Apocalypse Gachapon - C.800: Crystal Nest Barrier

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.800: Crystal Nest Barrier

The demon monsters had suffered huge losses since the start of the battle.

The humans used their ranged skills and cannons and caused thousands of them to die.

After they clashed, the humans were stubborn and strong and also caused huge losses. The cannons didn’t stop. Each shot would kill dozens of demon monsters.

Each step forward they took, they would pay a huge price.

But they still believed that victory was in front of their eyes. These humans were strong, but there were too few of them. Just half an hour was needed to end this battle.

But after that huge range spell, they were stunned. To them, they didn’t understand what had happened.

Why were those shiny things so amazing and quick? They descended from above and burnt a few thousand of them to death?

Those in the inner circle were still okay. Many of them still didn’t know what had happened. But those in the outer circle weren’t so calm. They were afraid that such things would happen again, and they would be the ones that were turned into ash.

Honestly, they were used to ruling, and this was the first time they realized that their bodies weren’t invincible.

This chaos quickly spread throughout the horde, and even those in the inner circle were affected.

The humans took the opportunity to gather and form a new defensive line. Those high-level demon monsters who jumped into the inner circle fled, and the humans killed the remaining.

The battlefield reverted to a similar situation as before.

But the humans didn’t feel hopeful because of that. On the contrary, after the momentary joy, they felt more solemn.

In such a short while, over a thousand humans had died!

The battle was intense, and the formation was squeezed into a very small circle. As long as you got injured, your subordinates had no space to save you. So, injuries were the same as death. As the demon monsters pushed forwards, the injured humans would get drowned and theye would have no chance to escape.

This was happening even with the cannons and the princess mage. The latter had fainted and turned back into the doll. Two of the cannons had started to malfunction because they had been firing and needed repairs, greatly reducing their firepower.

If the humans’ skills were on cooldown, then their strength was waning.

Under such a situation, how could they continue to fight?

Liang Chuyin’s heart was bleeding. The team suffered no losses when facing the level eight chain prisoner. But in such a short battle, a few dozen people died. These were elites of Cloud Peak! This was even when everyone was at their peak. The warriors would only get weaker, so how bad would the losses be?

She was clear that Ye Zhongming nurtured Xia Bai’s team. If they all died here, it would be a heavy blow.

The demon monsters started to calm down. However, that high-level monster continued to roar and even killed a few hesitant allies.

Both sides knew that the second wave was about to begin.

As expected, the demon monsters surged when it gave the order. They clashed with the defense line. Like the first time, many high-level demon monsters jumped into the human formation. They knew how to break their defense effectively.

Liang Chuyin knew that it was time.

She took out the crystal ball that Ye Zhongming had given her and tossed it towards the sky. She then used her whip to hit the ball.

A light shot out from the crystal ball.

“Don’t panic; kill the demon monsters around first!”

The light descended from above like a giant cover, forming a huge circle with the humans in the center. The light started to solidify to form many six-sided crystals, and such crystals formed a giant crystal house.

Allies who were terrified of the phenomenon panicked. Liang Chuyin shouted at them before leading the charge towards the demon monsters who had jumped into the circle.

Most of the humans here were elites. They were stunned for a short moment before they regained calm. They noticed that the crystal houses had protected the humans, and the demon monsters were blocked outside. They only had to kill those within, and they would be safe.

The numbers advantage flipped and the humans had the ascendency. Even if the demon monsters were strong, they were being surrounded and killed.

Many people sat on the ground when the demon monsters inside were cleared. Even if they were evolved, after fighting an intense, long battle, they were exhausted.

“What is that?”

Mu Xinfei’s arm was injured, and blood dyed her uniform. But she didn’t care. With her six-star strength, it would close in a moment, and it would heal in a couple of days.

She looked at the giant crystal house and asked Liang Chuyin.

“Crystal Nest Barrier.”

Liang Chuyin told the people to move the demon monster corpses to the side while answering Mu Xinfei.

“A one-time use item, immune to all physical attacks and has a strong defense against all other attacks. But it can last for at most five hours. After that, even if it doesn’t get broken through, it would self-destruct.”

Mu Xinfei was impressed by the ability.

Cloud Peak had too many good items. Any one of them could save the world. Sometimes, she even felt like Cloud Peak was the resistance zone that knew the apocalypse was coming. S Zone and her were the new factions.

“Let everyone rest. If Ye Zhongming is not back in five hours, we will have to continue fighting.”

Liang Chuyin didn’t have a smile on her face. The situation was far from that.


He sucked out two large bottles of blood from the two high-level demon monsters and placed them into his space. He was prepared to let Liu Zhenghong study them.

But his attention was on the pregnant demon monster that hadn’t left the wheel. Ye Zhongming had been observing it.

Although Yellow Ball won, it was a tough victory, and it was badly injured. Even if the Spirit Healing Technique was used, he couldn’t heal in such a short time. Ye Zhongming sent it back into the Exquisite Floating Ball to rest.

He slowly walked towards the demon monster. He didn’t see any fear in its eyes. Instead, it looked excited.

When Ye Zhhongming was ten meters from it, it suddenly went behind the wheel and pulled out something from the pile of demon crystals… A human woman!

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