Apocalypse Gachapon - C.801: Weird communication

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.801: Weird communication

Just one look and Ye Zhongming felt rage rising from his heart and into his mind. His body even felt really hot.

This was a human woman, but she wasn’t a complete woman. Her stomach was sliced open. Even if she used her hand to close it so that her organs didn’t fall out, it didn’t stop the fresh blood and liquid from flowing out. One could even see the slimy organs.

Her body was naked. Her legs which were white, were now covered in dirty green liquid. There were even a few drops of dried blood. All of this signaled what she had faced.

This was the first time Ye Zhongming hated the sharpness of his eyes. He took just one look and knew that the shape of her stomach wasn’t right… Her stomach was sliced when she was pregnant, and the baby was taken out.

This woman was the demon monster’s reproduction tool. Moreover, the baby in her stomach had been taken not long ago.

Ye Zhongming killed people like the other survivors in the apocalypse. But he did have a bottom line and principles. It was undeniable that he killed other humans.

But when he saw humans being killed by other races, even if others guessed that the demon monsters were humans that were affected by radiation, but rage still rose from within.

Like a parent; no matter how your child behaved, you could beat and scold them, but if other people scolded or hit them, you would fight that person.

Like when you supported a team. When they lost, as a fan, you could scold them and ask the coach to get sacked. But if other fans scolded them, you would protect your own team.

Like you would always curse your city and even country for being bad, but once an enemy attacked your country, you wouldn’t hesitate, and you would use all ways to kill the enemy. You wouldn’t even care if you would lose your life.

What happened to us was our own problem and had nothing to do with you.

Even if it was the apocalypse and the enemy was strong, you could kill the other humans. But using them as tools to reproduce and even torturing them, what was the meaning of that?

It had been a long time since Ye Zhongming felt such intense killing intent.

Seeing Ye Zhongming’s eyes turn red, the pregnant demon monster gave out two shouts. She then sliced her wrist and black blood flowed out. She aimed it at the woman’s stomach and forced some blood into it.

The blood flowed into her body. She slowly opened her eyes, but her body was really weak.

She saw Ye Zhongming. Her hands that were instinctively covering her stomach was lifted towards Ye Zhongming.

He understood what she meant. It wasn’t to save her but… To kill her.

Anyone who was bullied to raise a monster’s kid and then had their stomach sliced open would feel a desire to die.

But in the next moment, her body shook. Her hands pressed onto her neck. It was as if something was invading her body, and the shaking got more intense.

As her hands left her stomach, the wound that hadn’t closed reopened. It was already purplish and a smelly scent surged towards his face.

She calmed down very quickly. He could see her eyes turn black and her skin turn green. She was actually similar to the demon monster.

“You, have.”

Two words spread from the woman’s mouth as she got up slowly. Ye Zhongming retreated in shock. She noticed that this woman was actually speaking at the same time as the demon monster. But the demon monster opened her mouth while the woman made the sound.

Ye Zhongming’s head felt numb.

This pregnant demon monster used an unbelievable method to communicate with Ye Zhongming.

Ye Zhongming had the urge to slice this monster into pieces, but when he saw such a weird scene and looked at the wheel he hadn’t seen before, he hesitated.

He wanted to see what this monster was going to do.

“What do I have?”

Hearing Ye Zhongming ask, she was thinking about how to reply but failed to get the answer. She turned, and so did the woman. Their actions were the same, and it looked weird.

The demon monster picked some crystals from the pile and looked warily at Ye Zhongming before placing one beside her.

A grey crystal!

Ye Zhongming frowned and didn’t know what the demon monster wanted to say.

After which, she placed the second crystal. It was a white one.

En? Level two crystal? Ye Zhongming roughly guessed what she wanted to do.

As expected, she placed a third crystal, a black level three crystal. Next were a green level four crystal, a blue level five crystal, a red level six crystal, and a purple level seven crystal.

At this point, the demon monster didn’t have any more crystals.

She pointed at the space after the level seven crystal and opened her mouth. The woman beside her made a sound.

“You, have.”

Ye Zhongming felt a chill down his spine.

Level eight demon crystal? Of course, he did. He took it back from the secret realm but placed it in his space, so how did the demon monster know?

It opened its mouth. It stood up and pointed at the wheel behind it and also at the seven crystals.

Ye Zhongming understood what it meant. They needed a level-eight crystal to spin the wheel.

But it didn’t have one, and Ye Zhongming did, so it was waiting.

But… Not to mention how it knew he had a level eight crystal. What was its goal?

“Don’t, move.”

The demon monster warned Ye Zhongming through the human woman and pointed at the wheel, “I have something I need; there is something you need. We, together.”

Ye Zhongming laughed coldly. If the level eight crystal was the key to spinning the wheel, why should I help you? Just because you look good?

“It is dangerous. You can’t handle it alone; let’s work together.”

Like it knew what Ye Zhongming was thinking, it said once again.

This caused Ye Zhongming to retract his killing intent. Did this demon monster know what the wheel could produce?

Ye Zhongming was confused. What was happening exceeded what he knew.

He decided to understand the situation.

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