Desolate Devouring Art - C.237 - Killing

Desolate Devouring Art

C.237 - Killing

In the past six months, Liu Wuxie had faced numerous adversaries, but this was the first time he encountered such a presumptuous foe who audaciously demanded that he take his own life.

“Neither. I choose the third option instead, which is to kill you two and throw your corpses down the mountain,” Liu Wuxie said with murderous intent, sweeping out as the Heretic Blade appeared in his hand.

Wang Xinming was furious because no one had dared to speak to him in this manner over the years in the Imperial Academy, and Liu Wuxie was the first.

“Liu Wuxie, you have successfully enraged me. I will make you regret being alive!” Wang Xinming felt humiliated that someone dared to oppose him in the presence of so many people.

The atmosphere around them grew tense, and a group of about ten people ascended the mountain, curious about the commotion.

“Why is Wang Xinming picking a fight with Liu Wuxie?” The newly arrived students were perplexed. It was common knowledge that while Liu Wuxie could be ruthless, he was not known to be bloodthirsty.

Wang Xinming’s decision to confront Liu Wuxie and stir up trouble on his territory was unjustifiable from any perspective.

“It’s all because of that woman’s provocation. She approached me a few days ago, asking me to help her kill Liu Wuxie. If I agreed, she would become my maid, but I turned her down.” The surrounding chatter revealed that Wang Xinming wasn’t the first person Qi Ningyun had approached.

“I see!” Everyone finally grasped the situation. As for whether it was a mistake for Wang Xinming to antagonize Liu Wuxie over a woman? The answer would soon be revealed.

“Make your move. I still have other matters to attend to!” Liu Wuxie couldn’t be bothered to waste time with Wang Xinming. He was anyways being too impulsive to challenge Liu Wuxie for the sake of a woman he had just met.

This infuriated Wang Xinming, but Liu Wuxie had dismissed him. Liu Wuxie had never once considered him an adversary, which was akin to telling everyone that Wang Xinming wasn’t worth his time.

This form of ridicule was lethal, and this drove Wang Xinming to the edge of insanity. A longsword materialized in his hand, and he lunged forward, intending to behead Liu Wuxie in a fit of rage.

The sword was fast and soon reached Liu Wuxie. This brought a smile to Qi Ningyun’s face. She wanted this outcome, and it was best if they both perished. This way, she could avenge her father and break free from Wang Xinming.

Liu Wuxie remained stationary, allowing the sword to thrust towards his head. This shocked many onlookers because Wang Xinming was at the eighth level of the Marrow Cleansing Realm, unlike Yang Shuotian. If Liu Wuxie didn’t retaliate soon, it might be too late.

No one interfered and merely watched.

A cruel smile spread across Wang Xinming’s lips. The sword was mere inches from Liu Wuxie’s neck, and in his eyes, the latter was nothing more than a fly he could easily squash.

After all, Liu Wuxie was only in the second level of the Marrow Cleansing Realm, and he couldn’t recall how many people he had crushed in the same cultivation over the years.

When the sword was only a few inches away from his neck, he suddenly raised the Heretic Blade.

No one managed to keep up with the trajectory of his blade. It was as though Liu Wuxie merely raised his blade and waited for Wang Xinming to charge over.

The speed of Liu Wuxie swinging his blade was faster than lightning, a perfect fusion of form, power, and spirit. This was a formidable attack without any weaknesses.

Even if someone at the ninth level of the Marrow Cleansing Realm were to confront him, they would only meet their demise, let alone someone at the eighth level.

This was because Wang Xinming had underestimated Liu Wuxie from the very beginning, and by the time he realized his mistake, it was already too late. The aura of the blade sliced through his neck as he stood frozen in place.

Wang Xinming’s energy began to disappear, and he was reduced to a dried-up corpse in less than three breaths. This was brutal because the battle ended before Wang Xinming could let out a scream.

Recalling what Liu Wuxie had said earlier, everyone felt a chill. It wasn’t because Liu Wuxie was arrogant, but he genuinely didn’t take Wang Xinming as an opponent.

This was how an expert should look like, doing what they wanted without needing to explain or for anyone to accept.

Qi Ningyun’s smile froze on her face just when she wanted to burst out laughing. It was as though someone had choked her with her voice stuck.

After all, Wang Xinming was killed by Liu Wuxie with one strike.

The Heaven Grade students gathered nearby were also shocked and quickly ran away, fearing that Liu Wuxie might start a massacre. They no longer wanted to have anything to do with this matter.

“Qi Ningyun, your father deserved it, and he should have been dead a long time ago. To be honest, I had no intentions of killing you as it had nothing to do with you. But since you’re courting death, I’ll fulfill your wish.” Liu Wuxie said without a hint of emotion.

Ultimately, Qi Ningyun’s ability to locate Wang Xinming today suggested the possibility of someone else keeping out Liu Wuxie tomorrow. This would be nothing more than a nuisance. The most effective solution was to eliminate her, thereby addressing the issue at its core.

“Liu Wuxie, my brothers won’t let you go! They’re significant figures in the army, wielding authority. You’re doomed!” Qi Ningyun’s face distorted as she roared like a mad woman.

Knowing that she couldn’t escape, Qi Ningyun took out a dagger and stabbed herself in her heart. She would rather take her own life than die at Liu Wuxie’s hands.

As Qi Ningyun’s body gradually stiffened, Liu Wuxie remained expressionless. If Qi Ningyun’s brothers sought vengeance, he wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate them.

Tossing the two corpses down the mountain, Liu Wuxie returned to his cave.

Three days flashed by in an instant. Liu Wuxie rose early, donned fresh clothes, and made his way to Xu Lingxue’s courtyard.

To prevent unnecessary complications, Xu Lingxue arose early and left the courtyard. By the time Liu Wuxie arrived, she had been waiting for a while. After all, her master discovering Liu Wuxie’s visit could potentially spark another conflict.

Xu Lingxue looked stunning that day, causing Liu Wuxie’s eyes to light up at the sight of her. He was momentarily spellbound, admiring the light purple dress that accentuated her beauty.

Her skin was so fair that describing it as snowy white seemed inadequate; her faint smile revealed subtle dimples, adding a mix of allure and adorability.

Her rosy lips made the surroundings pale in comparison, and she looked like the center of the world just by standing there.

Retracting his gaze, Liu Wuxie wore a bitter smile. What was there to ask to have a wife like her? On the contrary, having such beauty as a wife would only attract wolves, and he didn’t know if this was good or bad.

“Have I kept you waiting?” Liu Wuxie rubbed his nose.

“Let’s go.”

The pair strolled alongside to the academy’s exit, drawing numerous glances. Everyone was mesmerized by this ideal couple, who seemed like a divine pairing.

But neither spoke as they hurried along and left the Imperial Academy. When they came out, Prince Ruyang’s men were already waiting outside.

A lavish carriage, flanked by proficient escorts, awaited them. Given the recent unrest in the Imperial City, Prince Ruyang had arranged for escorts to prevent potential assassination attempts.

“Young Master Liu, please!” A burly man approached and bowed in respect. He didn’t recognize Xu Lingxue but also gave her a bow, which pleased Liu Wuxie.

“Let’s move on!” Liu Wuxie and Xu Lingxue boarded the carriage, which swiftly left the academy grounds and sped towards the palace.

The journey was somewhat bumpy as Liu Wuxie and Xu Lingxue sat facing each other. This made Xu Lingxue feel somewhat uneasy as this was their first time sitting in such proximity.

Two hours later, the carriage halted at the palace gates, and they had to complete the rest of the journey on foot.

Liu Wuxie descended from the carriage and extended his hand to assist Xu Lingxue, who was wearing a form-fitting dress, in alighting from the carriage.

Many people gathered at the palace gate, waiting for the summons. They all looked over curiously when Liu Wuxie and Xu Lingxue arrived, wondering who could be personally escorted by this renowned general of the Great Yan Dynasty.

As the curtain was drawn back, a breathtaking beauty emerged. Instead of taking Liu Wuxie’s arm, she reached for his hand to steady herself as she stepped down from the carriage.

The softness of Xu Lingxue’s hand and the subtle warmth it radiated caused Liu Wuxie’s heart to flutter. This was the first time he had held her hand.

“What a beauty! Since when did such stunning beauty exist in the Great Yan Dynasty?” There was a commotion among the officials when Xu Lingxue appeared. They were all attracted to her regardless of their age.

This unwanted attention caused Xu Lingxue’s expression to frost over, clearly disliking the scrutiny.

In addition to the officials, young heirs of noble families were also present. Some were the progeny of generals, representing their fathers who were stationed at the borders.

Upon alighting from the carriage, Liu Wuxie and Xu Lingxue moved to a less crowded area where others were awaiting their summons.

Suddenly, a young man approached them. He was dressed in opulent attire, a jade pendant swaying at his waist, and a gem-studded headband signifying his wealth. At a single glance, it was evident that he was of extraordinary standing.

He ignored Liu Wuxie and approached Xu Lingxue. He introduced himself, “I am the son of the Minister of Justice, Yang Junxuan. May I know your name?”

The young man was the son of the Minister of Justice, a position of considerable importance, especially when compared to Xue Chunyu’s role as the Vice-Minister of Revenue. An individual of his stature would command respect, even from the five major clans.

Liu Wuxie stood by the side with a sneer because Yang Junxuan hadn’t taken a bat at him since he came, completely disregarding him.

“I already have a husband, and it’s inconvenient for me to tell you that.” Xue Lingxue didn’t have an overbearing personality and spoke tactfully, grabbing Liu Wuxie’s arm. She was trying to reject Yang Junxuan through her actions and didn’t want to embarrass him.

For the first time, the man turned to examine Liu Wuxie with a cruel smile.

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