Emperor's Domination (Web Novel) - C.5868: Because You Won’t Live Past Today

Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)

C.5868: Because You Won’t Live Past Today

“Enough talking, we’ll see who will win.” Epoch’s End shouted.

He saw through Li Qiye, unlike Voraious Leviathan. Given Li Qiye’s efforts in the last epoch, there was no way he would spare them. The guy didn’t seek flesh or treasure - only their destruction.

“Who will win?” Li Qiye smiled: “How are you mustering this last drop of confidence? There is no hope left, either commit suicide and regain your dignity or I will kill and refine all of you back to the world.”

The group snorted upon hearing this. If they could do something such as an honorable suicide, they wouldn’t be living this type of borrowed life until now.

“You will refine us?” Voracious remained skeptical.

“What else would I do? This trap was made not so that I can devour you, after all, your flesh is too filthy for my taste.” Li Qiye said.

The group’s expression soured after hearing this.

“You all are dwellers in the darkness, becoming abominations for the sake of living, lunging forward at the first sight of flesh, how disgusting.” Li Qiye continued while shaking his head: “Cultivation is a proud path of rising against the heaven but you have trampled on it. You could have lived and died as the highest beings of nobility but instead, you became the most wretched existences.”

The group recalled the days when they were apex existences who had fought countless battles. Although they have changed completely, they didn’t appreciate his sharp insults.

“You are too young still.” Epoch’s End said: “Don’t be so quick to run your mouth for one day, you will fall to the darkness just like us.”

“Incorrect.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I am not a savior or even a good person, just a murderer whose hands are stained with blood. I can massacre the world but I won’t abandon myself, resorting to such wretched means to stay alive.”

“You!” The overlords trembled with rage, still having pride and arrogance after falling into the darkness.

“You don’t have to worry about falling because you won’t live past today.” Epoch’s End declared.

“I believe you are the only one still having confidence.” Li Qiye smiled: “Come, come, I will give you a chance to prove yourself with your ace card.”

“Let’s do this.” Epoch’s End gritted his teeth and told the group.

They stared at him in confusion after having given up. He was the only one with confidence left.

“What do we do?” Voracious asked.

“You assist them.” He told Voracious before speaking to the others: “Use the heavenly treasure to reverse time for me.”

“Very well.” The others agreed, clinging to this last possibility after Derivation’s failure.

“Activate!” The four channeled their vitality and power into Celestial Palace, activating Elder Galaxy.

Primal had the purest bloodline among the four. Its activation painted the epoch with a red shade while it poured into the palace.

“Buzz.” Imperial Progenitor’s grand dao evolved continuously, creating passages from the various dao of the world to the palace. This resulted in majestic torrents of power surging into a single spot.

Dao Ancestor roared and summoned the dao of the nine scriptures behind him. He raised his hand and commanded them to empower the palace.

Unlike his allies, Stonesplitter’s phenomena weren’t as flashy. He summoned all of his weapons and harnessed the power of metal and sharpness from the rest of the world.

The four didn’t hold back in their effort to activate Elder Galaxy. The palace resembled a bottomless abyss, capable of taking all they had to offer.

“I will help you!” Voracious became resplendent as his Epoch Scales released the images of divine beasts again.

This power entered Elder Galaxy and the accumulation became enough to open an epoch.

“Boom!” This epoch’s aura was purer and filled with life, far more majestic than Voracious’ dead epoch.

Trinity Epoch has returned.

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