Citadel for All: The Only Unit Angel at the Start of the Game - C.431


No one would have thought that the owner of Angel Castle, Lin Yi, would appear alone in their headquarters.

This was too unexpected!!


Facing a group of stupefied Castle Lords, Lin Yi was rather calm, there was always a faint smile on his handsome face.

Among the hundreds of top Castle Lords present, there really was no one more handsome than Lin Yi.

Lin Yi smiled and said, “Didn’t we just have a good chat?”

“To be honest, this is the first time I’ve seen Top-ranked Castle Lord since I descended to the Endless Continent.”

“I’m very happy to communicate with you all!”


The Top-ranked Castle Lords present were all stunned.

What a pleasure!

They almost peed into fear.

At this moment, a group of top-ranked Castle Lords walked out. Some of them laughed loudly and said, “Lin Yi, there’s a path in heaven that you don’t want to go. There’s no door in hell, but you want to go!”

“You’re courting death! No wonder we’re here!”


“Kill Lin Yi and explode the Godhead!”

Upon hearing this, the other top-ranked Castle Lords eyes turned red, then they reacted.


Immediately, ten supreme Castle Lords joined forces to attack Lin Yi.

They were afraid that someone would steal his godhead.

“Didn’t we have a rather pleasant conversation earlier?”

As they spoke, Lin Yi waved his right hand.

Instantly, all the magic and battle skills that flew towards him shattered into the most primitive magic power.

In fact, the dozens of top-ranked Castle Lords who had taken the lead had also exploded into a bloody mist. They died so thoroughly that they had no time to even scream.

Seeing this scene, the other top-ranked Castle Lords, who were preparing to attack, were once again scared back dozens of meters.

He muttered to himself, “I’ve just become a demigod, so I can’t control my strength. I’ll have to use more.”


Hearing this, one of the top-ranked Castle Lords immediately turned and ran.


What was there to play for!

He had to hurry back to his own castle!

However, some top-ranked Castle Lords did not believe it and they could not bear this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The main character Lin Yi, was right in front of them.

If they didn’t explode his Godhead right now, when would they explode?

However, they were not stupid and did not act.

Instead, they summoned the castle army back and surrounded Lin Yi.

Golden Behemoth, Flaming Dragon, Naga, Dark Dragon, Elven Dragon, Death Knight, Holy Knight, Sky Swordsman, Snow Monster, Eternal Tree Guard, Bone Dragon, and so on.

All of them were top-ranked soldiers.

The weakest was the elite, and the most powerful one had reached King-rank and Saint-rank.

“Kill him!”

“Let’s go together! Don’t let him escape!”

“After killing Lin Yi, whoever gets the Godhead will have it!”


Amidst the roars of many top-ranked Castle Lords, tens of thousands of top-ranked soldiers surrounded Lin Yi.

Before he could get close, a series of terrifying spells descended on his head.

It seemed like they were going to kill Lin Yi in one strike!

Facing tens of thousands of top-ranked soldiers, Lin Yi’s expression remained calm.

He was a demigod.

Not only did he have a demigod body, but he also had the protection of Law.

Even if he did not move, these top-ranked soldiers could not harm him at all.

However, he did not really move.

He stretched out his right hand and grabbed at the air.

In an instant, all the top-ranked soldiers surrounding him exploded.

He could freely use the magic power of heaven and earth, and with the power of law he could unleash an incomparably terrifying destructive power.

With Lin Yi’s current strength, a casual punch could destroy a thousand-meter-tall mountain.

With a flip of his hand, he could flatten a large lake.

What are a few tens of thousands of top-ranked soldiers who were only at the highest level of the early Saint stage?

If he had mastered the Angel’s Divine Art, or if he had mastered the Forbidden Spell cast by Erica, he would be able to kill hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

Bang bang bang bang…

With a series of explosions, tens of thousands of top-grade soldiers exploded into a bloody mist.

A large number of energy stones, crystals, and even blueprints dropped on the spot.

Seeing this scene, the top-ranked Castle Lords outside were so scared that they all fled.

They wouldn’t have any thoughts of being lucky. Escape was the most important thing.

Tens of thousands of top-ranked soldiers were instantly killed. If they went up, it would be the same result.


“Damn! Lin Yi is promoted to Demigod, why didn’t anyone tell me?!”

“Who the hell is going to tell you? Other than Lin Yi hisself, no one knew that he became a Demigod!”

“I always thought that Lin Yi would be at most at the Saint rank, but who would have thought that he would have advanced to the Demigod realm! That’s a powerful existence!”

“Is this the strongest Castle Lord?”

“It’s horrible!!!”

“If he gets out, no one will believe it!”

“In just one month of descending, Lin Yi has become a demigod, give him another month, won’t he just become a God? By then, that godly vial won’t even be needed!”

“Lin Yi’s upgrade speed is terrifying to the extreme!”

“Even Lin Yi has become a Demigod, how powerful is his army?”

“He has more than just one or two Demigod soldiers. There must be more!”

“This war was a mistake from the start!”

“Brother Fire, help!!!”

“Save you, who will save me?”

“Runaway! If we escape back to the castle, we’ll have a chance to make a comeback! When the time comes, we will never fail so easily.”


Suddenly, a terrifying power swept over.

The hundreds of top-ranked Castle Lords were all suppressed, and none of them escaped.

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