Emperor's Domination (Web Novel) - C.5867: Death Comes For All

Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)

C.5867: Death Comes For All

Although emperors dominated during their reigns, there existed an unsurpassable gap between them and the overlords.

Certain emperors such as World and Profound had no respect for these overlords, but the latter was still imperious and unreachable. Most emperors didn’t look down on them until now with Voracious’ begging.

This affected the three immortals the most. The trio, for better or worse, had the privilege of knowing the existence of the overlords.

They revered these beings who truly stood at the apex. Alas, Voracious’ lack of honor and other events recently shattered the light of the overlords in their minds.

Of course, Voracious didn’t care for public opinion. He could devour all the spectators in one gulp - why would a dragon in the sky care about the ants below? Nothing else mattered as long as he could stay alive.

“Are you serious? If sparing you was an option, his path would have been different.” Epoch’s End sneered.

“The crow will not spare us, we can only fight to the death.” Primal said.

“If it comes down to it, we can implode and bring him down with us.” Imperial Progenitor said.

Listeners shuddered after hearing this. An emperor imploding was destructive enough, but all these overlords at once? That would be the end of the world.

“What would you do for my mercy?” Li Qiye suddenly remarked.

The overlords became emotional and exchanged glances. Although they told Voracious that he was foolish, this was because they understood Li Qiye’s intention. However, this possibility certainly tempted them.

In reality, they would do anything in exchange for living longer.

“State your demand.” Voracious abandoned the pride of an overlord since he wanted to live the most out of the group.

“There is a more entertaining method.” Li Qiye stroked his chin and said: “All of you fight, the survivor will be spared.”

The suggestion stirred the group and their eyes turned cold, seemingly gazing through space. They immediately retreated from each other since there was no trust among them.

Voracious, in particular, had a murderous gaze, seemingly ready to devour everything.

“Idiots!” Epoch’s End shouted: “There will be no survivor if we fight among ourselves!”

“He’s right, even if Dark Crow were to spare someone, it would be a fate worse than death, permanent captivity in agony.” Imperial Progenitor agreed.

“Our only path is one of solidarity, do not waver.” Dao Ancestor said.

A glimmer of hope made their heart beat faster but after thinking twice, logic pulled them back. Although they had no qualms about killing these overlords, the survivor’s fate wouldn’t be any better.

“This is the consequence of falling, your dao heart wavers so easily.” Li Qiye said: “For the sake of survival, you will pay any price and abandon all else. This was inevitable the moment your dao heart broke, unable to handle the slightest adversity and only seek to preserve yourself.”

“Who among us hasn’t had a near-death experience?” Epoch’s End uttered coldly.

“Whilst that is true for you all to reach this point, the longer you live, the more afraid of death you become. Pride and dignity no longer matter.” Li Qiye smiled.

“As if you wouldn’t struggle to stay alive.” Primal sneered.

“I do struggle along the path, yes, but I will continue to be me, I will not sell myself for the sake of survival, that is the difference between us.” Li Qiye said.

“The winner takes all, they can rewrite reason and logic as well.” Imperial Progenitor said.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye answered: “Your brother, Divine Ancestor, although he wailed in agony before death, did he ask for mercy? No, his unwavering determination remained, something truly noble compared to your pitiful lives.”

“Hmph, at least we are still alive, he is nothing now.” Primal said.

“Death is fair, that is the final destination for all of us, it’s just a matter of time. Divine Ancestor is gone, everyone else will be gone, your group is no exception.” Li Qiye smiled.

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