Apocalypse Gachapon - C.792: Pregnant demon monster

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.792: Pregnant demon monster

This was the first counterattack Delin did in the last few hours.

The sky was already dark. Thanks to the bright moon, it provided the humans and demon monsters with vision.

When they saw the signal, Dalin and the trapped warriors sensed the abnormal behavior of the demon monsters. They were prepared. The moment the signal rose, they led close to twenty thousand people toward the specified direction.

The sound of battle spread from that side, too. Someone informed them, too.

Everyone had hope. After all, doing something was better than nothing.

But when Delin charged, he turned back to see the formation they had guarded for dozens of hours. Many couldn’t walk.

Breaking out depended on speed and efficiency. If they brought these injured people, they would slow down, so they had no choice but to abandon them.

There were too many injured members. The demon monster attacks caused the warriors to lose limbs or caused their organs to shatter. There were very few with small injuries. Most of them were badly injured. There were more left in the formation than those breaking out. They watched as their allies left, or they climbed arduously in the corpse mountain to try to follow. Some held their weapons tightly and shouted to cover their allies. Some were cursing at these people for abandoning them.

Some couldn’t accept abandoning their allies, so they returned to the formation and wanted to die together. But most of them persisted in breaking out. Even if they teared up, they didn’t hesitate.

Delin turned and bowed. He didn’t know if this would be the destruction of his humanity, but he knew that he would forever remember this moment.

The team broke through the demon monster group, which was suddenly in chaos. They saw their allies and shouted out to them.

The two groups quickly merged together.

The two Exquisite Floating Balls started to fire to blow apart the demon monsters that blocked the two squads. The Mechanic Fortress also fired for a few minutes to clear the path.

Very quickly, both sides met, and some people cheered. The three groups of humans finally got together.

Although they suffered heavy losses, the three sides had 60 thousand people in total. In the night sky, one could only see the dense crowd. Even if they had been surrounded for a long time and sacrificed the most members, C Zone’s confidence swelled.

When Ji Ruiguang, An Man, and Delin saw each other, their expressions were very complicated. But at the same time, the few of them, along with Jayce and the female seven-star evolved Zuo Jingxuan, took control of this team. They didn’t discuss with anyone or listen to Ye Zhongming’s orders to defend on the spot. They decided to… Break out.

This suggestion was rejected by those who listened to Cloud Peak, Ying City, T Zone, and S Zone.

“Guang Yao, Xinfei, it isn’t the time to be emotional. Since the demon monsters are in chaos, we should leave. If not, we won’t have a chance.”

Although Ji Ruiguang immediately denied Ye Zhongming’s plan, he wanted these people to leave with him. He couldn’t convince those from Cloud Peak or Ying City as they were staunch supporters of Ye Zhongming, but those from the resistance zones should be on the same side.

“I won’t go.” Guang Yao was expressionless. His gaze was numb, filled with hatred and disbelief. He knew that Wen Zhong had left and knew that his uncle had abandoned him. This feeling of being abandoned was worse than being trapped.

“Guang Yao, the big picture is more important. Commander Wen has his reasons!”

An Man was annoyed that Guang Yao had been standing on Cloud Peak’s side, but at this time, he hoped that the commander of the strongest battle squad of T Zone would leave with everyone. After all, although his Sky Elephant Battle Squad wasn’t huge, there were a thousand of them. They were a decent-sized force.

“His reasons are to abandon me?” Guang Yao’s rage exploded, but he suppressed it. He took a deep breath, “If all of you can return, tell him we won’t come into contact again.”

“Guang Yao…” Little Xiu tugged his sleeves. She was in a spot and lost. Her brother abandoned not only Guang Yao but also her. But they were still related with blood, and that was something they couldn’t ignore. Little Xiu didn’t know how she was going to face Guang Yao and also Wen Zhong.

“Xinfei, is that your choice, too?”

Mu Xinfei shrugged when she faced Jayce’s annoyed questions, “Compared to some uncles that always want to split S Zone, I am willing to believe the handsome guy that still came to save me when he had only a few hundred people.”

“Goodbye uncles, wish all of you good luck.”

Ji Ruiguang and An Man looked at each other and signaled to Jayce and Zuo Jingxuan. The two seven-star evolved charged towards Guang Yao and Xinfei. But Xia Bai was even quicker, and blocked in front of the two.

Ji Ruiguang planned to hold them hostage so their subordinates would be forced to follow. They would then be forced to fight the demon monsters. But they forgot that Cloud Peak had a seven-star evolved too. Even if Cloud Peak didn’t have a relationship with them, for their own safety, it wouldn’t allow the resistance zone to take them away and weaken their strength.

“We won’t attack, but remember that you owe Cloud Peak things.”

Xia Bai’s meaning was obvious. If both sides had a conflict, there would be deaths. At the same time, she reminded them that things weren’t over.

Zuo Jingxuan, whose eq was low, wanted to attack, but Jayce pulled her back.

Ji Ruiguang looked at her deeply. After five seconds of silence, he said, “Go!”

He led everyone, the two Exquisite Floating Balls and the two Mechanic Fortresses, to break out.

Various skills and guns lit up the night sky. Human and demon monsters' roars could be heard.

Those who remained looked in that direction and their faces were lit up by that light.

At this moment, a few kilometers from the battlefield, Ye Zhongming was walking off the Exquisite Floating Ball. Fifty meters from him was that giant wheel.

It was 20 meters tall and had three colors. Black, yellow, and red that were intersected. It looked like someone had used three colors to dye a wall.

But before he could observe it carefully, his attention was attracted by the three demon monsters sitting below it.

Seeing him come, the three of them had a crafty smile, and they stood up.

Ye Zhongming’s pupils constricted.

They were around four meters. Moreover, the one in the middle… Had a big stomach!

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