Apocalypse Gachapon - C.788: Second seven star

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.788: Second seven star

Delin squinted his eyes and looked at the sky for a long time but was still confused.

He felt like the demon monsters around were reducing.

They weren’t dying from the battle with their members but because they had suddenly shrunk.

Although the change was silent and even covered using attacks, Delin still noticed it.

Since that golden Exquisite Floating Ball left and returned, he regained the sharpness and decisiveness that the Broken Blade Battle Squad commander should have.

He knew that things were changing. Although he didn’t know what it was, it was getting better.

“Commander, the demon monsters’ attacks are a little…”

“Haphazard, right?”

The deputy was stunned after being interrupted and then nodded, “Right. They just charged a while before retreating. Apart from tossing some corpses, they didn’t deal much damage to us.”

C Zone elites had used most of their ammo, and their skills were all in cooldown. Even those skills not on cooldown weren’t used as their mental energy was running out. Their ammo was finished. They had to fight close up against the demon monsters now, and this was their strength, so there were huge losses.

But they only had a few deaths from those few attacks. That was abnormal.

“There should be more reinforcements, but we don’t know who it is.”

Delin’s eyes dimmed when he thought about the losses. Only ten thousand people he brought could continue to fight. Even Broken Blade Battle Squad was finished.

“Pay close attention to that direction. Once the encirclement shows signs of weakness, let’s charge and gather with Commander An.”

The deputy hesitated, “We are giving up on the strategic target?”

Delin touched his only ear and was not used to it. He smiled, “C zone has lost the ability to reinforce us themselves. Moreover, Commander An is surrounded,, so an alliance army is the biggest possible reinforcements. So you remember, we can’t reveal the goal of this trip.”

The deputy nodded.

“If we can get it in the future, and… Trade with those people, then C Zone still has a chance to rise.” Delin bit his teeth, “That might be the only chance.”


Some people were stunned, some were crying, some were roaring in rage.

The scenes on the hill were totally different.

The humans won the second battle. Moreover, they killed many demon monsters. On a rough count, there were close to 30 thousand of them!

But the battle was too intense. Even if they attacked the demon monsters from above and controlled them in a small surface area, but the humans still paid a huge price.

But this beautiful ending ended. As more and more monsters headed into the hole, they stepped on other demon monsters to charge out. The humans had no choice but to fight them.

After the ranged attacks weakened, the humans faced more pressure. Even if Cloud Peak’s warriors joined, they couldn’t care for everyone. The demon monsters attacked the weak ones, and only a few attacked Cloud Peak. Most of them attacked the other humans.

When Ye Zhongming sniped the higher-level demon monsters, although they didn’t collapse like the first time, they couldn’t cause much of a threat to Cloud Peak. Ye Zhongming led a few people to charge in, and the final ten thousand demon monsters fled.

But the humans also suffered huge casualties. Before the battle began, apart from those injured in the first battle, around 45 thousand humans could fight. Over eight thousand people died in this battle, and five thousand were badly injured. Due to how the demon monsters fought, the badly injured people would be handicapped. None of the people were uninjured.

Close to half of them were dead or injured. If this weren’t the apocalypse, this team would have collapsed. No wonder these people were behaving like that.

Ye Zhongming though about it and passed some evolution potions to the various factions. Of course, there were only one and two-star potions. He crafted thousands of white pieces of equipment and handed them down to raise morale.

“Ye, Boss Ye, everyone thanks you for this equipment but some don’t want to fight anymore.”

Le Cheng was the first to know Ye Zhongming, so he was pushed out to speak to him.

Ye Zhongming understood and nodded his head. If not for Cloud Peak using the Violent Lightning Turret and Crystal Cannons to attack these demon monsters, if it was any other team, even if they were all five stars with silver equipment, they couldn’t kill so many demon monsters and led a group of low-level people to knock back two waves of demon monsters. The biggest possibility was for them to be trapped on the hill like the previous squads.

The crystal consumption was something that made a rich man like Ye Zhongming feel heart pained.

Before Ye Zhongming could decide, they heard the sound of motors from the distance. Everyone looked and saw a caravan appearing on the horizon. There were also two giant mechanic balls in the sky.


Ye Zhongming guessed their identity when they appeared. Considering when C Zone sent the signal, a long time had passed. If Sharp Peak Mountain used modern tools, they could rush over.

The caravan got close. Their noises attracted some mutated lifeforms, but those were quickly destroyed.

Ye Zhongming watched and he couldn’t help but squint as he saw two Mechanic Fortress.

The caravan parked in front of Ye Zhongming. The cars opened, and Wen Zhong jumped out. His eyes lit up, and he smiled.

“Brother, it is great that you are okay!”

Ji Ruiguang got down of another car. The commander of the strongest zone looked much older after a few days.

Wen Zhong looked at the battlefield and this team made of ordinary survivors. Shock appeared on his face, and he was very impressed with him.

He led these noobs and was able to kill so many green-skinned monsters?

Ye Zhongming looked at the giant Mechanic Fortress. An elegant body was standing above this small castle. She crossed her arms and looked down. Her focus wasn’t Ye Zhongming, but… Xia Bai.

The second seven star evolved of the resistance zone had appeared.

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