Citadel for All: The Only Unit Angel at the Start of the Game - C.430


430 Part-2: Bombarding Angel Castle! A powerful castle defense! You are Lin Yi? Damn! Demigod Lin Yi!

They wanted to focus their strength on one point and break the barrier.

“Lin Yi doesn’t have as many King-ranked soldiers as we do.”

“There are nearly twenty million flying soldiers”

“If all the power is gathered together, it will definitely destroy the barrier!”

“Although those flying soldiers are not strong, they are numerous, so many soldiers attacking together at the same time, even demigods can’t resist!”

“Not to mention that it’s only a protective barrier!”


“Victory belongs to our Alliance!”

After the order was given, in the sky, all the soldiers were gathering their strength.

In the end, they attacked at the same time, bombarding the defensive magic barrier with their power.

Accompanied by a rumbling sound, the defensive magic barrier that enveloped the entire Angel Castle began to tremble.

There was also endless light surging.

It was about to collapse at any moment.


“Sure enough, if you focus your strength on a single point, you’ll be able to unleash the greatest destructive power!”

“From the looks of it two more times and the defensive magic barrier will collapse!”

Behind the battlefield, the top Castle Lords of the various major alliances were all overjoyed.

At this moment., in the crowd, a handsome young man wearing silver armor said, “This is indeed a good method. If nothing unexpected happens, the defensive barrier created by the Elven mother tree will soon be broken!”

“However, be careful of a problem!”

“What problem?”

There was a question from the Castle Lord.

The young man smiled and said, “The defensive magic barrier contains the power of the Demigod Laws. When attacked, it will react appropriately”

He had not finished speaking, the defensive magic barrier above Angel Castle once more shone brightly.

It was as if terrifying energy had swept past.

The closest group of flying soldiers instantly shattered into a bloody mist.

In fact, even some King and Saint rank soldiers couldn’t withstand it. They exploded into bloody mist and floated in the air.

This was the only attack, hundreds of thousands of soldiers perished!


“It really can rebound!”

“Damn it! Lin Yi’s defensive methods are so disgusting!”

“Damn, I’ve received a notification that I’ve lost three King ranked soldiers!”

“Three king-ranked soldiers are nothing, I directly lost a Saint ranked soldier, that was my strongest and only Saint ranked soldier!”

“What a loss!”

“If you lose, then lose but continue attacking!”

Top-ranked Castle Lords were shouting.

Someone looked at the handsome young man and asked, “Brother, how do you know so clearly?”

Some people expressed their dissatisfaction and saying, “If you had said it earlier, my army wouldn’t have died!”


“Next time, remember to tell us to make preparations!”

Some of the top-ranked Castle Lords who had lost powerful soldiers were angry.

They blamed the youth for not reminding them first.

The young man smiled and said, “Alright, next time something like this happens, I’ll definitely tell you in advance!”

At this moment, a Castle Lord suddenly looked at him in confusion and asked, “Brother, you’re the top Castle Lord of that Alliance. I feel like that I haven’t seen you before!”

Once those words were spoken, the surrounding top Castle Lords also looked over.

Their gaze landed on the young man, he shook his head.

It meant that he had never seen such a handsome young man before.

“Brother, you can sell your face!”

“Especially this outfit, at a glance, you know it is not ordinary goods!”

“It’s definitely King ranked magic equipment, and it might even be a set!”

Some of the top Castle Lords looked at the silver set of the young man with envy.

The young man smiled and said, “This isn’t King-Ranked equipment, but a saint artifact set. Not only does it increase charm, but it also increases luck!”

“Damn! Bull shit!”

“A Saint Artifact set is invincible!”

One of the top-ranked Castle Lords said with jealousy, “I haven’t even dropped any Saint ranked equipment yet. I don’t even have any king-ranked equipment. You actually have a Saint artifact set!”

“This luck is too good!”

“I have to admit this brother, you must be very strong!”

One of the top-ranked Castle Lords asked curiously, “What is your army?”

The young man smiled and said, “I have many types of soldiers. There are Angels, Elves, Humans, Phoenix Guards, and Dragons.”

The surrounding top-ranked Castle Lords were instantly stunned.

“Isn’t an Angel a unique soldier?”

“Brother, don’t joke!”

“I’ve never made a joke!”

The young man’s expression was serious, and his entire body emitted a convincing aura.

At this moment, the world was silent, and the air seemed to freeze.

Finally, one of the top-ranked Castle Lords reacted and widened his eyes. He took several dozen steps back and pointed at the young man. He was so terrified that he couldn’t say a word.

The other top-ranked Castle Lords understood as well, he instantly retreated.

Quickly, with the young man as the center, there was not a single person within a hundred meters.

Many top-ranked Castle Lords were stunned.

Their faces turned green.

“Me, me, me…… Damn!!”

“You are Lin Yi?!”

“Why are you here?!”

All the top-ranked Castle Lords expressed their disbelief.

It was like seeing a ghost.

Just now, they had been discussing how to attack Angel Castle.

In the end, the owner of the Angel Castle silently appeared in their team.

If Lin Yi hadn’t taken the initiative to speak, they wouldn’t have noticed.

Of course, this was normal.

After all, there were hundreds of top-ranked Castle Lords in the various alliances.

They had basically never seen each other offline.

This was the first time many of their high-ranked Castle Lords had ever known each other during their siege of Angel Castle.

Naturally, it made sense not to know anyone else.

Not to mention that they had never seen how Lin Yi looked.

There were rumors in the outside world that Lin Yi had three heads and six arms, and a snake tail behind him

This was clearly a fart.

Other than Zhong Yao from the underground world, no one had seen Lin Yi before.

It was normal for them not to recognize Lin Yi.

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