Citadel for All: The Only Unit Angel at the Start of the Game - C.426


Chapter 426 Part-1: Crazy World Chat Channel! Lin Yi was too cruel! Eighty million soldiers besieged Angel Castle! Shocking!

There were simply too many Castle Lords participating in this war.

The various Alliances added up, there were at least two hundred thousand.

Naturally, the Lord of the castle would send the news of the war to the World Chat Channel.

For a moment, it attracted the attention of countless Castle Lords and Rangers.

After all, this was the largest battle in the castle to date.

The scale of the war in the [Anti-Angel Alliance] expedition against Angel Castle, which had caused much discussion, was completely incomparable to this time's Alliance war.

It was not an exaggeration to say that one was in the sky and the other was in the ground.

In the past, the Anti-heaven Alliance of Angel Castle only had a few thousand Castle Lords. The total number of soldiers they led was only a hundred thousand.

And this time, several major Alliances joined forces.

They formed a huge Alliance.

The number of Castle Lords participating in the battle was close to three hundred thousand.

The number of soldiers in the castle was almost a hundred million in comparison.

This time, the [Anti-Angel Alliance] was nothing.

This was the true battle of the century. It was enough to record the history of the castle.

[The war has begun!].

However, it wasn't a hundred million troops attacking Angel Castle. It was split into two battlefields.

The reason was that Lin Yi had sent the castle army to attack the Dragon Nest.

It was said that the major alliances were divided into a single alliance. The secondary battlefield was handed over to the God Destroying Alliance and the God Slayer Alliance.Twenty million troops were to intercept the castle army of Lin Yi. All Gods Alliance and the God-Slayer Alliance led the main battlefield.

[A total of eighty million soldiers surrounded by Angel Castle!].


[This scale is simply too terrifying!].

[I wonder if Boss Lin Yi can withstand it.].

[It was dangerous. After all, it was an army of a hundred million! Even if a hundred million wooden-headed people were to put them there and let Big Boss Lin Yi's troops kill them, they would still have to be lenient. Not to mention a hundred million castle soldiers!].

[Apart from the weaker soldiers, the Alliance Army has the advantage in other aspects!].

[Boss Lin Yi is probably done for this time!].

Many Castle Lords and Rangers didn't hold any hope for Lin Yi.

After all, the Alliance Army was too large.

Not to mention attacking a castle, even attacking a city in the central region was more than enough.

It was just that the strength of the entire army was weaker, but there was an army of a hundred million.

Who could block it?

Not even the Angel Corps of Lin Yi.

But at this moment, another new message was sent to the World Chat channel.

[Big news! The alliance army on the Dragon Nest Battlefield had fallen into a state of collapse. In a short period, they had been massacred by the castle army of Boss Lin Yi. The castle masters of the God Destroying Alliance and the God Slayer Alliance were killed to the point that their bodies turned cold!].

[How was this possible?].

[Lin Yi's castle army, is it this powerful?].

[Less than an hour after the war began, millions of soldiers were slaughtered?].

[Is this true?].

Faced with such doubts.

Some of the Castle Lords who had participated in the Dragon Nest War immediately spoke.

[Damn! The Dragon Nest was on the verge of going crazy. No one had expected Lin Yi's castle to be so powerful!].

[Under Lin Yi's command, there are several hundred Saint-ranked warriors and several thousand King-ranked soldiers!].

[Lin Yi even broke up his army and split them into several hundred hunting teams led by Saint-ranked powerhouses. Once the domain world was released, it was simply a massacre!].

[Compared to Lin Yi's army, our army is too weak!].

[The army of Lin Yi's castle had conquered the Dragon Nest, massacred thousands of dragons, and captured more than two thousand dragons. Now, those dragons had also joined the battle, madly attacking our Alliance Army!].

[Damn! The hundreds of soldiers I brought with me have all died!].

[I'm the same. Three hundred Giant Storm Hawks were instantly killed by a Twelve-Winged Angel from Lin Yi!].


[Did the Dragon Nest surrender so quickly?].

[Does Lin Yi actually have Twelve-Winged Angels? Didn't he say that his most powerful subordinate was the Eight-Winged Angel?].

[The Eight-Winged Angel. What era did that happen?].

[Not to mention the Twelve-Winged Angels, Lin Yi already had the Fourteen-Winged Angels! Three pairs of Angel Wings and four pairs of [Energy Light Wings were clearly counted!].

[My God! This was too unmatched!].

[I really want a Twelve-Winged Angel!].

[What rank of the Angel were the Fourteen-Winged Angels?].

[I don't know the difference in strength is too great. I can't detect her information at all! However, I estimated that she should be a Blazing Angel, her wings flickering like the sun!].

[Flaming Angel! The famous high-rank Angel!].

[Envy Boss Lin Yi!].

I just want to know if the Castle Lord will catch Lin Yi's Fourteen-Winged Angel[Flaming Angel] once the Angel Castle is conquered!

[Capture her? That was courting death! She was a Demigod!].

[Didn't the news say that Lin Yi only had a demigod Elf under his command? Why did another Demigod Angel appear?].

[This news is outdated!].

[Angel Castle's development speed is too terrifying. It has taken down several Dynasty-Ranked powers in a row. Now, it has even taken down the Dragon Nest and captured a large number of dragons. After a series of battles, Lin Yi's Angel's strength had increased extremely quickly!].

[Not to mention the Angels and Elves that captured Lin Yi, whether the Lord of the castle on the battlefield could leave the Dragon's Nest alive was a problem!].

[The armies of the God Destroying Alliance and the God Slayer Alliance have completely collapsed!].

[I'm already evacuating!].

[Me too. The difference in strength is too great. I'm not a match for you at all!].

[Lin Yi's Demigods had already joined the battlefield. One was a Twelve-Winged Angel, and the other was a Natural Elf. Two Demigods had attacked, and one spell had 100,000 soldiers. It was terrifying to the extreme!].

[Not only had the soldiers, but the Lord of the castle also suffered heavy casualties!].

[Some people thought that it would be fine to hide behind the battlefield, but they were directly attacked by the demigod angel! Before they would even beg for mercy, they were instantly killed by the Holy Light.].

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