Falling in Love Online with an Ancient General - C.14


Yan Chi nodded, "But are you sure there won't be any danger?"

"The general has grown to this age, how could he have no sense of vigilance? You're underestimating him." Na Muqi patted Yan Chi's shoulder.

Yan Yang muttered softly from the side: "That food seems very fragrant, can I go and snatch a bit?"

"All you can think about every day is eating. Hurry up and do what you're supposed to do." Yan Chi gave Yan Yang a glance.

This guy was never enthusiastic about working, but he loved to be first when it came to eating.

Inside the command tent, after finishing his noon meal, Qin Yuchuan received a message from Feng Qingyi.

[Qingyi: We're out of bowls at home, so we had to use plates.]

[Qingyi: My brother thought a bowl thief had broken in and stolen them, it cracked me up!]

[Yuchuan: Sorry, I'm really troubling you too much.]

[Qingyi: No worries, bowls and chopsticks don't cost much. I'll go to the supermarket this afternoon and buy some.]

[Qingyi: If there's anything you'd like to eat, you can let me know. I can make whatever I can buy.]

[Yuchuan: Are the daily meals I'm sent made by you?]

[Qingyi: The first one was made by my brother, but after that they were all made by me. Is the taste not very good?]

[Yuchuan: Not at all, your cooking skills are excellent.]

[Qingyi: I think so too, since I've been independent from a young age.]

[Qingyi: I heard you say before that you're going back to the capital city.]

[Yuchuan: I'll be setting off tomorrow.]

[Qingyi: Oh, how long will it take you to get back?]

[Yuchuan: Around half a month.]

In ancient times, transportation was so inconvenient. By the time he got back, she would have already started school.

[Qingyi: Then I wish you a smooth journey.]

[Yuchuan: Mm.]

[Qingyi: When you return to the capital, I'll probably have started school. I usually eat at the cafeteria, so I won't be able to send you meals anymore. Of course, if you don't mind cafeteria food, I can buy you a portion as well.]

Through his chat with Feng Qingyi, Qin Yuchuan concluded that her family was not wealthy.

The number of bowls and chopsticks in her home was limited, and they didn't seem to have any servants. She did all the cooking herself. Although the daily meals were delicious, they were not as lavish compared to wealthy households.

The daughters of prominent families in Shengjing City rarely learned cooking skills. They only needed to study instruments, chess, calligraphy, poetry, songs and lyrics. Culinary skills were not something they needed to consider.

He could not compensate her at the moment. If he still asked her to spend money buying food for him, it would be unreasonable.

[Yuchuan: There's no need. You've already helped me tremendously during this period. Just focus on your studies when you start school.]

[Yuchuan: If you need any assistance, you can contact me.]

[Qingyi: Okay, is there anything you'd like to eat tonight?]

[Yuchuan: I'm not picky. I enjoy everything you make.]

Although it was just ordinary household fare, he really enjoyed it!

[Qingyi: I'm not sure what to make recently either. I'll buy some ingredients while I'm out buying bowls this afternoon. I'll video call you then, and you can take a look and let me know if there's anything you'd like.]

[Yuchuan: Alright.]

[Qingyi: I'll be going around 3:30 PM, I'll give you a video call then.]

[Yuchuan: Mm.]

After chatting with Qin Yuchuan, Feng Qingyi checked the points she had accumulated in the Mysterious Store—140 already.

These few days, they would chat for a bit every day, though it was mostly just small talk about trivial matters.

But Qin Yuchuan was undoubtedly a great conversation partner. He was very tactful and a good listener.

Chatting with him was quite interesting, even though it was mostly her asking and him answering.

Seeing that she had enough points to purchase a new item, Feng Qingyi spent 100 points from the Mysterious Store to buy the Introductory Martial Arts Course.

After making the purchase, a virtual course app appeared on her phone's home screen. Feng Qingyi tapped it and saw the course she had bought.

She read through the course introduction and learning methods, then was surprised to discover that she could actually enter the virtual classroom in person to learn.

What high-tech was this? It was too incredible!

Feng Qingyi decided to try it out. After entering the classroom, she saw her martial arts teacher, dressed in white robes with his dark hair tied up, looking just like a Taoist lord from a wuxia drama.

"From today onwards, you are my student. Learning martial arts is a long process that cannot be rushed. So starting from now, for one shichen (two hours) every day, I will personally teach you until you complete the entire content of this course."

"...One shichen?" That was two whole hours. By the time she went to school, where would she find that much time?

She had chosen to major in applied mathematics in university, and her schedule was almost fully packed. If she really had to find the time, she might have to stay up late and wake up early.

"Is there a problem?"

Feng Qingyi said, "Does this one shichen have to be continuous?"

"You can arrange the time yourself. I'm available at any time."

"Okay, then let's begin now!" Feng Qingyi felt a little excited.

However, since she had never learned anything related to martial arts before, by the end of the first day's lesson, she was completely exhausted.

If not for the Body Strengthening Pellet she had taken earlier, she felt like she might have collapsed.

Still, it was a course she had spent points to purchase, and the teacher was very professional too. Although she was quite tired, maybe the skills would come in handy someday in the future.

After the two-hour lesson ended, Feng Qingyi took a shower and lay on the bed.

But she didn't get to rest for long before it was time for her to go grocery shopping, since she had promised to video call Qin Yuchuan.

Although it was just a trip to the supermarket, Feng Qingyi still got a bit dressed up, putting on some simple makeup and carrying a small bag before heading out.

Once she reached the ground floor, Feng Qingyi gave Qin Yuchuan a video call while putting on her earphones.

"Hi! Good afternoon! I just got to the ground floor. It'll probably take around ten to fifteen minutes to get to the supermarket, about a quarter of an hour."

Qin Yuchuan held his phone, staring at the girl on the screen. Today, she was wearing a pink dress with a crystal hairband, looking especially gentle.

"Okay, watch your path."

Feng Qingyi switched to the rear camera. "Let me show you the streets around here. With this weather, there aren't many people out since it's so hot."

"If you have any questions, just ask me directly," Feng Qingyi said, seeing that Qin Yuchuan hadn't spoken for a while.

Qin Yuchuan looked at the vehicles on the road and asked, "What are those things running on the road?"

"Those are cars, equivalent to the horse carriages in ancient times, but much faster than horse carriages. It's not unusual for them to travel thousands of miles in a day."

Traveling thousands of miles in a day, what a speed that was, Qin Yuchuan was somewhat surprised.

Feng Qingyi didn't wait for Qin Yuchuan to continue asking questions and began introducing on her own.

"These are shops lining the street, selling all kinds of things, but clothing stores are more common in this area. There's a breakfast place here, their pulled noodles taste quite good, and I'd like to eat breakfast here tomorrow morning."

"The weather outside is too hot, it feels like being in a steamer. Summer is almost over, yet the temperature is still in the 30s..."

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