Dao of the Bizarre Immortal - C.513 - Indoor


The illusion of a Sitting Oblivion Dao member’s face flashed with a hint of annoyance at the monk’s ridicule. He got up slowly and pretended to brush away the dust on himself before rubbing his left cheek.

“Boss Hong Zhong, you’re capable now. If you want to beat me up, then make me real. I'm already dead, so what can I do if you want to bully me? Can you kill me twice? Believe it or not, I was genuinely concerned about you just now. After all, we’re in the same boat. If you die, we’re all done for," the illusion of a Sitting Oblivion Dao member said, walking up to Li Huowang. He stared quietly at Li Huowang with the two holes in his face.

“Maybe we shouldn’t worry about Shai Zi for now. Let’s deal with the immediate trouble first, such as your problem of cultivating the 'Truth but not ‘Lies.'”

“You have to address that issue sooner rather than later, or you'll go mad before you can even deal with Boss Shai Zi."

Li Huowang was quiet.

The illusion added, “I don't think it's difficult. Boss Hong Zhong, our Sitting Oblivion Dao’s cultivation method of ‘Lies’ is clearly in your mind. Why do you insist on not cultivating it?”


Li Huowang’s fist struck the illusion's face. His head jerked violently to the side as blood burst out of his nose and splattered into the air.

Then, Li Huowang kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying away.

“Li Huowang, are you crazy? I was serious!”

The clinking of metal against metal echoed as Li Huowang opened his bag of torture tools. The instruments gleamed with a crimson cold light as Li Huowang held the illusion by the head.

Finally, the illusion stopped talking. He looked reluctant expression, but he ran away from Li Huowang.

“Brother Li, what he said does make sense. Why not listen to him?” Zhuge Yuan asked.

“Brother Zhuge, have you already forgotten about who told us that we should cultivate ‘Lies’ when cultivating ‘Truth’?”

“Shai Zi.”

“Yes, exactly! It’s a Shai Zi! I’m a Strayed One. Why do you think he told me that?”

“When I obtained this Hong Zhong’s past, the thoughts of the Sitting Oblivion Dao members had become clearer to me more than ever! We must always be wary of their influence on us when dealing with them. Thus, I believe he was lying. it is enough to cultivate the ‘Truth.' There is no need to cultivate ‘Lies’!” Li Huowang exclaimed, and his voice sounded unusually firm.

“What if—”

“No! There are no what-ifs! I am convinced that I'm right! For the sake of cultivating ‘Lies,' the members of the Sitting Oblivion Dao committed countless heinous crimes! Wouldn't I become like them if I were to cultivate ‘Lies’? Shai Zi is trying to deceive me, and I absolutely will not fall for it!”

Li Huowang stared at Zhuge Yuan with a determined expression. “If I were to cultivate ‘Lies,' I wouldn’t be Li Huowang anymore. I would become a Hong Zhong of the Sitting Oblivion Dao! And when I say he's lying, he's definitely lying!”

“Oh~” Zhuge Yuan nodded; he seemed to have understood what Li Huowang was trying to say.

Li Huowang's words just now were his response to Shai Zi’s suggestion to cultivate the "Truth" along with "Lies."

And his response was unmistakable...

“Are you suspecting that Shai Zi is using your Strayed One ability to make you go mad by making you cultivate 'Lies’ along with 'Truth'? Since you believe that's the case, you've decided to tackle the root of the issue?”

Li Huowang shook his head forcefully and explained, “No. Whether the Sitting Oblivion Dao cultivates ‘Lies’ but not ‘Truth’ doesn’t really matter. The point is... why would I have issues cultivating just the ‘Truth'? He's definitely lying; we need not dwell on this matter any further. He has lied to us!"

“Brother Li, I understand. I have to say that this Strayed One method of yours might actually work.” Zhuge Yuan nodded and stepped back to join the other illusions.

The Sitting Oblivion Dao member leaned in and whispered to Zhuge Yuan.

Zhuge Yuan waved his fan and smiled before shaking his head.

Li Huowang watched them from a distance. He felt somewhat weary, so he headed toward the bedroom on the second floor.

The burdens on Li Huowang's shoulders had gotten a bit heavy and were taking a toll on him both physically and mentally. Moreover, he had just transformed an illusion into reality twice in quick succession, so it wasn't strange that he was tired. Tonight, Li Huowang needed a good night's sleep.

Li Sui silently followed Li Huowang as he walked past her.

When Li Huowang closed his eyes and lay on the bed, Li Sui followed suit and snuggled close to him. Li Sui could hear the familiar sound of Li Huowang's heartbeat. Li Sui always liked sleeping close to her father, as it made her feel like she was back inside him once again.

Li Sui recalled something just then and nudged Li Huowang with her head. “Dad, can I help you? I really want to help you.”

Li Sui’s concern brought a rare sense of warmth to Li Huowang’s heart. He patted her head gently without opening his eyes.

“I understand, but you can’t help with what’s to come. Just stay put and don’t get into trouble. That's good enough for me.”

Li Sui felt a sense of frustration for the first time. She knew she was strong, as even Second Mom had praised her. How come Dad is convinced that I can’t do anything?

Li Huowang slept soundly that night, perhaps due to the accumulated fatigue throughout the journey.

He woke up on the afternoon of the next day.

How long was I asleep for? Thirteen hours? Fourteen hours? No, this world only has twenty-two hours in a day. I shouldn’t have slept for so long.

Li Huowang was about to get up when Li Sui rushed toward him and said excitedly, “Dad, I did many things last night! I cleaned the floor! I cleaned the entire house! I even filled the water jar!”

“Good job, well done,” Li Huowang said, sitting up on the bed. He grabbed his Daoist robes and bronze coin veil from the stool.

After putting them on, he still felt like something was missing. His bag of torture tools was missing.

“Did you take it with you?” Li Huowang asked, staring at Li Sui. There was no way a thief would steal those bloody tools.

“Yes, I washed off the blood on the tools, and I also noticed that some of them had dulled, so I sharpened them with a whetstone.”

Li Sui then took out many different torture tools from inside of her. The tools seemed to shine brightly as if they were brand new. Li Sui presented them like treasures before Li Huowang.

Li Huowang nodded. He took the bag and hung it back on his belt. Then, he patted Li Sui as if rewarding her.

“Dad, did I do well?”


“Really well, you're so damned filial," Li Huowang responded and glared fiercely at the Sitting Oblivion Dao illusion that had spoken in his stead.

The illusion shrank back and darted out of the room.

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