Emperor's Domination (Web Novel) - C.5866: There Is A Win-win Solution

Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)

C.5866: There Is A Win-win Solution

Li Qiye could be seen holding a bundle of light amidst the shattered pieces of Derivation. They squirmed and came together, causing spectators to be nauseous.

Li Qiye tossed the light up into the air and it gracefully separated into countless rays, pinning the little pieces to the ground. This scene resembled a fairy throwing flowers on the ground - an image often depicted in mortals’ tales.

With another hand wave, he pushed billions and billions of miles of space back, capable of sending anyone flying. This included all the overlords and their weapons.

“Bam!” The primordial power struck the overlords and drew blood, leaving the crowd speechless.

The overlords of the most brilliant epochs didn’t seem able to stop Li Qiye’s primordial wave. He made them feel like ants for once, suffering grievous injuries to both their body and pride.

Once they got up, they stared at him in disbelief. This was his true strength.

Epoch’s End and Voracious Leviathan felt despair, ceasing the thought of beating him when all seven worked together.

The group’s expression soured dramatically as they had cold sweat all over. The scent of death approached - something they hadn’t felt in a long time after reaching the overlord level and successfully hiding from tribulations.

There was always hope of survival regardless of the situation. Alas, this spark was being extinguished by Li Qiye.

“You were hiding your strength.” Epoch’s End turned pale.

“There’s no need for me to hide, the problem is not having a capable opponent.” Li Qiye shook his head.

His casual declaration echoed thunderously in everyone’s ears. They wholeheartedly agreed with him because at this point, supreme overlords couldn’t stop one move.

Alas, the overlords didn’t buy it, speculating that he hid his power to draw them out. If he had shown this much power in the beginning, Voracious and Epoch’s End would have kept on hiding.

They only came out after seeing him being suppressed by the tribulations and the five overlords, wanting to split the soup.

Now, they trembled in fear despite talking about fighting to the end. They have slumbered and hid for so long for a single reason - the fear of death.

“There’s a win-win solution.” Voracious suddenly said.

“What?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Show mercy and spare me, I will plead loyalty to you.” Voracious begged for forgiveness.

During his epoch, he concocted a sinister plan of ambushing the mature divine beasts of his epoch. He devoured them first and the rest of the epoch too quickly for the rest of the overlords to react.

The devoured living creatures and divine beasts allowed him to live until now, showing no sign of vitality depletion. For the sake of survival, he devoured his epoch. What else wouldn’t he do for this goal? Thus, begging Li Qiye for mercy was not a big deal at all.

Spectators took a deep breath upon seeing this. They felt insignificant compared to the overlords but at the very least, they were willing to fight to the very end instead of begging the enemies.

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