Emperor's Domination (Web Novel) - C.5869: Hexa-Epoch Physique

Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)

C.5869: Hexa-Epoch Physique

Although Trinity Epoch was replaced, it was not destroyed like the others. Therefore, its power far exceeded Divine Beast or anything else, not to mention its unending life force.

Meanwhile, the five overlords continued to pour more power into Elder Galaxy, causing its aura to take over.

It shouldered everything in existence, whether it be life force or desires from the mortals to the dao and countless laws. They couldn’t see Elder Galaxy but still sensed its immensity and presence.

It stretched outward, becoming far larger than just the six continents and Eight Desolaces. Perhaps it could contain epochs, not just the present one.

Timelines became distorted - the past, present, and future existed together. Because of this, previous epochs also appeared - Machine, Crimsonheaven, Trinity...

The more ancient ones also emerged, including those that have been destroyed. As one traced back in time long enough, vestiges were seen - proofs of their existence.

“Boom!” The overlords channeled this power of Elder Galaxy toward Epoch’s End.

“Minimization!” The small dwarf released epoch laws from his body, causing the phenomenon started by Elder Galaxy to shrink.

As worlds and epochs became smaller, he seemed to become larger - this was just an optical illusion since he had them floating around him.

“Crack!” Muscles and bones shattered, unable to endure the power of Elder Galaxy.

“Boom!” He exploded and caused spectators to gasp. Did the overlord overestimate himself and explode?

The answer came subsequently as time and space from Elder Galaxy began morphing into him. This new vessel could endure all the power of the heavenly treasure.

Unlike his previous one, this form was massive with hands capable of holding the boundless expanse within Elder Galaxy.

“Everlasting epochs...” He chanted and took control of the treasure. A timeless derivation process was initiated and more epochs appeared on the river of time.

Divine Beast, Crimsonheaven, Machine, Desolate...

“Six epochs to form an eternity!” He spewed out the dao mysteries that he had devoured and absorbed.

These six epochs became resplendent again with living beings materializing into existence. Their power swept through the river of time, capable of sending overlords flying and reducing them to bits.

“Unending cycles beneath my whims!” He took absolute control over them.

“Rumble!” The temporal river was shaken by devastating blasts as the six epochs approached Epoch’s End.

He stood on the river of time with them hovering behind him, empowered by the forces of the heavenly treasure.

Temporal affinities poured into his feet - the passageway for the epochs to boost him. The past, present, and future were all connected - forming a perfect power cycle.

“Boom!” Seven Nights Epoch trembled beneath his newfound might.

“Hexa-epoch Physique!” He murmured softly - the first words of the new lord.

He was no longer a tiny dwarf but someone surpassing perhaps even epoch lords.

The others shuddered after seeing his apex form. This physique took him to the next level, one far surpassing his previous cultivation.

Before this, any of them thought that they could fight him evenly. This was no longer the case.

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