Citadel for All: The Only Unit Angel at the Start of the Game - C.423


423 Part-1: Luxury lineup! The terrified Castle Lords! The dragon army joined the battle! Demigod Lin Yi! Kill back to the castle!

Our Master has sent down a Divine decree!

The Castle Alliance army is attacking!

Its tens of millions of levels, but its extremely weak. The strongest is only an early Saint!

The enemys ranks are generally below King Rank, and a few have reached Saint Rank!

Well each form our own hunting teams. Well lead with the Saint rank and the king rank to clear out the enemy army!

Use the Angel Divine Flame to purify their bodies!

Use slaughter to redeem their souls!


In Dragon Valley, there were thousands of Angels, Elves, Goblins, Dwarves, Phoenix Guards.

Lin Yi soared into the sky.

After the battle with the Dragon Nest, the weakest of the six to seven thousand soldiers in Angel Castle had advanced to the King rank.

After all, they were the chosen elites.

The lowest rank in the army was ninth rank.

After killing thousands of dragons, it was normal for them to advance to King-rank.

Most importantly, in the various armies of Angel Castle, there were also a large number of peak king ranked soldiers who had advanced to Saint-rank after the battle.

After the battle with the Dragon Nest ended, the number of Saint-ranked powerhouses in the Angel Castle army had broken through to over 500 from over 200.

In other words, Lin Yis army of six to seven thousand was composed of over five hundred Saint-ranked combatants, while the rest were all King-ranked combatants.

The lineup could be considered luxurious!

In an instant, densely packed figures soared into the sky.

Once one reached the King Rank, it would have the ability to fly.

Natural Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, and other creatures without wings could also fly in the sky.

At this moment, all the soldiers of Angel Castle were flying in the air.

Their aura was extremely powerful!

They each formed a hunting team.

They thought that the Saint Realm experts were the leader, while the tenor so King realm experts were the assistants.

This would allow them to exert their combat strength and destructive power to the maximum extent.

At the same time, with the protection of a Saint Realm expert, the safety of those king-ranked soldiers was greatly improved.

In a short period, the entire army had dispersed into over five hundred hunting teams.

They charged the army of the Castle Alliance.

Not long after, the hunting squad of the Angel Castle collided with the Alliance Castle army which was like an ocean.

The sounds of killing, screams, and magic explosions filled the entire world.

Looking down from the sky, the five hundred hunting squads of Angel Castle were like five hundred sharp arrows that pierced into the black ocean and advanced at a terrifying speed.

Everywhere they passed, the soldiers of the Castle Alliance were crushed into pieces.

There wasnt a single soldier that could stop Angel Castles hunting squad.

A powerful Saint Realm domain swept past, covering the ground with corpses.

King-ranked magic, Divine arts, and battle skills whistled through the air, harvesting the lives of the allied forces.

Under the protection of the domain of a Saint ranked soldier.

The King-ranked Angels, Elves, and other soldiers in the squad didnt need to worry about defense at all. They attacked with all their might, unleashing Divine spells, magic, and battle skills that were offensive in range, and sweeping through the entire Alliance.

Five hundred hunting teams were like five hundred meat grinders.

The killing caused the Alliance soldiers to roll up their horses, and the ground was covered in mutilated corpses.

Why is Angel Castle so powerful?

Damn! At a glance, they were both Saint-ranked and King-ranked! Does Lin Yi not have any weaker soldiers than King Rank?

Its horrible! My legion of Dwarves musketeers were wiped out after only one round of musketry by a squad from Angel Castle!

What is that?

My legion of skeleton knights, swept by a white light, disintegrated instantly. The skeleton magicians in the rear didnt even had time to revive them, and they themselves cooled off!

Eight hundred undead soldiers, instantly dead!

Thats Holy Light. The angel from Lin Yi was the nemesis of the undead!

In short, the loss is too great!

Speaking of which, is that Lin Yis angel? They were truly too beautiful. Every one of them had snow-white Angel Wings, as well as a pair of wings of light.

Why is my army not an angel?


The key is Lin Yi and the Elves! Although those Natural Elves dont look as cool as angels, they are all beautiful!

Im really jealous of Lin Yi!

Lin Yi and the Phoenix

Damn! Im also the Lord of the castle. Why is the gap between me and Lin Yi so great?

Look at their soldiers. They all look like goddesses. Look at my Two-Headed Demon. No matter how I look at it, I feel that its extremely ugly, and my strength is even weaker!

My ghoul left the group chat!

Stop talking nonsense, okay? Hes fighting with a staff!

On the battlefield, a top-ranked Castle Lord roared, Brothers, the great riches are right in front of us! Kill all the soldiers in Lin Yis castle. The Dragon Nest treasure up ahead belongs to us!


Countless Castle Lords cried out in excitement.

More castle soldiers charged forward, like an ant tide, they surrounded the Angel Castle hunting team that had already entered their army.

As for the Lord of the castle, they all hide behind them.

After all, no one wanted to die!

The matter of sending himself to his death was for his subordinates to do.

All they needed to do was to control the troops behind the camp.

As for tactics, without tactics, it was over!

Compared to Lin Yis Angel, Elven, Phoenix Guard, and other King and Saint ranked soldiers, their soldiers were so weak that they could not even withstand a single blow.

The only advantage was that there were many!

They were nearly twenty million!

He couldnt even kill them all.

Under such circumstances, what tactics did he need?

They all had to do was fill in Lin Yis life, and when Lin Yis magic power and body was exhausted, victory in the war would be theirs.

Of course, this could also be called a sea of people tactic.

Whether they could win the war depended on whether they had enough soldiers in the castle.

The Dragon Nest treasure is close to the eye!


Many of the Castle Lords who were hiding in the back were shouting.

They crazily ordered their castle army to attack Lin Yis hunting team.

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