, so perhaps they could obtain the box.

Na Muqi immediately went to find Yan Chi, but due to the punishment incident, Yan Chi had unilaterally cut ties with Na Muqi. If it weren't for him, Yan Chi wouldn't have suffered such a fate today.

Although Yan Chi was initially at fault, others were also involved in the gambling that day. Yan Chi felt a sense of injustice and refused to cooperate.

Seeing Yan Chi's unwillingness, Na Muqi had no choice but to approach Yan Yang.

Because of the potato chip incident, Yan Yang currently despised both Na Muqi and Yan Chi. As soon as Na Muqi entered Yan Yang's tent, he was kicked out.

Na Muqi could only bribe Yan Yang with the few remaining beef jerky strips, and Yan Yang accepted, swearing to complete the task.

However, not long after Na Muqi left, Yan Yang ran to Qin Yuchuan's tent.

"General, Na Muqi asked me to steal your small box from you. He bribed me with beef jerky."

Qin Yuchuan looked at him disdainfully, "What do you want to say?"

"General, I'm your guard, so naturally I listen to you. That's why I've come to report to you. Can you give me some more...?"

Before Yan Yang could finish speaking, Qin Yuchuan threw him a bag of potato chips.

Yan Yang happily hugged the potato chips, "Thank you, General. I will definitely report anything else to you promptly in the future."

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